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  1. We have a yes for week 3. Excited but nervous 10 year old (year5) anyone else with a younger one for week 3 ?
  2. Slightly away from original post but hopefully related. Does any one know if the UK vocational lower schools have any upper and lower height limits ?
  3. Hi, just literally putting feelers out, in very very early stages of possibly moving to Amsterdam. DD is ten, year 5, RBS ja and currently very serious about trying for vocational schools. Just wondering if any one knew about training opportunities in Amsterdam should we consider this move further. Thanks in advance.
  4. I have 2 unworn degas items for sale. £25 each. Firstly, a leotard, age 14 years, white. Stunning lace leotard. http://www.enmodedanse.com/en/leotards/496-leotard-degas-9614-collection-2016-2017.html Secondly, age 14, warm up all in one. This comes up quite small and tight so I would say more suitable for an age 10, depending on the child. Turquoise, which is actually a pale blue. http://www.enmodedanse.com/en/women/344-suit-degas-8500.html x
  5. RAD DVDs grades 1-3. Grades 1 and 2 totally unused. Included all the set exercises and dances with music. Male and female. Retails on RAD site at £30. £25 including postage.
  6. My DD has a yes for Bham. Feeling emotional its been quite a week. Well done everyone on the places and sorry to the not yet children x
  7. Where is Birmingham ? Felt sure if would be yesterday or today. The wait is worse each day
  8. Yes awaiting B'ham and really hoping it comes today. I've turned my email off for a few hours so I can focus at work !! Is it usually afternoon that they email ?
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