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  1. So sorry just seen this, will take pictures x
  2. Tops


    Brand new capezio hanami canvas splits. 9.5 £10 including post Brand new freed leather full sole size 6 M £8 including post Brand new freed canvas full sole size 6M £8 including post Bloch character shoes. Good used condition size 5.5 and a size 6. £5 each plus post
  3. Of course. I’ve just held them against each other and overall the grishko is a little narrower but longer x
  4. Degas, 14 years, front lined. 9501. Immaculate condition. Rodo, special order colour not routinely stocked. Gorgeous bubble gum pink. £30 includes post. grishko xs, red cami, front lined, the side seams and pull front tie. Worn once. £18 includes post. grishko pale pink. Age 12. Cami with the v mesh front. £20 includes post. wear moi age 10/12 white cami with small skirt attached. £10 wear moi age10/12 black Cani with small skirt. £10 both really gorgeous and simple. wear moi French blue 10/12 leotard with sort of double chiffon behind strap. £10 repetto age 12, front lined. red stunning simple tank, similar to degas but not a cami strap. Stunning and rare to uk. Perfect audition cut. £20. all smoke free home, prices include post or negotiate a bundle x
  5. I have a 14 years 9501, rodo. was going to list this tonight. Might to too small ?
  6. I have a rodo 9501 14 years. Front lined, great condition rare colour, not stocked uk, was special order x
  7. @RachHof course, I’ll message you. Can post tomorrow x
  8. I have the first three levels. All good clean condition. white children’s size 3 £5 blue children’s size 3 £5 liliac ladies small. £4 looks a little more worn plus post prob large letter.
  9. I’ll message you all now to whats ap the pics x
  10. Away for a week, will send pic next weekend. It’s the navy shell type two piece tracksuit the associates wear x
  11. Bloch Cuban geek character shoes. size 5.5 and size 6. £13 a pair including post.
  12. Elmhurst associate official tracksuit. Great condition. Age 11/13. £25 including postage.
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