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  1. Tops

    Dance wear

    Degas warm up and two skirts sold x
  2. Tops

    Dance wear

    Grishko dungarees, grishko sauna shorts and practive tutu all sold.
  3. Tops

    Degas 9501

    Begonia and Camelia now sold. Ciel still available.
  4. 3 degas 9501. Age 14 years. begonia meryl ciel oprea Lycra camellia Lycra The two Lycra are front lined. The ciel has a little bobbling centra back from character skirt. Barely noticeable but worth a mention. ciel £25 begonia and camelia £30 price includes post
  5. Tops

    Dance wear

    @swanprincessYes those are available, I can post them tomorrow ? I will message you x
  6. Tops

    Dance wear

    @Ballet2008 tutu in the post, I have messaged you x
  7. Tops

    Dance wear

    Yes it is x
  8. Big sort out: Character skirt with blue ribbons. 24 waist, 26 length. Needs new Velcro or some poppers. £8 plus post. capezio black practice tutu. XS. £10 plus post. Bloch jazz pants. V front. Worn once. 12-14 years. £10 plus post. grishko black dungaree type to knee warm up. XS. £10 plus post. grishko dark pink sauna pants to knee. XXS. As new. £10 plus post. Bloch character shoes. Cuban heel. Size 5.5. £8 plus post. love lily red chiffon wrap short skirt. Gorgeous. £5 plus post. would be XS size. Just Jess wrap shirt shirt. XS. Beige with white hearts. £5 plus post. Love lily white skater style pull on. XS £5 plus post. capezio petrol blue knitted shorts with tags in. Child size m/l £ 5 plus post. Degas stunning warm up. This is tight almost material like tights. Pale blue. Age 14 years but really this would fit much younger and not age 14. Brand new with tag. Likely fit age 10. £25 plus post. capezio Hanami canvas. Brand new. 9.5. £8 plus post. katz satin full sole. 5.5. Brand new. £5 plus post. freed canvas full sole. Brand new. Size 6. Medium. £5 plus post.
  9. Great condition two piece Elmhurst associate tracksuit. Size 11/13. As worn by young dancers and the extended programme. £15 plus post.
  10. Ballet Boost sansha warm up. Adult small. £5 plus post.
  11. 6 pairs of brand new unopened capezio ultra soft transition tights. Ultra soft. Child 8-12. My daughter favourite tights but outgrown sadly before finishing our stockpile 😬 £4 a pair plus post.
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