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  1. We are next week also, 9am. How many were in each group ? Did the audition start at 9 or was there time to warm up first ? Congratulations on the finals results 😊
  2. I might have a white 9502 and a peachy type colour 9501. Will check x
  3. My DD is into her third year there now and loves it, can't recommend the training there enough x
  4. I too would be interested in any reviews and information on YDA, considering auditioning in coming round for year 7 entry. Would be great to hear from people please.
  5. Thalia pacific SOLD. Diane x2 sfs.
  6. The bag is posted, the Leo and jacket I think have sold, i Will post tomorrow if anything falls through x
  7. Three perfect condition Wear Moi leotards. Worn once. All XS. Diane navy. Diane french blue. Thalia pacific. ( same cami front as above but low V back). £7 each plus post.
  8. @Ballet2008did you want the jacket ? Hoping to get things posted at lunch x
  9. @Ballet2008the jacket is available x
  10. £25 for the jacket. (12 years) £10 for the bag £5 for the Leo (adult XS, mids ) plus post hopefully that sounds ok. I’ll let @MummytoIzzysay first as she commented above. X
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