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  1. My daughter 3 years ago reached WL finals it was the Friday and we knew by the Tuesday. Amber21 x
  2. Hi Emily12 usually within 2 weeks and they usually come out in venue order. After finals it's usually just days for results. Good luck x
  3. We were told within a few weeks for WL. For associates will be April. Good luck x
  4. Xanthe I personally wouldn't mention anything medical unless it specifically asks about medical conditions or injuries on the form. If your DD gets into JAs they tend to be looked at by the physio at some point anyway. In terms of asking your teacher I am aware when my DD went for JAs we had to ask the teacher for her signature of which she wasn't happy however I explained my DD wanted to have a go and as stated its an added extra to regular ballet classes and my DD was doing one 45 min ballet class a week at that stage. Good luck x
  5. My DD's ballet school teacher told us when we were applying for year 4 when she was 8 said she had no chance and yet she has been a JA and MA since age 8 is now 14 and just auditioned for SA's. Has also reached finals a few times. DD only wanted to go for the experience and to try another class as she was doing one ballet class a week for 45 mins at age 8. They audition all children who apply and the class isn't at all intimidating my DD thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Good luck x
  6. DD was studying for Grade 4 at that time and had been allowed to join in the Inter Foundation age 9 but didnt do both those exams until age 11. Even when she started on pointe it would only be ten to twenty minutes per week. Just an added note my dd fell off a tree swing and broke a bone in her foot that same year so didn't do any pointe work for several months and only went back on pointe some 17 months ago she has gained strength in her feet again and has recently danced parts on pointe in her own school and EYB. The gap in pointe work certainly hasn't affected her dance and she seems to be where she needs to be in terms of her Mid associate peers. Personally I wouldn't be in any hurry to put a child on pointe . . . The Royal have their own system of training so while some children maybe doing more pointe with their own teachers the Royal would never encourage children unless they thought them ready and it would only be for short periods of time.
  7. My dd's old ballet teacher wanted to put my dd on pointe age 10 I had a real concern about it as I thought what's the point of going on pointe unless she really needs to! I had a word with my dd's JA teacher who asked me to ask my dd's teacher at the time to wait until she was nearer 11. Thankfully she took notice.
  8. I have to agree or my dd certainly with regard to Tendu . . . They're uber soft and very durable and along with the appropriate care and such. . . My dd used to wear Capezio but finds the waist bands quite stiff and show through her leotards whereas the Tendus have a really soft waist band and just seem to have lasted longer in terms of wear and tear. Our local shop charges £6.95! Aaw xx
  9. I was really surprised to learn from our local dance shop that each make of dance shoe makers only actually supply one design of demi pointe shoe.
  10. I'm not generalising and certainly not qualified as a teacher however my DD was in the Freed shop last year and some New York City Ballet dancers were in there and they looked tall and slim with very nice posture and poise.
  11. I totally agree it's impossible to predict from past figures what will happen in the future there are so many factors that may possibly affect each year. All the students are individual and the positives are that the majority of students end up going somewhere at the end of their training. Amber21
  12. I would definitely agree with Dr Dance children and adults will and laugh when nervous anxious and or embarrassed. This behaviour is really unacceptable from an adult nowadays whether teacher or not and this person will be aware of this as is the young people in the class to make a comment about it being illegal. The line is being crossed and this could be deemed as a form of grooming. This adult could be testing the waters and making it seem acceptable however there seems to be a relative amount of uncomfortableness within this arena. If it is a centre this class is attached to there will be somebody who you can voice your concerns to otherwise it would be worth mentioning to the child's parents or the manager of the place where these classes take place. Smacking is still used in some families however this is a public place where children are going to enjoy a hobbie and it's unfair if children are being subjected to the possibility of being singled out and treated in this way. Amber21 x
  13. Congratulations to your lovely DD well deserved at last she's worked so hard. Amber21
  14. We have been informed that it will be April this year when the mid and senior associates results are released. Good luck to everyone waiting! X
  15. We have been informed that it will be April this year when the mid and senior associates results are released. Good luck to everyone waiting! X
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