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  1. aballetlife

    Ballet West School

    Pretty much everyone rents from Ballet West, there’s only a couple who haven’t plus it’s difficult to find accommodation in such a small village. As @balletbean said there’s 2 chalets and a flat in the main house. Everyone else then stays in/around the village in various houses and flats. Rent is £500/month wherever you stay. it also costs to us the washing machine and dryer!!
  2. aballetlife

    Ballet West - can you audition at the summer school?

    October half term only, don't get the rest if that's any help X
  3. aballetlife

    OPES summer school 2017

    the weeks I've been they've not really been needed, they were only worn on the Friday if wanted but totally not a necessity!
  4. aballetlife

    Ballet Cymru - new Pre professional programme

    it was originally supposed to run from April, however I believe they have changed it to September as there was a larger demand, with like taxi says most people finishing in July!
  5. aballetlife

    Ballet Shops manchester area

    there's that's entertainment in Liverpool.
  6. aballetlife

    Pointe Shoes

    dancia currently have a Grishko offer on this week, 10% off all Grishko products and a free 'goody bag' with pointe shoes or soft blocks (ribbon, elastic and suede covers). but yes the regular price is £49.95 at dancia
  7. aballetlife

    narrow full sole flats

    so danca stretch canvas ballet shoes... they are elasticated at the top so no drawstring and fairly narrow I believe!
  8. aballetlife

    Opes - first week?

    I'm doing it, so is my brother!
  9. aballetlife

    Ballet west leotard wanted

    https://dancer.com/product/cap-sleeve/ this is a link to the leotard on the gaynor minden website and there's a size chart underneath if that helps anyone?
  10. aballetlife

    How much is it about the body?

    came across a clip of this video today and thought it might be a nice thing to post for anyone who hasn't seen it before. "ballet isn't a modelling business"
  11. aballetlife

    National Youth Ballet 2016

    hi, I was wondering is the initial audition just a regular ballet class?
  12. aballetlife

    Buying 1st pair of pointe shoes - North West

    I second Thats Entertainment, I go there and they're very helpful and have a wide variety of shoes. it's also easy to get to from central train station!
  13. aballetlife

    Opes summer school 2016

    every day we had ballet, pas de deux, lunch, pas de deux and then jazz/contemporary. so not much that's not ballet! however one of the pas de deux was more contemporary based and then the other was classical
  14. aballetlife

    Opes summer school 2016

    last summer when I did it there was a fair amount of non vocational students and students who were about to start vocational school. I'm sure she would fit in and they are very understanding - I found the solo for the demonstration a bit out of my depth to learn that fast so asked to not do it and they were lovely and basically said everything's optional - it's supposed to be fun and gave me the option to do it on flat hope that helps!
  15. aballetlife

    EYB reserve list

    the first time I auditioned I got in from the reserve list and I got a letter with the acceptance pack in. I'm assuming it will still be the same although it was a few years ago! good luck!