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  1. Thank you! Don’t know why I didn’t just check there myself
  2. Attended Manchester auditions earlier today, I’m sure the group after were auditioning for SA, just wondering if the earliest group were mixed for year 7,8,9 or just year 9?
  3. Interested to know if anyone has been successful for Leeds in Year 9?
  4. I have always done my students photos, doesn’t mean they get a place however good the photos are. I had 2 JAs a few years back both got waitlist and then one was taken to White Lodge finals, Elmhurst finals and eventually offered a RBS MA. So waitlist is absolutely no indication of anything!
  5. There was someone advertising as an advisor, think he set up a thread. He said he would assess potential and offer advice
  6. What is Audacity like storage wise? That’s my biggest issue with Hokusai the files are huge!
  7. I use Hokusai 2 to edit fade, chop and splice tracks together. Easier to use than garageband I think and I do it all on my iPad
  8. Thank you for all you do! And thank you to everyone who contributes, everyday is a school day! Have a lovely Christmas 🎄🎄
  9. Just what I was going to say Taxi! The amount of emails I send to examiners who don’t go by the same name in their professional life. I don’t think the bbo is as far reaching as Argentina, but maybe the IDTA is an organisation to add to the list.
  10. Postman I spy has bought a yes from group 1!!! Overjoyed for my student! Congratulations to the other yeses and good luck to those still waiting
  11. Let the games of I spy the postman begin 🤣
  12. From the 26th November! Me and the mum are on pins waiting for the letter, feel more nervous knowing other people already have a yes!
  13. Has anyone heard yet? I know of 2 who have had their yeses for finals from Birmingham, unfortunately we are still waiting!
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