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  1. Glad it’s not just me who is confused!
  2. Does that rule out adult classes?
  3. I found iMovie really easy to use for editing it together, you literally just select the videos from your camera roll. All of the audition videos I’ve done I’ve filmed from the floor to make the leg lines look longer. Offer to pay a teacher to help with exercises otherwise you will need to let your DC watch every exercise back before moving on. Performance doesn’t always translate well to video so practice going bigger. Anticipate it taking hours
  4. The School of Dance Watlington, I’ve done a few courses with the owner and she comes across as an inspiring and very kind teacher
  5. This is not a surprise to me but I think it misses the why. A lot of dancers are very academic or driven and could have their choice of careers. I could easily have chosen a career path with more financial stability, where a second job wasn’t necessary and unpaid hours didn’t account for the same amount of my time as the paid ones. But would I have the same level of job satisfaction? Would it genuinely make me happy? I doubt it. I have students who know they won’t ever be financially rich from dancing, that it will likely be a constant struggle, but they need to do it. It’s very hard to explai
  6. Feet look nicer generally in canvas and satin
  7. Gorilla as in the company that make the glue?
  8. I’m in search of another shop after Barnums closed (dance teacher not parent) and I had a really great conversation with the lady who runs Pose A, I believe she’s an ex dancer so knows how a shoe should feel as well as how you need to move through it. It’s one of the few places I’ve seen posts from on social media and been impressed by their fitting.
  9. Pose A near the Trafford Centre in Manchester
  10. Has anyone tried wearing a neoprene (wetsuit looking material) mask? Specifically to exercise in? I do worry a little about these “fashion” masks as I’m not convinced they are made from the best material.
  11. Could you move to a different Ballet Boost centre?
  12. Only sauté though not batterie or anything else in the allegro section!
  13. Now that you mention it a few years back I was prepping a group for their Inter Found exam and without fail one student would finish the petit sauté exercise and have to sprint to the loo! I was quite convinced I would need to send a form into the examiner so she could go to the toilet
  14. Thank you for this insight @Pas de Quatre & @Anna C I think in the mad dash to try and get places student finance has probably been way down the list of priorities. I really hope they can offer some financial support to those who have had to swap to a level 6 course because the majority of similar degree courses are already full.
  15. @Anna C That is really helpful! Thank you
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