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  1. Hammond Associates run a mixed programme ballet, then usually jazz/commercial, and a 3rd subject. The jazz associates ran by Jamie Tindall https://www.jazzassociates.co.uk/ offer what I would call commercial. I think Rambert and the place have youth programmes possibly CAT schemes? I don’t know of any eyb style programmes but I’d be interested if you find any. A lot of my students join amateur theatre groups that stage musicals and pantos, but nothing specifically for dance.
  2. No I’m not but I’ll see if I can reach out to them. Trying to convince the boyfriend to take the audio from the dvd!
  3. The bbo changed their mark scheme earlier this year to Pass, Merit, Distinction and Distinction* I think if anything it’s made distinctions harder to come by? Although I’ve had 2 students gain a Distinction* they have both been the truly truly exceptional- and rightly so. With any change it takes a while to get used to not just for teachers and students but examiners too. I’m old enough to have been examined on the Pass, Pass Plus, Commended, Highly Commended, Honours system.
  4. By the sounds of things there aren’t many opportunities for your DD to perform or for you to watch her. Particularly this time of year residential care homes love to have people in performing and it makes you feel good giving something back. Maybe your dd and some of her friends could put together a bit of a show, would give them something additional to work towards and nurture their creativity which is a skill that is too often overlooked!
  5. Hi, I’m after the complete ballet music for Christopher Wheeldons Alice Adventures in Wonderland - Joby Talbot. I’ve purchased a version from iTunes however it is not all of the music and searching amazon, spotify and youtube has only pulled up the same 9 pieces. Any assistance greatly appreciated!
  6. No although apparently Sunday involved A LOT of stretching and then maybe one or two exercises ? I believe one of the Birmingham JA teachers is on the audition panel
  7. I did a research paper on whether research from education on parental engagement affecting attainment could be applied to the private sector dance. While researching I found a few companies who engage the whole family through dance, and research that suggested shared activities improved relationships? While I didn’t conduct any research I did link to my own pedagogic practice and considered ways to utilise the findings through my reflective journal.
  8. What a fabulous opportunity, I relied heavily on Benjamin Adams’s book when working with and writing a report on inclusive practice for disabled dancers. Thanks for sharing @Jan McNulty!
  9. Have other children in the class taken the exam and moved up?
  10. Did you manage to get any feedback from the auditions?
  11. Might be worth looking at your shampoo and conditioner, my hair texture went from a dry, unruly mane to shiny and almost perfectly straight. I use a mix of kerastase (pricy but lasts ages) and brazilian keratin smooth shampoo and conditioner. Never personally tried it but hairspray on a toothbrush is supposed to control the frizz?
  12. Very sad to hear this, hope your dd is still continuing with ballet?
  13. Has she got to wear them with bare legs? It’s been a good 10 years since I was last sent onstage bare legged in pointe shoes but I used a foundation in a round plastic dish quite sure it was from Dance Direct?
  14. 13-16 and I’m completely over the moon that they are starting to sew for themselves, they have chosen to give sewing a go on their new pointe shoe ribbons. The placing of the ribbons is absolutely spot on however the stitches are far too loose. I’ve suggested they practice basic stitches on an old pillowcase and then dismantle their old Pointes to practice on. From what I understand it’s not even their mums who have done the sewing previously it’s nanas. I’m no sewing expert I have just enough to get by!
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