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  1. I think Olivia Cowley has talked about Dyslexia in relation to ballet. I’ve taught a lot of dyslexic and query dyslexic students, little things like using fixed points like door and window instead of left and right help. Theory questions and free enchainments are always the biggest hurdle but the exam board I use are always very accommodating of reasonable adjustments. Theory in particular I encourage them to learn to answer in their own words rather than memorising.
  2. I found this today, might be of interest to someone https://bbo.dance/index.php?option=com_civicrm&task=civicrm%2Fevent%2Finfo&id=359&fbclid=IwAR2dxcAiBDGUSFlaBVLgvjJSCv9--7KSNbtOL97os-K7FnOhTaDYBKbjKGg
  3. We have rescheduled exams from during lockdown scheduled, it’s exhausting!
  4. Oh she’s delightful too! The JA teachers at Birmingham are so lovely
  5. You can get narrow pointe shoe ribbon!
  6. Done! Thank you so much for keeping this vital space going
  7. @drdance & @Dance*is*life I completely agree! I am in the process of Covid proofing my income by taking on additional work in other fields so that if we have to close again I have something else to fall back on. Devastating but I can’t expect the studio owner I work for to prioritise my earnings above their own
  8. Glad it’s not just me who is confused!
  9. Does that rule out adult classes?
  10. I found iMovie really easy to use for editing it together, you literally just select the videos from your camera roll. All of the audition videos I’ve done I’ve filmed from the floor to make the leg lines look longer. Offer to pay a teacher to help with exercises otherwise you will need to let your DC watch every exercise back before moving on. Performance doesn’t always translate well to video so practice going bigger. Anticipate it taking hours
  11. The School of Dance Watlington, I’ve done a few courses with the owner and she comes across as an inspiring and very kind teacher
  12. This is not a surprise to me but I think it misses the why. A lot of dancers are very academic or driven and could have their choice of careers. I could easily have chosen a career path with more financial stability, where a second job wasn’t necessary and unpaid hours didn’t account for the same amount of my time as the paid ones. But would I have the same level of job satisfaction? Would it genuinely make me happy? I doubt it. I have students who know they won’t ever be financially rich from dancing, that it will likely be a constant struggle, but they need to do it. It’s very hard to explai
  13. Feet look nicer generally in canvas and satin
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