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  1. I’ve not seen any other exam bodies saying they are giving their members the go ahead. I interpreted the guidance they’ve had from the government website completely differently.
  2. Newcastle-under-Lyme. Congratulations!
  3. Heard from another 2, also yeses!
  4. Heard from 1 of my little ladies a happy yes!
  5. How soon after submitting did you get a response ? Thank you!
  6. Has anyone completed the ballet boost audition videos and did you have teacher help?
  7. I am running online classes for my students and this week has been the hardest, all the kids seem really deflated and miserable, the novelty of taking class online has worn off, this isn’t just an extended Easter break. I’ve returned to ballet classes myself whilst we have been in lockdown and taking class online is really hard. Having been both the teacher and student it’s completely draining from both angles. I’ve sent the kids lots of performances to watch for when they don’t feel like taking class. And in a bid to cheer them up I’m planning a quiz night via zoom, using the break out “rooms” so they can play in teams. None of us know how to weather this storm but I think it’s so important that the kids know that whatever they feel it’s ok. It is really hard to feel a buzz about dancing when so much of dancing relies on performance and expression be that to an audience or your teachers and peers. Trying to perform and express yourself when you are worried your penche line might hit a lamp is incredibly difficult. Maybe suggest they recreate their performance, create a stage at home or in the garden, put on stage make up and costumes and perform to the house and any family members you can invite online. One of my online classes were set a challenge of making their own costume from whatever they could find around the house and then the following week they wore them to class. Sending love to all the aspiring dancers right now who feel a little lost xxx
  8. @drdance hope you are feeling better soon! Rest rest rest and enjoy all the fabulous productions being live streamed.
  9. From the page I read it seems self employed can continue working and also receive the government grant, the vast majority of dance teachers can’t continue to work unless they go online, which in my opinion is barely teaching, I can’t say I’m enjoying the experience. With no end date in sight, I don’t see how anyone can say they will catch the classes up over the summer. We won’t see the grant until at least June, although it will be backdated so we will receive 3 months. They have suggested we apply for universal credit in the meantime, but for a lot of us that seems to be a none starter.
  10. Cancel the direct debit and explain to the teacher your reasoning. Assuming your dance teacher is also self employed she should understand and should be willing to put options in place that support what is a difficult and uncertain time for everyone!
  11. Yes they do, heard from someone yesterday that they had been offered a place from the reserve list
  12. Has anyone heard from Year 7 auditions yet?
  13. I’ve played about with zoom the past few days I think numbers need to be restricted particularly so corrections can be given. They need to be quite far away from the camera to be seen fully. I feel it will be considerably slower than normal class as you will have to view each participant individually. Being able to mute everyone is very handy, a feature I’m sure I will miss when we get back to class! Supposed to be trying my first proper class on Tuesday so will feedback a bit more then.
  14. “If I don't practice one day, I know it; two days, the critics know it; three days, the public knows it.“ Some of my former students are set to graduate from 3 years training in June, I’m worried for them. What happens to their auditions and showcases? Getting a job is already an uphill battle for dance grads, this is only going to make it harder. Another is first year vocational ballet school, they are getting daily yoga I think but we all know that won’t be enough.
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