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  1. What a fabulous opportunity, I relied heavily on Benjamin Adams’s book when working with and writing a report on inclusive practice for disabled dancers. Thanks for sharing @Jan McNulty!
  2. Have other children in the class taken the exam and moved up?
  3. Did you manage to get any feedback from the auditions?
  4. Might be worth looking at your shampoo and conditioner, my hair texture went from a dry, unruly mane to shiny and almost perfectly straight. I use a mix of kerastase (pricy but lasts ages) and brazilian keratin smooth shampoo and conditioner. Never personally tried it but hairspray on a toothbrush is supposed to control the frizz?
  5. Very sad to hear this, hope your dd is still continuing with ballet?
  6. Has she got to wear them with bare legs? It’s been a good 10 years since I was last sent onstage bare legged in pointe shoes but I used a foundation in a round plastic dish quite sure it was from Dance Direct?
  7. 13-16 and I’m completely over the moon that they are starting to sew for themselves, they have chosen to give sewing a go on their new pointe shoe ribbons. The placing of the ribbons is absolutely spot on however the stitches are far too loose. I’ve suggested they practice basic stitches on an old pillowcase and then dismantle their old Pointes to practice on. From what I understand it’s not even their mums who have done the sewing previously it’s nanas. I’m no sewing expert I have just enough to get by!
  8. Thanks @Anna C, hand sewing seems to have been what I was missing, obviously just not my week!
  9. No it doesn’t which is the problem! I was taught how to sew and cook in school but not the case for my students
  10. Hi, My lovely students are currently trying to learn how to sew their own ribbons and costumes, this is having varying levels of success. I have some great tutorials on how to sew pointe shoes etc but what they really need is a how to sew tutorial or video as their actual sewing skills leave a lot to be desired. I don’t have any time to sit and teach them but if I can point them in the direction of some sewing videos or guides I think that would really help! Thank you all in advance
  11. I wear these jazz shoes and love them, the cut is a little lower at the front so I find it lengthens the leg a little more than other jazz shoes, at 5”2.5 every little helps! https://www.dancewearcentral.co.uk/dance-shoes-c46/jazz-shoes-c52/capezio-pure-knit-jazz-shoe-p2667/s27242?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=capezio-pure-knit-jazz-shoe-natural-5-colour-natural-size-5-i-cg31wnat5l&utm_campaign=product%2Blisting%2Bads&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4syi0cDU4wIVibbtCh2OsgYmEAUYASABEgJ8p_D_BwE I also have the bloch pure jazz shoe but I’ve found these give so much that I either have to buy too small and feel uncomfortable until they give or buy the right size and then find them too baggy. They are a hard wearing shoe and last longer than the knit ones
  12. @Anna C re fitters fee definitely worth checking with the shop, our local shop charges £20 for the privilege of being fitted into whatever shoe they can pad out and make fit 🙄
  13. A few of my JA students have had knickers from Victorias Secrets as well as crop tops, apparently they run very very very small. For our most recent show I did try and search for bras as a few of my senior girls said they were struggling to find the exact perfect bra/bodysuit to make their white tutus less see through, Selfridges had a really interesting thong back backless bodysuit with proper cups (think it was about £35, and was designed for cut away dresses, which made it perfect for dancewear too in my opinion). The girls (and I suspect their parents purses) were delighted when they found a clear back, clear strapped proper bra in Primark. It’s been a while since I ventured into Primark but they used to do a low back converter thing which may resolve the back issue?
  14. @Picturesinthefirelight I am completely with you! I don’t think it’s my place as a teacher to advise students to use tampons over pads, it is a very very personal choice! What I have suggested are black tights, ballet skirts and if it makes them feel more comfortable shorts.
  15. I have a student in year 5 currently doing Royal and Elmhurst, it seems to be the norm for that particular centre. I’ve had quite a few in the past do both, all I should add are very high energy kids. To begin with they found it very tiring, naps on the car journey home etc, but I think the times for one changes when they move year groups making it a slightly later start in the morning. We only live just over an hour away from the Birmingham centres so travel time isn’t too bad.
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