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  1. @SJBallet yes bun pins, particularly on thick hair, although I’ve seen the shorter length bun pins being used on fine hair too. This is the link I send out to parents
  2. I recommend the U shaped hair pins rather than bobby pins, and sort of knit them into the plaits!
  3. I feel I was overly cynical last night, I’m very very tired, desperate for a holiday and too invested in my students! I’ve concluded my girls being teenagers are prone to dramatics, and the likelihood is the panel did look at them but ruled them out as unsuitable early on and then they stopped looking at them. It was a big audition group and there’s not too much point continuing to look at someone if they aren’t great at the barre, unless they suddenly draw your attention in the centre!
  4. My students thoroughly enjoyed the ballet class said the teacher gave them loads of feedback throughout... but the panel didn’t look away from the boys. I was aware beforehand that they were particularly interested in me sending boys (I sent a mix) I just wish more places would adopt the Hammond associates approach and not audition girls when they aren’t looking for girls. Ive had a very long day so maybe this is the cynic in me escaping for a rant- apologies!
  5. We’ve heard from Manchester, pretty much the results I expected (annoyingly!)
  6. Still waiting for Manchester! There’s a post on facebook saying they will be out this week apparently
  7. I think body type is a huge huge part of it, but so many kids have that ideal body type that the magic has to play a part in it, or else how do they decide between one kid with the perfect body and another ! @meadowblythe I thought you were going to have some lovely tale with the shoes, I have one of my first students who went to vocational schools ballet shoe with the little green dot I drew on the heel to remind him to show off the inside of the foot, framed on my living room wall! I am far too sentimental for my own good. I think the same can be said for most dance teachers your babies are our babies too, so we are here nail biting and anxiously refreshing and sending message after message wanting to know if the results have come yet, and if they aren’t they are just exercise more professional restraint than I do!
  8. @Pinkpip100 I was in a very fortunate position with one of my students 2 years back where they auditioned for something and I knew someone on the panel, this was after an unsuccessful JA audition. Turns out in auditions they completely lost their confidence and stopped being the child they were in class and exams, not that they became awful but the panel just didn’t see the magic, they were just another “good kid”. The term before the next round of JA auditions I did lots and lots of mini auditions in class and adopted so many different personas, minimal speaking, hyper strict, fast paced, slow and finickity teaching styles. I was shocked myself as they did completely disintegrate in audition type scenarios. Something must have twigged because the second JA audition and subsequent Elmhurst audition were both immediate yeses, followed by summer school offers, EYB places and further associate offers. Perhaps your dd does have real potential but it’s her audition presence and confidence that needs work?
  9. I think there are still some waiting to hear from Manchester!
  10. No nothing yet! I emailed and they said they were hoping to get them out this week 🤷🏻‍♀️
  11. This is the first year in quite a few years my Year 6 SATs kids have seemingly been under no pressure, which has been joyful to see- moving to high school is a big enough transition without pressure in the final few months of Primary school. My GCSE kids on the other hand have been under more and more pressure, my job during this time completely changes, I get all their exams done and dusted before the start of GCSE exams and when they come to dance class I just respond to what they need, which is sometimes just a yoga inspired lesson or floor barre. I’m not going to get anything out of them when their mind is elsewhere. Those auditioning for vocational school I encourage them to get all auditions done before Christmas.
  12. I didn’t do very well getting feedback from Elmhurst but Royal did give me feedback. The general conversation is not so much what is wrong with your child that meant they didn’t get a place, they pointed out a few issues but certainly not factors that have held others back, it feels more like a case of “there was just others we wanted more”
  13. We find North Ealing tube station car park to be very cheap, I think we paid £4.50 for the day back in March. According to maps it’s about 50minutes to Rambert. Keen to hear of any other cheap parking options! I’m a very confident driver everywhere but central London, North Ealing is nicely within my comfort zone, minimal traffic minimal stress!
  14. Canvas do wear out quicker, but not as quickly as canvas ballet shoes, not sure on why. I think the canvas do a better job of blending into the line of the leg, that may be because the girls I teach who wear them have unusually pale complexions? Canvas you can probably get away with washing too, which is a major plus as they will be in direct contact with the dancers feet!
  15. Do you mean these? https://uk.blochworld.com/product/S0639L?gclid=Cj0KCQjw_r3nBRDxARIsAJljleH6ZETauZHpGswSVAP7E3OvG2DGqdsMpWWhVkjJV6Rq7eNTI1ZrhAkaAqceEALw_wcB Some of my students wear them as an alternative to foot thongs for modern as contemporary as they've found their little toe gets left behind when they pirouette in foot thongs. I haven’t explained that very well, but it can be quite painful!
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