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  1. I may be mistaken but I’m sure there was no upper age limit on the BRB Swan Lake Dreams. I used to teach a lady who would frequently express frustration at the lack of opportunities available for the dancer who had never stopped but equally never danced professionally. The discovering rep from the RAD is a step in the right direction I suppose.
  2. They definitely give feedback to teachers. The feedback I received for one of my students just reiterated what I thought, there is very little in it by the time they get to finals. I think that’s why they don’t give feedback to parents.
  3. I haven’t had much experience with Hammond upper school, but for Hammond associates and every audition any of my students have done with any school/company etc they have been notified of the audition outcome whatever it is. Could you call them?
  4. @mjdb my student also had a deadline of the 5th Feb and they had their diploma offer and funding finals invite on the 24th Feb.
  5. Apologies @The red shoes I meant the boys who were asked to stay were only asked to demonstrate a few barre exercises before they were let go. The main audition earlier in the day was far more dance-y.
  6. Boys content was barre, tendu, plie, looking at facilities more than dance quality/ability
  7. Some boys were definitely held back last year at the end of the day. My student got a yes from that group, quite sure another one of the boys called back got a yes too
  8. Hi @Wimdancer the following places may be worth looking at for associate style programmes : Stagebox, Urdang Associates, Hammond Associates, West End Kids (I know a few children who have done their summer intensives), SLP, bbodance jazz scholars, Wilkes Academy Associate Programme, Performers Elite, Graeme Pickering associates, Denman Associates. I am sure there are lots I’ve missed but they are just ones kids I know have done or auditioned for. Hope that helps
  9. I feel for all the dancing kids grown ups, for the most part you haven’t a clue what you should be doing and nor should you, that is why you pay us dance teachers. The announcement next week will determine how my students proceed, I have never left any parent to their own devices with photos and application forms. I am hoping to go and take photos on doorsteps and drives otherwise it will be zoom 😩. Last year when the guidance changed to allow people to meet outside we filmed audition videos in parks, bandstands and gardens, complete with a portable floor. I have my fingers and toes crossed fo
  10. I’ve seen some current white lodge students have had offers
  11. I only know kids who attend weekly. The development team (Manchester & Leeds) also attend weekly from my understanding and I believe they have some weeks offered in the holidays. The elite team are weekly but also take part in the holiday intensives and produce the videos, which are always pretty amazing.
  12. I would email to ask when you will be getting a response as others you know have heard
  13. I have had quite a few students audition successfully for both development and elite
  14. I would second that @TwoDancers Zoom auditions for young children especially are really tricky. One scheme last year had the children learn the barre exercises with their back to the barre then turn to face the barre with their back to the camera, in a normal audition the children would have people around them not necessarily to copy but there is a sense of reassurance when you see you are doing the same as the others around you. Similarly with things sideways to the barre, generally the teacher moves around the room so they can be seen by all students. I do think video auditions are the
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