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  1. Capezio white canvas split sole ballet shoes UK1 Boys white leather full sole ballet shoes UK1 Boys RAD white leotard suit age 8. Free to a good home. Collection CM12 9PL Billericay, Essex
  2. We’re heading to London for DD’s first pair of pointe shoes. A very exciting rite of passage as I must admit I am a bit jealous as I never had the opportunity to go en pointe when I did ballet way back when. Am I right in thinking Dancia, Bloch and Freed are the places we should go to? Would it be better to go to Dancia first as an over view as such and then if they suggest Bloch or Freed shoes, to go to the specific brand shops? Are there any other dance shops worth trying in central London? Any other first pair shopping tips? Should we get elastic and ribbon or see what the fitters suggest? Does one generally get ouch pouches for first shoes or try starting off with lambs wool or something else?
  3. This popped up on one of my Google searches: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/real-life/ballet-star-reveals-only-one-18794328
  4. For my dd I have capezio hanami canvas split sole and capezio lily (I think) leather full sole. Neither have a draw string which my dd loves. Is there an equivalent leather shoe in white for my ds? I can’t find either of the above in white. Also they’re both in need of jazz shoes. Does anyone have any recommendations please? so far I’ve looked at Bloch neoflex and capezio jag. I’m looking for slip on rather than laces.
  5. Hello. I’ve got some brand new pointe shoes for sale for a special price. Its Suffolk, size 4 1/2. if you are interested, just send a message here and we can negotiate! Its a professional pointe shoe also great for students!
  6. Hello. Looking for advice on ballet pumps. Having done some reviews and a make called Bloch keeps showing up. Not sure whether to go with them or try a couple of dance shops. Having done ballet for about 8 weeks now I want to keep going to learn more so my gran has offered to get me new dance wear for Xmas😀.
  7. I’m hoping one of the lovely posters on here can help. My DD has wide feet and i’m Struggling to get her a new pair of ballet shoes. The ones we tried this am that didn’t feel to tight looked like flippers on her!! How wide are the Capezio ww fitting? Any help gratefully received.
  8. Hi this is my first post. This may seem like a stupid question but my daughter is in year 3 and will be auditioning for both Royal ballet junior associates and elmhurst this year. She wears leather full soles in her normals classes and satin split soles for her festivals. Any advice on which shoes she should wear ?? What did your dd’s wear ?? Thank you in advance xx
  9. My daughter danced on a stage which must have been painted black - her pointe shoes are absolutely wrecked. The platforms are now black and there are black smudges all over the box areas. I have tried baby wipes and bread but to be honest I don't think there is any hope for them. I have tried to cover it with calamine lotion, it isnt completely dry yet but it isnt looking good. Is there anything else I could try? Thanks for any help,
  10. My dd has upcoming upper school auditions this week we were planning on wearing canvas shoes but dd likes the look of her satin flats not sure if the satin shoes look a bit young for her age? Any advice please?
  11. Wanted... Jazz and Tap Shoes in 3/3.5 for DS. Like something a bit softer than PU for the tap shoes, maybe leather or split sole? Split sole leather black jazz shoes. Thank youuuuuu! ????
  12. Looking for good condition size 3/3.5 boys tap shoes. Any lace up tap show would probably be suitable. Thank you!!
  13. Hi, does anyone know if it's compulsory to wear soft blocks for inter-foundation? (RAD)
  14. Morning folks, Sunday Morning Project. It's show time and my daughters well loved Pointe Shoes are very black on the heel. Re-darned the toes so they look clean. Obviously unlike flats where we would just buy a new pair, this is just not practical with Pointes. How do I clean the heels? Calamine hasn't worked. Dress Rehearsal tomorrow EEK Thank you
  15. I hope this is OK, even though it's not strictly about ballet! My local studio has just started a new class - a fast, old school, proper jazz ballet class (none of your Jazzercise!) I haven't done old school jazz ballet for about 25 years, but my first class was terrific fun & the teacher was lovely about me just following along (it's where good basic ballet technique is invaluable). She also threw a bit of Graham technique in there with high releases and spirals - wonderful. Anyway ... not only have I nt done proper jazz ballet for a long time, but my old jazz ballet shoes have gone the way of all flesh. And looking online, there is far more choice than ever before. So I'm looking for people's experiences with types of jazz shoes. I rather like the look of the trainer-style jazz ballet shoe - split sol, but lots of support, and I could use it in my street dance class as well (oh yes, I have taken up street dance. It is far far harder than any Advanced syllabus ballet class I've ever taken). But the Capezio split-sole trainers are pricey and I wondered whether something softer might be better. The only dance shop near me (in my local studio actually) is open mostly for the children's ballet clothes & shoes, so I don't really have a range I can try on. What have been other dancers' experiences?
  16. Dd is doing her Intermediate exam soon and has been told she will need soft blocks. Can someone explain what they are please? She didn't need them for the IF exam. Do they wear them all the time instead of soft ballet shoes? I have heard that Freed's are the best. Thank you.
  17. Every time I buy my daughter new ballet shoes, her teacher complains that they don't show off her feet. I've tried four different shops (three of which require quite a trip), and I'm getting a bit fed up! She has to have a particular style, brand and colour of shoe as part of her uniform, so it really just is a question of which size. Does anyone know of a guide (ideally with pictures) online that would give me a sense of what a really well fitting soft ballet shoe should look like before the elastics are sewn on? I know it needs to be really tight, but my daughter has narrow heels combined with very wide forefeet with a longer second toe, and it seems to be impossible to find something that allows her to straighten her toes and yet is tight enough to satisfy her teacher. Also, is it really that important for a child doing Grade 1? I can't bring myself to believe that it is, but I'm prepared to be told otherwise.
  18. Wondering if anyone can reccomend some really narrow flats. DD has only C width feet, but size 3.5 and we're really struggling to get full sole leather shoes to fit. Her split soles and satin are fine but we were told last Friday her leather flats ( which are req'd for class) are 'just awful' - not online ordered, we had them fitted at a shop (which I won't name). If need be we'll make the trek to London but I'm guessing someone on here has had the same problem
  19. Dd has reached this exciting milestone and has been asked to get her first pair of soft pointe shoes over the school holidays. It is literally all she has talked about for the entire 2 weeks we've been on holiday in France... We are home again now, so no excuse now for me to not take her now ???? She returns to ballet classes 1st week of September is now too early to buy in case of growth? She is going through her puberty growth spurts early, so grows quick at the moment? She is 11 and a half hears old, size 4 feet, narrow very bony thin feet, with a thin ankle, also many (trainers usually...) shoes aggravate/rub her heel badly easily so quite awkward feet to fit shoes in general..., her toes aren't similar length, her big toe and second toe longer. And a very high instep on top and flexible foot, any good brands that flatter this as it looks very pretty would be sad for her to lose the line in the wrong type of shoe? Oh and one foot half a size bigger than the other, how does that work hopefully I won't have to buy two pairs ???? Any advice/reviews of soft Pointes/pointe shoes /or first Pointe shoe stories too would be so so appreciated, thank you x We are Manchester based.
  20. my dd is only on her second pair of pointe shoes and I don't want to deshank her first ever pair of pointes so I need to get a new pair. So are they soft blocks fitted like pointes and are they about the same price or more expensive or cheaper?
  21. Bailarin


    Anyone know why I'm finding it hard to find shellac to buy online? Am I missing something as nowhere seems to sell it anymore? Thanks.
  22. Opinions on pre-pointe/Demi pointe shoes? Dd is 10 (11 in July) desperate to be on pointe. Teacher wants to start with these.
  23. Hi - foolishly offered to sew on ribbons & ankle (?) elastic for DD....she is waiting on these shoes & despite dancing many years ago, I have completely forgotten the angle/placement for ribbons & haven't a clue about the mesh elastics for the heel as never bothered with these for myself. Hoping a lovely Balletcoer can offer me tips or direct me to a video clip for this! Thank you!
  24. Hi everyone, DD is looking for her first pair of soft blocks and we will need a lot of help from the fitter as we are very much novices in this game. I have read a few other threads but interested in recent experiences of similar fittings in London or nearby. DD is very small and will be looking for shoes in a 1 or a 2 if that makes any difference. She doesn't have great arches and her toes are quite long and feet narrow to medium. As I say, we will really have to rely on the fitter so recommendations would be very welcome. Thank you!
  25. Our dd has incredibly narrow feet and we struggle to find ballet shoes which fit well (thank you to Helene at Dancique in Birmingham who has been absolutely wonderful!) Dd is currently wearing canvas full sole shoes as they fit best. However, we have an interesting situation developing and any advice would be welcomed. Dd is due to take her ballet exam in June and her teacher is insisting on her wearing leather shoes! The RAD allows either leather, satin or canvas shoes for exams. Has anyone else experienced problems with their teacher on this? Can a teacher prevent a child from entering an exam just because they are not wearing the type of shoe they want them to wear, even though it comes under the RAD uniform recommendations? Thanks in advance for any advice!
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