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  1. Dd also going to Leeds on Sunday Boodalou - heard nothing. She will be attending the Dance Day on the Saturday - we have received all the details for this.
  2. My DD attended audition yesterday and really enjoyed the day. Could be 2-3 weeks for result!
  3. Thank you Arucariaballerina and good luck in London! DD has done Central Dance Days and Summer schools in the past and yes, she really enjoyed them.
  4. Hi Just wondering if anybody has been given audition time for Central - Leeds Sunday 16th February? My DD doing dance day on the Saturday. I would like to go ahead and book train / hotel
  5. Wishing you all the very best of luck - those moving on to vocational school and the parents left behind! I feel emotional for you all - my daughter will be going next year if she has her way. So young to leave home at sixteen, I know that we must let our dd follow their dreams! This forum has helped me so much - grateful for all the advice given.
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