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  1. I didn't buy any toe pads before the first fitting, the shop had them there and so gave my DD some to put on when trying shoes. We found the right pair of shoes (eventually) and so we kept the toe pads that she had on during the fitting. When we went back for the second fitting we took the 1st pair of pads with us and my DD wore those while trying on shoes and that's when I didn't buy a fresh pair of pads. Rang shop today, the fitter said one pair of pads will definitely last two pairs of shoes and if her pointes are decrepit (which they are, they've softened quite a bit) she'll be in more pain than usual. Plus her foot shape may have changed and so might need a completely different shoe. They have a few different pads to try anyway so we should be fine. They're very good where we go, they have an excellent reputation so I'm confident 👍
  2. Thanks everyone It's her 3rd pointe shoe fitting. The fitter supplied the toe pads there and then the first time so she could try pointes on whilst wearing them to get the correct fit. I didn't get new toe pads the second time, maybe I should have done and it's all my fault of why she's felt so much discomfort! I'm going to ring the shop to ask what choices they have.
  3. That's great, thank so much for the advice. I shall look into those suggestions 👍
  4. Hi all, can anyone recommend good quality cushion toe pads for pointe shoes? The last pair my daughter had were a bit on the thin side, didn't offer much padding. She has a pointe shoe fitting next week and so want to have them ready to take with us. Many thanks in advance
  5. Indeed, all the girls chuckled on this occasion too! I've seen actual pics of a girl wearing the capezio ones and they look way too dark for my DD. I went out yesterday and couldn't find any in Primark, H&M, Asda, Tesco or Morrisons. I think I'm going to be left with no choice but to get the bloch ones and hope for the best :-/
  6. Oh yes, I see that now haha!! Thank you
  7. Ah, so if it says that on the packet it means they'll have that line?
  8. The tights are for two things. One for a Greek exam to wear with leotard and Tunic, the other is for her lyrical modern routine at festivals to wear with her lyrical dress. Of course, I've noticed that some girls wear them for lyrical at festivals and some don't. I personally think they look better without but at one festival, an adjudicator commented very strongly that all girls should wear them in lyrical modern. I have to say it's the first time I've heard that and my DD's teacher said every adjudicator is different and that there are no rules as to wearing them for lyrical, but seen as she needs them for her Greek exam, we may aswell keep them for the lyrical just incase. As I mentioned at the beginning of this thread, I bought some, they turned out to be a yellowy tan colour. She wore them for her first time performing the lyrical and they stood out a mile on stage. They looked awful!
  9. I didn't realise that, I'll have a look on the high street then...feeling more positive about finding some now
  10. The thing that put me off looking for some on the high street was that I was under the impression womens/girls tights sold in clothes stores have a gusset seam line across the top of the thigh....unlike specific dance tights that don't? Is that not necessarily the case?
  11. Well I have searched the entire internet and have gotten nowhere. Revolution tights are no longer available so my options are down to two.....Capezio light suntan or Bloch light tan. Both of them look too dark and images on the internet differ greatly. My local dance shop doesn't have them for me to see by eye so I'm going to have to risk ordering one of the above knowing I can't send them back if they're wrong....and with the price of them, that's a lot of money to waste. Can any of you help me out with the shade difference between the two? Which one is lighter?
  12. Thank you very much everyone. I'll have a look at the bloch ones then....I don't want them to be as thick as Nora Batty's haha!!
  13. They have to be completely footless and non shimmer
  14. Hi all, I'm hoping you could help. I'm trying to find some tan footless dance tights for my DD but I'm struggling to find ones that aren't too dark. I did buy some that looked light on the internet but when they arrived they were quite thick and almost a yellowy colour. They're awful actually and very obvious. She hasn't got a tan at the moment so all the ones I've seen look too dark. I need them to be seamless, light/nude colour, matte and semi opaque....so that they basically look like skin. Any ideas of brands?
  15. Thank you ???? I know there are lots of changes within the BBO with the rebrand etc. Website is still playing catchup re information, current leotards aren't supplied with logos until the new one is available, syllabus changes aswell as new musical theatre syllabus etc. I know the scholars scheme used to only be in London so it's fantastic that it's now more accessible here in the north too, otherwise it wouldn't be an option to audition where we live. Plus the mids is a great new addition which makes it available to all levels. My DD'S teachers went to the new headquarters last weekend, they said it was lovely. It's very reassuring you've all said the audition process is taken as a class, my DD will be pleased to hear that!
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