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Found 15 results

  1. Has anybody experience with both of these shoes and can tell me for what foot type which one would be better?
  2. Hi I’m wondering if anyone can recommend some pointe shoes that will cope with very strong highly arched feet with high insteps that are quite broad across the metatarsals? My DD wears Bloch European Strong which have a nice curve to fit her high arch but they get worn through very quickly. I am really interested to know if there are any Grishko shoes or similar that offer that kind of support but also don’t die quickly. She has recently turned 15 and has been learning repertoire including pas de deux.
  3. I have Grishko 2007 pointes for sale as bought from various places in bulk and daughter only just noticed they were not the correct sizes for her. So all unworn and in package. P&P £4.00 Royal Mail First class Size 5 xxxxx M = 2 Size 5 x M = 1 All shoes £40, I can send you a Paypal link to purchase.
  4. I am selling my never worn & brand new Grishko Nova pointe shoes, prices listed include p&p. £10 per pair £15 for two pairs Size - 5 XXX Strength - M I have a few pairs available, so please get in touch if you are interested! email: rhianlwilliams@gmail.com
  5. Has anybody tried the Grishko Smart Pointe? What is your experience? For what kind of feet is it suitable?
  6. I am selling my never worn & brand new Grishko Nova pointe shoes, prices listed include p&p. £10 per pair £15 for two pairs Size - 5 XXX Strength - M I have a few pairs available, so please get in touch if you are interested! email: rhianlwilliams@gmail.com
  7. Just looking for recommendations on which brands to try for a first pair of pointe shoes for my almost 12 year old. She has small, very narrow feet, (Size 1.5) and they are not especially flexible or strong at this moment (So I don’t think she will need a very strong shank at this stage, not that sort of foot!). I will speak to her teacher as well but was interested in others experiences with first pointe shoes
  8. *Grishko 1001 in Coffee xs/36 *Mirella red tank size P, + detailed back *Capezio lilac size S + matching wrap skirt set * Lulli burgundy boat neck size S All £10 each inc postage Please let me know if you'd like photos and I'll email xx
  9. My DD will have to wear Freed in her new vocational school, she has been wearing Grishko Smart with a M shank till now. She is used to be trained in Vaganova so harder shanks worked better for her. But now, she will continue her education in French style and they require softer shanks for more efficient foot work. Does anyone have experience in both Grishko and Freed so that they may give some advices? She has narrow feet and medium insteps. What would be good model options in Freeds?
  10. Slowly clearing out and would like the items to find a new home! For photos please ask and I will happily send them! Plume purple warm up jumpsuit Size S Price: £10 + £2.99 postage Made to order leotard with lace chest from Verne in size S Price: £7 + £2.99 postage Mirella leotard in dark purple Size S Price: £10 + £2.99 BLOCH Tap Shoes Size 6 1/2 , fits a UK size 3-3.5 Price: £17 + £2.99 postage NEW Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes In White! Size: 7 W SLEEK 4-121-33 Price: £85 + £2.99 postage NEW Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes in classic colour Size: 7W 3-121-22 Price: £90 + £2.99 postage NEW Grishko Fouttee Pointe Shoes Size: 3 1/2 XXX M Price: £30 + £2.99 postage
  11. Hey Guys! I'm wondering if anyone has any great knowledge of Grishkos. I'm very interested in trying them but I have heard Grishkos tend to have pretty long vamps. I don't have considerably long toes so I am wondering if anyone knows which styles of Grishko have slightly shorter vamps. I don't need them too short but I already know 2007s are too long. I also live in a country where we have limited options. The only Grishkos I have available are the 2007s, Novas, Triumphs, Pro-flex, and the miracles. Thanks! xx PM
  12. I have the following brand new pointe shoes for sale: Bloch TMT Axis - size 4 1/2 XX - 7 pairs - £30 per pair or discount for multiples plus p&p (Bloch retail price £59.95) Bloch Balance European - size 5 1/2 XX - 1 pair - £25 plus p&p (Bloch retail price £53.95) Grishko 2007 Pro - size 5 XXX M - 1 pair - £25 plus p&p (retail price £48) Available due to DD's foot size/width changing. LTD
  13. Morning all, Just interested to know the price of Grishko pointe shoes in specialist dance shops around the country (£) rather than online. Obviously they are the one item that really can't be bought online but I think I've just been stung at a local dance shop. Or is it the norm for such a markup compared to online prices? Thank you
  14. My DD has been happy with her Grishko pointe shoes until her teacher said that she finds them too noisy and wants her to try either Bloch or Mirella. Can forum members please advise who carries the Mirella brand in London and recommend a good fitter? I know of the Bloch shop but do they also carry other brands? Any other suggestions for a silent shoe for narrow feet please? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello I am new here I really need advice to buy new pointes. I am an amateur so I only practice 2 hours weekly. The choices for pointe shoes I can buy are grishko 2007, 2007 proflex and fouette proflex. Also sanchas. My last pair was a capezio, and I wore it for many years (makes me wonder how after reading pointe shoes last only for some months, I am afraid they are broken but they feel okay.) I have low arches and medium length toes. When I tried 2007 I felt the vamp was a bit long but idk if this would loosen up when I work my demi pointe with it. I am really confused, some months later I might find grishko triumph, would those be better? My feet are fairly strong I have been dancing for 10 years. Thanks in advance
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