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  1. We've had a bit of this, but DD decided that she'd dance and be with her dance friends than her 'friends' who didn't 'get' her. Also when DD started year 9, she also started GCSEs and the homework ramped up. It was a tight learning curve. Allnewtome I hope with time to think and perhaps seeing out the term ( with maybe reduced classes ) your DD will be happier. Thinking of you all x
  2. me too! 😂 I only use it, if the card reader isn't working! I find the machines at the top of car park as you come in from A64 ( not past NB ) are usually working! I did look into DD using the train! but factoring in getting to and from train stations and times of trains ... it's still just about cheaper and easier to drive the hour and park! We live too far away for the buses to be any use.
  3. I use the 'parkmobile' option to pay in the quarry hill carpark.
  4. DD is just there at weekends ... sometimes I just drop her off and go and park at asda to do my shopping and then arrive back in time to pick her up as she waits outside but I don't know anywhere local! A friend said she drops off and then parks in a local housing estate, but I don't know where! X
  5. do Derby college do it? I know a friends child was looking at doing a BTEC in performing arts/drama something there a few years ago. i hope you find somewhere, what a disaster.
  6. Great idea. Always good to have 'real life' experiences of summer schools. I'd be interested to hear about Easter intensives. DD went to Laine for summer school 2019 and had a brilliant week. She worked very hard and slept for 3 days when she got home! She stayed with a host family and 3 other summer school attendees. End of week show was phenomenal.
  7. I keep trying to show DD how to sew... she has the basic idea but no patience or interest! ( and Pointe shoes are too expensive for her to practice on!!! ) She is taught to cook at school but not sew. I think she watched some YouTube videos for sewing (making a basic cushion type thing ) but I don't know links. Sorry x
  8. Pixiewoo

    John Mallinson

    sad news. sending love and prayers x
  9. DD hasn't had them fit Pointe shoes, (although we have bought a fair number of other dance shoes from them!) But I have had Dancia recommended for Pointe shoes. They have a few shops; we've visited Reading and Crowthorne in Berkshire.
  10. Thank you for all the advice and insight you have offered over the years. best wishes for the future. x
  11. I wonder if your best bet would be to contact RAD HQ? I know that RAD exams are only offered at set times of the year in different places. Good luck x
  12. Thanks both .... that's what i was thinking about doing ... just needed someone else to suggest it!
  13. I know this is a ballet based forum but need some help! PLEASE! DD has bloch split sole tap shoes which are a lovely soft leather ... but after a year of wearing, they have stretched and are just too big around the foot! She can't pull the laces any tighter and insoles haven't helped! Any suggestions or do I need to buy a pair in a smaller size! ( as I suspect her feet have just about stopped growing, so she won't grow into them! )
  14. Starlite make split sole canvas shoes that dd found narrow. X
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