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  1. I parked in Maude Street car park, and there is a fair bit of 'on street' parking around there on 'the calls' ... if i can work out how to get to the calls !!! 😁 ( cost me less than quarry hill too! ) although I felt a bit conspicuous sitting in my car reading! I did think about Edward Street/Templar Street, but as DD has to be there for 12.45(ish) for vocal and then finishes at 5.30, or even later when there is the pointe class, it was too long to park there without it costing a small fortune! I'll be dropping off and then parking too in winter, although picking up was chaos. Will have to ensure DD actually puts some clothing on to leave the building 😅 DD wasn't too impressed about dancing in a mask, she assumed the wearing of a mask at all times was outside of classes! ! She didn't like singing in a mask either. How was your DD about it?
  2. Arghhhhh! No parking available at Quarry Hill! Going to have to be Leeds Market NCP!
  3. Mine too! Sounding great to be back at Northern with all students together again.
  4. DD is about to start 3 A levels at a local college and will do 10-16 hrs of dancing a week on top with a combination of local dance school/associates. She is planning at looking at dance college at 18. She wanted to have plan B, C and D in place! (each A level could send her in a different direction!) We looked at colleges that offered A levels alongside dance training, but the A levels offered were limited and not what she wanted to do!
  5. Congratulations to your DD BlueLou
  6. Oh my goodness! Time has flown! Best wishes to your DD for the future. I've only heard good things about GSA and the musical theatre course. It's on my list as somewhere for DD to consider.
  7. Congratulations to the yeses, and fingers crossed for those still to hear. DD used to do the vocal class, and after a couple of years of not doing it, is adding it back in! She enjoyed singing in a group, learning musical theatre songs and adding some movement to it. All ages are mixed together, and I think about 1/3 of the scholars do it. Mr Rigg is excellent. ( DD has singing lessons, but says the vocal class complements them as she won't have the opportunity to sing in a choir at college.) Scholars is a 90 minute drive away for us, and we decided that she might as well add vocals back in , in that we were already there! 😆
  8. I don't know what the age range for auditions was. When DD started you had to be at high school to attend.
  9. She's going into yr 12 in September, and thinking about it for post 18. She's doing A levels at local 6th form for plans B, C & D !!!
  10. Good luck to your DD BusyDancemum. My Dd is starting her 5th year with Scholars in September, and loves it. They have been brilliant all through out this crazy past 18 months, and it is somewhere she is seriously considering for full time training.
  11. Ooo, looks interesting. Thanks
  12. DD would have applied but she is too old now !
  13. DD is a 5.5/6 in street shoes (depending on make/style), and wears a size 6C in the SD16. She does have a pair of 6.5Cs, but whilst they fit nicely, they are not as tight as she likes them!
  14. DD has very wide feet and thin ankles and finds the so danca SD16 canvas in a C fit great. She wears them in her normal street shoe size and says they are a touch tight, but stretch.
  15. I can't pointe to guidance, but we're coming in 'socially distanced' and wearing a mask, through the entrance, sanitising hands as we do so. Sitting/putting our coats/bags on a chair which are spread out around the edge of the room ( take mask off ), and then going to stand in/on our 'spot' in 'our 'box' ( 2 metre square ) we then dance totally within our boxes. apart from one dance where we go round the room, but somehow it works! When we chat, we stay in our boxes. at the end we return to our chairs and collect our belongings and put a mask on. We then leave through the exit ( so a different door - one way system through the studios ) again, socially distanced. In theory we then distance until we reach our cars, in practice we take our masks off as outside and stand and chat!
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