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  1. Personally I love Karl Jenkins ' Palladio ' and DD created a dance to Saint Seans ' Dance Macabre ' ... both very striking pieces of music. I first came across Palladio when I saw a ballet on pointe with dancers in black and white striped catsuits and very contemporary moves. Hope this helps x
  2. DD wears the so danca canvas half shoes. They do need frequent washing !!! and then ideally, being put on a foot whilst they dry OR stuffing with something as they do seem to shrink a little! She tried leather ones, but didn't find them as flexible.
  3. I spend alot of my time in silence! Daren't ever pass on a thought about what DD is wearing or what she is doing! 🤣😬🤣
  4. Absolutely amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was exhausted just watching! X X X
  5. Good afternoon. I was wondering if anyone had any information about or experience of Phoenix Dance Academy? ... days/times of classes, costs and if there are any compulsory Summer/Easter courses? DD is thinking about auditioning, but i would like to know the ins and outs beforehand! 😆 Thanks xx
  6. My DD went to the musical theatre course last summer. She was older at 13 yrs, but knew NO ONE! she was put in a dorm with 6/7 other girls of a similar age, and none of them knew anyone else there. (they were all from all over the place! - we're from Yorkshire, and one girl was from Germany!) They made friends quickly, and the first night back home after the course ... they were all up all night facetiming each other! the house parents were great too. There were 3 'groups' within the course ... junior/inter/senior and i would say probably about 30-40 in each group ... ish ish! DD was interested in the dance course too, but it ran a different week, so she had to choose. She was a bit disappointed as there wasn't much actual dance, just a bit of 'movement' in her group ... but they were told that apparently their group didn't really have 'dancers' in it! This was despite being asked to list what dance she does on the application form! There was no tap at all in the musical theatre course. She enjoyed it though.
  7. Ummm i can't remember off hand, but i think it's about £30/35 a Sunday ( that includes vocal class but not Pointe ) payable termly, usually a few weeks in advance. If you are offered a place after audition you are asked to sign a contract agreeing to pay the years fees. If you pay for the year in one go, there is a discount. Then depending where you are, and if you need to pay to park for time your DD is dancing ... it's £7.50 for up to 6hrs at Quarry Hill car park!
  8. DD has been attending Renaissance Arts Scholars for the past 2 years. She loves it and is always worked hard. They are split into 2 groups... mainly older and younger for ballet and jazz, the optional vocal and Pointe classes are mixed. DD has just turned 14 and is currently in the younger group. There definitely seem to be a good number of older dancers there.
  9. Same here! DD talks about eating healthily, and not eating much fat, and we do eat healthy meals, and she is given healthy snacks etc. However, she does likes sweets and biscuits! ALOT! and all the dancers seem to disappear into the local shop when they have break in classes! She will sometimes say she is fat - she is not, but she is quite muscly and very strong. It is a very tricky conversation to have, as if i comment on what she is saying about eating healthily etc, then she instantly says ' you think i'm fat ' which is not true. It is very hard to get the balance right.
  10. No advice or even experience, just a great big hug to you, your DD and rest of your family.
  11. DDs teacher says NOT to 'break in' your first pointe shoes, because until you dance in them, you don't know how they feel/should feel. They should have been correctly fitted and will be fine to dance in as they are. If they need to soften too much, then you should have been fitted with a 'softer' ( not sure If that is the technical term! ) shank. DD liked the firmer shank, but the fitter and DDs teacher said a firmer shank would do all the work for her, and she needed to learn it for herself and then she could have a firmer shank. DD has not done anything other than dance in her shoes/ or practice exercises at the bar. She was also encouraged NOT to wear them around the house etc as that can apparently shorten the life of the Pointe shoe. I know nothing particuarly about pointe shoes, just what we have been advised.
  12. DD also has incredibly wide feet, and her first pair of pointe shoes were blochs. Can't remember style though! Sorry! I wish all dance shoes came with such a choice and variety of size/width/etc! ( in fact, i wish all shoes came in such a wide range of choice! )
  13. Me too! Only it was 3 yrs over 25 yrs ago! I still miss Sydney!
  14. DD did musical theatre last summer. They split the students into 3 groups and there appeared to be a good number in the older group ( DD was 13 and in the 11/12 - 14 yrs group ... about 30 i think ) I know that isn't dance or Easter, but i hope it helps!
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