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  1. DD is yr 11 .... she gets 2/3 homeworks a night, each 40 minutes and some due in the next day. She does have some grace from teachers who understand her 'out of school' schedule, but she gets the work done! She doesn't start classes every night as early as she did ( straight from school ) but she is at the studio much later! Which means she is up late most nights completing school work.
  2. all done ( i do tap rather than ballet, but principle is the same! ) BUT .... your weight measurement stops at 69kg/154lb .... i know many dances who are bigger than me.
  3. This is all very interesting as DD was looking at their leotards the other day. What is the fit like? Thanks x
  4. My advice is to go to a shop with a variety of shoes and an experienced fitter. My DD has incredibly wide feet and the fitter worked very hard trying lots of different shoes the first time. 2nd pair of shoes was almost as long, as now DD knew what they should feel like, and had opinions on vamp, shank etc. It's not quite such a long process now! If you say where abouts you are, I'm sure people will be able to recommend shops/fitters.
  5. Good morning all, I don't know if many people have noticed, but there is a 'sticky' at the top of 'doing dance' asking people if they could possible donate to keep this wonderful forum going. I only noticed it by chance over the weekend, as I tend to gloss over the 'stickys', but I'd really miss the forum if it wasn't here, and thought it worth posting a separate thread for! I have no connection to the forum, except as a grateful user! Happy dancing everyone xxx
  6. Donated with thanks for all the support and advice I read on here.
  7. Ours move to wide pointe shoe ribbon when it doesn't look too 'big' on their ankles !!!! I wish when we'd started festivals/competitions that I'd realised that the adjudicator can't tell if you've sewn on each embellishment really neatly or if it is just tacked on!
  8. oooo, that's gorgeous. Thank you. Sadly it won't match the 'aesthetics' or 'vibe' of DDs room 😆 so i'd better not buy it, but soooo tempting!
  9. sounds fascinating. I think being able to answer questions such as - I am A yrs old, I weigh X amount, my build is C, I dance around Y hours a week on top of school ; what would be a good 'plan' to follow ... amount of protein/carbs etc DD has become a bit of a 'faddy' eater over lockdown ... tried vegan for a while, tries to eat more veggie meals ( but loves meat! ), has days where she only wants to eat fruit/veg, and has decided she has a daily intolerance and now has soya milk. That said .... overall, she is eating healthily and i'm not worried, but someone 'reputab
  10. depending where you are, Planet Dance in Batley, Leeds are very good, and we have spent HOURS trying on different shoes!
  11. As purely a mum of competition dancer, I have no idea about finding dance comps etc. I know that the ones we do, are usually linked to the exam board that DDs dance school are affliated with. Maybe you could ask some local dance teachers for recommendations of comps? I think comps have listed criteria of length and type of music, but as DDs teacher arranges that, I don't actually know! Personally, when DD started, she liked doing duets, as she had someone to dance with! I think a group dance gives security, but then, you need everyone to be available for th
  12. My DD has muscular thighs, calves and shoulders. A friend of hers who does a similar amount of dance/ exercise etc to DD is tall and willowy. As far as I know, it is just down to body shape. DD may grow a bit more in height, but I don't expect her basic body shape to change. She prefers the more contemporary style of dance and that seems to suit her.
  13. 😆 lovely, yet indescribable!
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