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  1. My DD has muscular thighs, calves and shoulders. A friend of hers who does a similar amount of dance/ exercise etc to DD is tall and willowy. As far as I know, it is just down to body shape. DD may grow a bit more in height, but I don't expect her basic body shape to change. She prefers the more contemporary style of dance and that seems to suit her.
  2. 😆 lovely, yet indescribable!
  3. That's crazy that it is the younger children .... what about the year 10 & 12s that have also been back in school! The younger children are going to need more time/support to distance themselves and will have parents coming and going to drop off & collect. The older dancers don't need a parent to take them to/from class, and understand about distancing!!!
  4. Sort of I guess ... but for us; DH has been at work whole time, so mixing with people, and I work in early years, so mixing with little people who can't/ don't do social distancing! Plus, DD is not in a bubble with any of her particular friends, so we don't know the other families and how anyone else is behaving. We just have to carry on as we have been. ... it could possibly be an immense bubble! As far as i understand, when DD is at school, she only mixes ( at a distance ) with those in her 'bubble'. Outside of school, they are just asked to continue to observe social distancing, wash hands etc. Not sure that's answered your question or not! Sorry!
  5. All primary schools and high schools in my area have been open every week day since they were shut ... including school holidays and Bank Holidays. DD has had a lot of work, and support from her school, and as a yr 10, is back in school for 1 day a week, in a small bubble, till end of term.
  6. I was just coming to say they are available now, in pots, ready to plant! ... i only know as i was looking at them myself the other day !!!
  7. DD is trying classes with 'random' teachers and dancers, but mainly dancing with her own dance school and scholars scheme, and between them ( and the RAD app! ) she seems to have enough to do! It helps her to feel more 'grounded' when it is a teacher she knows, and a teacher who knows what she can do and although she enjoys the classes with other people, I'm finding she is happier when she has had a class with one of her own teachers. They chat and feedback ideas and comments.
  8. Pixiewoo


    I wouldn't allow a child to have an ice bath, i would think there is a risk of hypothermia in a small child. I sometimes put ice ( and a little water ) in a plastic storage tub, alongside scoops/pots etc for young children to play with, maybe you could do that, then it is just his hands that will get cold!
  9. These shoes look so beautiful on, but my goodness, they are a nightmare to darn!
  10. I burst out laughing this morning when DD appeared with her bag ready to dance in the sitting room and instantly thought of your DD balletbean!
  11. I've had to resort to watching tv on the laptop!
  12. A friend of DDs is using those big foam jigsaw mats to dance on.
  13. DD can go into furniture removal when this is all over! Everyday she moves the sitting room around to her precise liking depending on the class! We have a wooden 'suspended' floor and apparently it's great to dance on! Tap too 🙈 ( just going to have to get someone in to refinish it in the future! ) Her barre permanently lives in there, but she has to fight DS and DH for the room as the piano is in there too! She's doing school work in her bedroom and I'm living in the kitchen! Am debating moving a sofa into these dining room for comfort! Fun times!
  14. I haven't used the bloch thread, but I bought a reel/ball of tendu pointe shoe thread on Ebay to darn the tips. X
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