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  1. Non dancing ds uses audacity to cut/ edit/ speed up / slow down music for DD. He says it's really easy to use!
  2. Lion brand in bulk here too! Although DD is now preferring hairnets from boots, wilko or bunhead ( when I'm ordering dance stuff online! ) they seem to last well ... she just loses them!
  3. It is SOOOOOO hard isn't it? DD is in year 10, and we are starting to think where she might want to go and what she might want to do at 18! ... she is determined to stay local and do A levels, so we have time to look, but equally, she doesn't quite know what she wants to do! well she does ... She wants to do it all! Dancing is an all embracing passion, but so is drama, and singing only just behind! She'd like to be in the west end in a musical ( wouldn't they all ! ), would be happy 'just' acting, likes the sounds of cruise ships, joining a contemporary dance company or fancies singing with a band! Good luck with your endeavours.
  4. I gave up trying to join!
  5. Been to watch Cinderella in Leeds this afternoon ... 2 very small children climbing on and off noisy seats at the back of dress circle, grandmother and youngish granddaughter eating sweets noisily out of a noisy bag ( and then in the 2nd half grandmother seemed spend most of it on her phone!!!! ) and the family behind complaining that they didn't quite understand the story and why weren't the stepsisters ugly!
  6. Just loved Cinderella this afternoon. Abigail Prudames as Cinderella, Minju Kang as the stepmother, Joseph Taylor as the prince and the amazing Nicola Gervasi as the magician. They were all wonderful and I could watch it a thousand times, especially the mesmeric skating scene.
  7. Happy Christmas to you all, and thank you to everyone on this forum. Pixiewoo X X X
  8. I saw a Twitter post that said something along the lines of ' popcorn is cooked in the same pan with the same heat and same oil, yet not every kernel pops at the same time ... your child will pop when ready ' I think it's very apt!
  9. I've been told by a friend today that Trafalgar Street Carpark is cheap and about a 10 min walk from Yorkshire Dance. She also recommended The Brewery Carpark ... apparently cheap on a Sunday but a fair walk. Hope your DD has a brilliant time.
  10. Yorkshire Dance is just down the road from Northern Ballet ( about 100m! ) opposite BBC! Parking is at Quarry Hill, like it would be for Northern Ballet, but at the moment about half the carpark is blocked off due to building works of some kind! Nightmare! I don't know where else to suggest parking but the Leeds markets and Victoria ( John Lewis ) car parks are not too far away. I don't know how much they cost. Quarry Hill is £7.50 if you are there for up to 5 hours ( £4 for 2hrs ) Enjoy. DD loves dancing in the Yorkshire Dance studios... says they are wonderful.
  11. They seem really hard to come by second hand! I ended up buying one from a seller called victoria on Ebay. She makes them to order and can make exactly what size you need. Excellent quality and really helpful. Good luck x
  12. We have the information and DD is all booked in. I'm about to buy spectator tickets, but i'm a tad confused! ... it says that admission to the hall is not permitted whilst classes are in progress ... does that mean, that i need to sit in the hall for the whole afternoon of classes irrespective of when DDs class is? or can I come in and watch closer to when her class is? and then, when DDs class is finished, is she free to leave, or does she need to wait until the whole afternoon is over? Can we leave the hall? I'm happy to spend the afternoon watching all the dancing, just trying to manage DD ( and DHs !!! ) expectations. Thanks x
  13. My DD did a Tring summer school and didn't like it either. She felt she didn't learn anything and everyone was just there to have fun and mess around! DD did Laine summer school this year and loved it. She felt she'd learnt alot and they were pushed!
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