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  1. Performers college in Corringham is non selective and face to face!
  2. Highly recommend Renaissance Arts Scholars.
  3. There is Renaissance Arts Scholars on a sunday in Leeds ( every other week ) They usually audition towards the end of May, but i'm not sure what is happening this year. Ballet and Jazz each session, with opportunity ( in 'normal' times ) to add a vocal class and a pointe class. DD has been attending for 4 years now, and loves it.
  4. We're still waiting to find out if Performers College is still going ahead in person with their summer school.
  5. Without social media DD would not have found a particular teacher who has been great for her this past 6 mths, and has introduced her to new possibilities for the future!
  6. DD has just chosen A levels and as part of it, had to see a careers advisor at school. ( but not a teacher from school, a 'specialist' from a career advice centre.) She said that after A levels she wanted to go to college to study performing arts, and he said she needed a plan B .... she asked what he would suggest ( looking at her A level choices) and he shrugged and said it was up to her ! She mentioned her thoughts about what else she might do/where she could go to follow those thoughts and he said again 'it was up to her'! So no advice what so ever! Probably because she wasn't wan
  7. York Dance Scholars is a lovely summer school .... but i don't know if they are holding it this summer.
  8. My DD isn't/ hasn't auditioned but this struck a chord with me. At 11 DD only did ballet because she had to, in order attend other ballet based classes at her dance school, but she wasn't bothered about it! And now at 16, although she won't be heading down the classical route, she loves ballet!
  9. I can't help with turning or stability, but DD has these shoes, and she's put elastics from the bottom of the heel to go round her ankle to help keep the shoe on whilst on pointe.
  10. Thank you to all who are posting here. It is both heart warming and saddening to read about you and your DCs journeys. DD dances with a local school, and an associates scheme. Over lockdowns she has been attending, and is fortunate to have found, many new classes with teachers that she would have never found or been able to try before. DD is going to do A levels at a local college. She herself decided that she needed a plan B or plan C ( even if she doesn't know exactly what that is yet ), and didn't want to put all her eggs into one basket by going to a full time dance college. Sh
  11. Oh BalletBean, that must have been so hard for you all. Thinking of you and your DD. Hope everything goes well. xxx
  12. So .... is everyone settling back into dancing in the living room/kitchen/garage/where ever? I'm enjoying hearing the music again, and listening to the students chat at the start & end of class. (i'm also enjoying not clock watching to deliver and collect DD from classes!, and sitting in a cold dark carpark late at night!) I'm not so keen on losing my living room every night, but needs must! DD has quickly returned to lockdown dancing habits, and is taking her dance bag with her for the long walk from bedroom to living room! 😄
  13. Our dance school does a show every other year, but apart from a 'watching class' i'm not aware of any associates that do a 'performance' per se. I would maybe look at the English Youth Ballet, as they put on ballets around the country, with the majority of the cast being young dancers.
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