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  1. We have the information and DD is all booked in. I'm about to buy spectator tickets, but i'm a tad confused! ... it says that admission to the hall is not permitted whilst classes are in progress ... does that mean, that i need to sit in the hall for the whole afternoon of classes irrespective of when DDs class is? or can I come in and watch closer to when her class is? and then, when DDs class is finished, is she free to leave, or does she need to wait until the whole afternoon is over? Can we leave the hall? I'm happy to spend the afternoon watching all the dancing, just trying to manage DD ( and DHs !!! ) expectations. Thanks x
  2. My DD did a Tring summer school and didn't like it either. She felt she didn't learn anything and everyone was just there to have fun and mess around! DD did Laine summer school this year and loved it. She felt she'd learnt alot and they were pushed!
  3. Good morning. Does anyone know when tickets will be available to buy for this, and what time which classes will be? I've tried looking it up, but I can only find 2019 information! Thanks x
  4. I've wondered that too!
  5. DD has her hair in a bun for Ballet solos at competitions, 'princess' style (up at the front, down at the back) for character and current lyrical/modern. Varies completely on how she feels for her tap and song & dance, and for her national; it's all hidden in her hat!
  6. I've just had a look at his gallery and recognised a couple of the dancers! They look stunning. Very tempted for DD! Thank you Yrosered for asking and Damedolly for suggesting! X
  7. I was looking at the 2nd skin squares (never heard of them before) ... do they need tape to hold them in place? Which tape works best? As I find micropore fabric or the plastic equivalent don't stick to sweaty feet! DD has rather sweaty feet! Not that we need these yet ... but I like to be prepared!
  8. Hmmm . I was going to suggest Rennaissance Arts in Leeds, but you need to be a bit older. Northern school of contemporary dance often have things on. To be fair though, my DD didn't do any workshops or extra classes until she was at high school.
  9. How old is your DD and which 'bit' of Yorkshire are you looking in? However, I agree, it is hard to find workshops etc in Yorkshire! We tend of hear of local dance schools having a 'one off' workshop with a particular dancer, or a day to learn XYZ, but there doesn't seem to be any easy way to find them!
  10. I have no idea! She has been dancing since she was 4 and having acting lessons since she was 7, so the 2 have always gone together. ( mid teens now ) She is an expressive dancer and an effective actor. It is just 'her' and the way she is in general, so I don't know if acting lessons have helped with dance expression!
  11. That's soooooo useful. I've just read it to DD who does alot of acting and she said it was really good to remember and explain 'how' to do it! Thanks xx
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