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  1. Does anyone know of any summer schools/couple of days/workshops etc suitable for a 19 year old full time vocational student the week beginning the 12th of August? Really just looking for some good quality teaching/classes before I (fingers crossed) head off to Genee!
  2. Hello! Athough not entirely what you’re looking for I hope this is somewhat useful! I’m a current 2nd year at the Royal Conservatoire (sort of what Scottish Ballet Associatds hopefully leads up to) and was a Scottish Ballet senior associate for my last year at school (5th year) and was the only new girl accepted that year. On the flip side I auditioned for the Dance School for going into 3rd year I think and didn’t even get a final audition! In my year now there’s a girl who came from the Dance School who would have been in my audition but yet here we both are now. I can’t say anything about Juniors or Mids because I didn’t do them but 6/20 people in my year came through the Scottish Ballet Associate programme in some form or another. I don’t have anything negative against the dance school but I would say I’m very glad I did the route I did and got 5 Highers as well as dancing because I certainly don’t want to just be a dance teacher for the rest of my life so am glad I have the option of going to university hopefully after a successful dance career!
  3. I’m interested in the made to order leotard too! Could you pm me some photos please? Thank you!
  4. Just to add there were also 3 representatives from The Royal Consevatoire of Scotland (RCS!) in the ballet semi-final
  5. 3rd years do class with the company at weekends on a rota so I think every two weeks. They also have the opportunity to perform with the company. Several of them were on tour with their autumn bill and got to perform at ROH for the MacMillan celebrations (and take class with Marianela Nunez 😍) and perform in nutcracker as well. It’s not the whole year involved, they obviously choose whoever fits their needs of height/costume etc. We have the rehearsal director take 2nd years for class every couple of weeks too and 1st years occasionally. Sophie Laplane (the resident choreographer) at SB has taught some contemp classes and will be creating work for the end of year graduation show too. 1st years do have less contact with SB than other years as they’re really trying to hone our technique before they sort of show us to the outside world but Chris Hampson watched all year groups at our Christmas demonstration which is held at the Scottish Ballet studios. Competition wise it’s very much up to the student to find and enter competitions they want. Staff will support with coaching but there’s not much time for it within both their and our timetable. Any year has the opportunity to do it but it’s your responsibility to want to do it and do your research. We’ve had quite a few people from 1st and 2nd year do YAGP this year and several are intending on applying for Genee (some have already been and are going again). Also depends what sort of background your from (RAD/Competition) so those who’ve done competitions have tended to keep doing them. The school I went to before was very much RAD but am intending on trying to do YAGP next year! 3rd years tend do be more worried with showreels/auditions at that stage as well as the choreographers coming in for workshops so actually tends to be less so them doing competitions! Hope that helps!
  6. Just Jess Dancewear also do lovely skirts and are very accomodating!
  7. Hi, Even though the degree is is “Modern Ballet” it is very much a Ballet School like all the others. Everyone is serious about Ballet as their first specialism but contemporary is also taken seriously and by third year some people do decide they want to go down a contemporary route or are happy to do that if that is the job available at the end of the day. Primary focus however is Ballet like everywhere else we have Ballet, pointe, coaching, repertoire, Pas de deux, show work etc as well as Cunningham contemporary in 1st year, release contemp, a “creative” class (improv/choreography), jazz, stretching, Pilates. Hope that helps!
  8. Interview was pretty simple they don’t delve too much into why you want to dance and why rcs is the place for you too much! They just sort of asked about academic qualifications and if you knew anyone at RCS and a couple of basic questions but nothing too thought-provoking. The interview really isn’t make or break, they just want to make sure you’re a decent person!!
  9. Hello! I’m a current first year at RCS! The final audition last year was just a standard class, at a higher level than the prelims but not super difficult. Involves a contemporary class too which I found harder than the Ballet but they understand people may not have done it before. Even some people in my year had never done contemporary before they came! It’s taken by a member of staff and Will be watched by all the other staff which is usually 4 people plus the teacher. Hope this is helpful! Any more questions feel free to ask Rosie
  10. Hello! I’m a current 1st year at RCS and am happy to try and answer any questions! Rosie
  11. BadBallerina

    Genee 2017

    I was amazed to know three of the finalists in the end: one I'd met and become friends with at ENBS summer school this year, Ellis and I were Scottish ballet associates together last year and we're starting full time next week! The TRIPLE GOLD MEDALIST 😱 is from my studio in Aberdeen and I've taken several classes with him when he's back during the holidays. He's simply amazing and it's always inspiring to be in his classes. The teacher who choreographed his solo with him is the owner of this studio and I have her for my normal classes every week! All of the teachers at my school are utterly phenomenal though. We had a welcome home celebration for him at the studio on Monday night and he brought his medals in! What's even better is that he is the most humble and modest guy you've ever met
  12. I don't think grad destinations have been publically published anywhere, however we emailed to find out and they told us. Only 6 grads this year, 2 are going onto training programmes at Northern/BTUK and the others have got jobs in Europe
  13. I also put in why I love to dance and want to train at RCS specifically. My last RAD exam and result, performing experiences and other things I've done (school dance captain and assisting at my dance school) that show my passion for dance and any other qualities that just show you to be a good and more importantly hardworking student that they would want to train. Having said that, I really don't think the personal statement makes that much of a difference. Of course they want it to be good and in a way demonstrates your English and essay writing capability which is necessary for the course. I finally decided to choose RCS where I'll be starting in 2 weeks, still unsure as to whether it was the right choice but I'll just have to make the most of it!
  14. Character shoes not necessary! Lessons will be any combination of : ballet, pointe, rep, jazz, contemporary, Pilates/body conditioning. Just take plenty of leotards, black tights and maybe some tops and sports bras for jazz. I'll be going week 4 if anyone else is also going that week?! X
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