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  1. Hi, I'm hoping someone would be able to help me with the above topic. Up until recently dancing has been everything to me; I would spend my time at school waiting for the end of the day just so that I could get to my dance lessons and then lessons would be a whirlwind of excitement and joy. However, since about March I haven't been experiencing that same joy and excitement and have almost started to look at dance lessons as a chore rather than a hobby that I love. (I no longer wish to pursue dancing as a career) since last September I have been doing GCSE dance and this may be the cause of my sudden loss of interest however I'm not too sure. During the course of GCSE dance, I have realised that I struggle with choreography work and this has made me dread dance lessons in school which occur 3 times a week. Also, the girls in my dance class have the type of personalities which as outgoing and judgemental which for me as I'm not very confident, means I dread having to perform my solos in front of the whole class. I have been wondering if this could be the cause of my lack of love for dancing and would be very grateful if anyone would be able to advise me on what they think. Thanks, Nutcracker-x
  2. I'm not sure if this would work but Sansha do a canvas pointe shoe? http://london.sansha.com/catalog/frontend/model/id/1142
  3. Thank you. I'll hint to my mum as a little present in my stocking ????????
  4. Very pretty. Are you doing the sizing based upon what you think that age ranges size of wrist would be? Just wondering as take myself as an example, I've got a tiny wrist that any adult sized bracelet would just fall off; would my case be to order the child's age 5-11? Thanks ????
  5. Hi, My friend is currently looking for a job however as she is only 15 she is struggling to find one. Does anyone have any ideas? She's 16 in March so obviously not to far off but would like one for over Christmas and then obviously after then. Thanks ????
  6. Hi, If be interested in the Russian pointes however if have to check the sizing of my ones at home to see if they are the right size.
  7. JupiterSmith - DD - dancing daughter, DS - dancing son, LS is lower school and I'm not sure about DH but my guess would be dancing husband as that makes sense but probably wrong ????
  8. Thewinelake - I've just sent you a pm based on this.
  9. I think it depends entirely or the age of the dancer and the school they are at. For lower school students and those doing a levels, they also have to fit in academic studies as well as their amount of dancing. I'm sure other forum members have an idea as some have dcs at vocational schools.
  10. I'm gonna admit, bun nets do my head in!! The slightest catch on a hair grip and the whole things tears!! At least they don't cost too much! Might have to have reconsidered the whole bun thing other wise!! ????????
  11. Think I finally got it!! Pups_mum, I think your DD's technique did the trick! Even just lightly patting it with the hair brush worked! I also wrapped the bun net round twice and that did wonders as it tightened the grip around the bun making it smaller and flatter. ????????
  12. Thanks. I'll have a search for that just now ????
  13. Thanks!! Would it be possible to attach photos? I think I know what you mean however a picture would give me a better idea ????
  14. Thanks amos73. Would you maybe be able to ask your dd how she does her buns? It's sounds as if she has got it sorted ????
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