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  1. Your poor dd Irishballetmum ???? I started developing at the age of 10 which worried me however now, 5 years down the line, I'm quite content with my bust size as although it isn't the size I would like it to be (flat ) it's still smaller then an average 15 year old (I think it's smaller then an average 13 year tbh ????) just reassure your DD that just because she's started developing now doesn't mean they are going to develop bigger then she wants them to be xx
  2. Quite a few of the schools in the area I live in offer GCSE dance including the one I go to. Its quite a nice change to the classes I do at my local dance school however there are times when it is quite infuriating when you have to repeat the same simple step over and over again as someone who doesn't do dance outside of school doesn't get it. It is definitely an option I would recommend to someone deciding on their GCSE'S. in regards to choosing options in yr 8, the local girls school choose in yr 8 as do the local boys school. Must be something to do with single sex schools
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