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Found 13 results

  1. Does anyone know what is happening with NYB next year? I was booking a show at Sadler's Wells and noticed that there is a show in the Sundays I would have expected them to have the Gala Night.
  2. DD 9 years old just got recalled to finals/ casting audition for junior company on 29th April. ...We were not expecting to get past initial audition Anybody else on here got a recall? Are there usually lots of kids who get dropped after the casting audition? Are chances still very slim of getting in, or have they done the biggest cut after the preliminary auditions? Having told her she wouldn't be getting past the initial audition, I'm now trying to get my facts straight! This was her first ever audition for anything so we're just wondering if anybody who has been to final auditions/casting before could describe the kinds of things they were asked to do- the first auditions in london seemed very classical and technique based, but other threads from 2014 on this forum suggest casting auditions seem a bit broader plus the email said to bring tap shoes.... Also, has anybody else put their 9 year old down for residential? Thanks all. Inexperienced dance mum x
  3. Hi, Does anyone have any experience of the junior National Youth Ballet final audition process? All the information that I've been able to find so far relates to the senior/main cast auditions. My DD has got through to the final stages as a junior but it's the first time that she has ever done anything like this so I was wondering what she should expect in terms of the format for the day. If anyone can shed any light on the process and what she can expect, we'd be very grateful. Thank you.
  4. Hi, does anyone have experience of the NYB main company London auditions? My DD (12) is going to audition next week but we don't know what to expect, not having been before. The letter says bring pointe shoes if you've done pointe - DD has had about six months on pointe so we're not sure whether she's had enough experience yet. Does anyone know what they do with the pointe shoes at the auditions?! Any advice/insight very welcome. DD is very excited to go to Sadlers Wells for the morning, whatever the outcome!
  5. Just had an email to say my little girl is through to finals for the junior company. So happy for her. Even if she doesn't get in it'll be a lovely experience for her to get this far.
  6. jenesaisquoi


    My 8 year old dd is about to venture off for 10 days with NYB and having tried and tried to teach her to do her own bun, we're not having much success! She might make it through the pliés but it ain't gonna hold up beyond that!! Can someone who's done NYB before please Tell me if there will be someone there to help them with their hair? I can't imagine one house mistress doing 20 buns every morning!!
  7. My DD did NYB last year and is auditioning on Sunday in London in Group 2 (11-15 I think). Wondered if anyone can share any info on what to expect from the audition and whether it is similar/different to last year? Also, how quickly are results expected out? Last year we had results really quickly, I think it was Tuesday following the Sun audition. I haven't seen any results posted yet for Leeds or Manchester.
  8. Hi,I received an email today to say that auditions are now open but I'm a little confused. What exactly are they auditioning for? Am I right in thinking it's to perform in a production but rehearsing at a summer school. I can't see any dates either. I've put the link if you're interested. http://nationalyouthballet.org/information/audition-information/
  9. Hi, Just wondered in anyone else was doing the NYB auditions this year? DD has her audition slot on 31st and is very excited about the experience. Any pointers of tips would be appreciated. She's done the EYB so i'm assuming the audition process will be similar to that - lots and lots of kids in rows, front row moving to the back after each exercise? There's no "wear this" instructions, so again assuming basic leotard and socks and shoes, not tights? Thanks in advance
  10. How good do you have to be to get in (as a 17 year old)? eg. Are they expecting Advanced 2 with distinction?! Is it really for full time associates?
  11. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere on the forum or the website and I have not found it! Thinking about summer schools and as unusually we are not away in August this year, wondered about NYB. I can find information about the audition dates but not the summer. My understanding is the summer involves about 10 days residential at Tring, wondering about the fees and dates as DD will be awaiting GCSE results. Any pointers to this information would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Dd auditioned last Sunday in the first JA group and has made it to the final audition. She is absolutely over the moon. However I was hoping for some advice from those of you who have done this before. Any ideas on what the format is for the next stage? It mentions character dancing which is not included in our syllabus although dd has done some during easter and summer schools. Any information would be gratefully received. Also commiserations to those who weren't recalled this time.Dd auditioned unsuccessfully last year so knows how it feels! Definitely worth trying again. Thanks.
  13. Has anyone got experience of this? I am looking for a non residential summer course for my 9 year old dd. The other one I looked at was LCB but I think we've missed the closing date?
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