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  1. Cantref

    U.S Visas

    We will have to pay tuition fees. They are 10 month programmes to bridge the gap between training and professional career. They will recruit from the training programme but obviously not guaranteed.
  2. Cantref

    U.S Visas

    Hi Does anyone have any advise on applying for Visas for the U.S My daughter has 2 offers for 10 month training places in the U.S from August to the end of May. The one company told us to apply for a student visa but from what I can see the company needs to be on the SEVP list to do this, which they are not. The other company has said to apply for an extended tourist visa. I was worried that this would not be the correct process. Plus the embassy is only dealing with emergency application which does include the M1 student visa but I doubt the tourist visa. I have visited the U.S embassy in London website but am still unclear as to what we need to do. I have contacted a couple of immigration attorneys who want between £200 and £750 just to answer my initial question. I am happy to pay for support to get her application through but I do not want to waste my money if it is not possible as the companies are not SEVP listed. Any advise will be greatly appreciated!
  3. Unfortunately we do have any Irish relatives. Just England and Wales for Grandparents and Great Grandparents. We have sent details to over 50 companies in Europe and the U.S so far. We have had a few responses of interest from the U.S but worry we won’t be able to sort a visa. We will continue to plough through all the companies we can find online. Thanks for all your suggestions and advise.
  4. Thank You for your help. Do you know how hard it is for UK dancers to get a visa to dance in the U.S?
  5. Hi My daughter is currently auditioning for Company Dancer positions around Europe. Many companies are not considering applicants from the U.K due to not having a European passport. Any advise or information greatly appreciated.
  6. Can anyone give advise to an 17 year old who desperately wants to study Ballet. She applied at 16 but as a non vocational student was not well informed on the process and probably aimed too high only applying to Royal Ballet, Elmhurst Ballet School, English National Ballet, Central Ballet School and Rambert. She got through to the final audition for Elmhurst but unfortunately did not secure a place. She was then talked into studying A'Levels and told to apply to dance schools at 18 instead. She is now regretting this decision and desperately wants to be in full time dance school but has missed most of this years auditions. She had a Distinction in her RAD Intermediate Ballet exam and was then moved straight to Advanced 1 which she is sitting this Spring. Looking at the options at 18 there doesn't seem to be many opportunities for a budding ballerina. She is a Contemporary associate but this is not her passion. Although she loves commercial dance she is not a singer. At a insight day she attended at Central Ballet School this year they basically said if you had not secured a place in ballet school at 16 it was too late. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. They need to prepare 2 songs from musicals. If they are good dancers they will not need an amazing voice but show potential.
  8. Has anyone had feedback for upper school auditions yet?
  9. Which school did your daughter get on the reserve list for? My daughter is only 5ft 3.
  10. Any advise for the next step for a devastated 16 year old non vocational DD who has just received a no from Elmhurst, the only final audition she had for upper school. We only applied for RBS, ENB, Central and Elmhurst. Her dance teacher really believes she is good enough to make it in the ballet world and she was an Elmhurst associate. Advise on whether anyone gets in at 17, where the best places to try are etc would be greatly appreciated. She really wants to do classical rather than contemporary.
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