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  1. I’ve just noticed that RCS and Elmhurst finals are on the same day! Did it happen previously? What do you do in this situation? It’s so unfortunate! If a DC can afford to audition just to a few schools, is lucky to get finals and then put in this situation it’s just not right. I know I should wait to see if my DC gets any finals and then worry but just planning ahead
  2. Thank you Danceintherain!!!! I didn’t know about it. Maybe we can add Central to our very short list, we Will need to think it through. Once again - I’ll go mad without this forum...
  3. I think that maintenance loan is only for those who earn below £33.000 (ish, if I remember well). We are lucky to have a higher income then that ( not much!) so there will be no help with living costs, just student loan or DaDA award to help with school fees.
  4. Not a good day today... I looked at the cost of accommodation suggested for Central and ENBS students and it varies from £200 to £400 per week!!! Maybe I’m mistaken but if not it’s on average around £13.000 per year (10 months) so same like Tring but then you need to add the cost of food (and possibly every day transport) so ends up being more expensive then Tring!! How do others cope? Obviously I must have got it wrong, please correct me otherwise my DC will be heartbroken, I already am
  5. I’ve received a reply from Tring today: In reply to your email, based on the income you mentioned the fees would approximately be £.......... per term for the tuition and then the boarding element which would be around £4300.00 per term. There are three terms in each year.This is based on current fees and therefore are likely to increase/ change for September 2020. For us the above means that we can’t afford it which is a shame as they offer all the A level subject my DC wants to do. On the positive side - one less audition/hotel/photos etc to organise, trying to see positive in everything
  6. Yes, it’s looks like they do. I was surprised to see that one of the 6th music auditions is already full! I’ve emailed Tring today with a question about fees for boarding if DC is lucky to receive a DaDa. I hope they will reply soon
  7. Thank you everyone for your replies. I think I’ll just email them with my estimate income and ask how much would I need to pay if DC was lucky to receive DaDa. My child is determined (at the moment!) and wants to start A levels next year, not in 3 years time. Maybe it’s a sign she should follow an academic route? Or just that she doesn’t know how hard it will be dancing in upper school plus A levels...
  8. I think that on Tring website it says that DaDa is available again. My question is - does it partially cover only school fees and definitely not boarding? The fees for boarding pupils are shown as one and it is just possible to guess the cost of boarding looking at the day pupil fees. Around £4200 ish for 1 term! Does it mean that I’ll definitely need to pay almost £13000 per year just for boarding plus part of the school fees (depending on my income). Our income is above £33000 so no chance for help with living costs. DC wants to do A levels so it’s just Elmhurst and Tring really (if she’s lucky to get any offers) but I wonder if we should apply at all to Tring. Also, it says on their website that they can take the award from you if they aren’t pleased with your progress, assessment results etc. Is it really possible during 2 years of A-level? I thought you can’t change schools during this 2 years.
  9. Thank you all for the helpful information. Did any of you hear about this company? : https://www.weekendalacarte.co.uk/special-occasion-holidays/once-in-lifetime-events/world/moscow-bolshoi-ballet-break/
  10. Thank you all for the reply. I think he has his heart set on Bolshoi, Moscow. He used to restore historical buildings so I guess the building it self is almost as important as the ballet performance! It all sounds complicated, especially the visa so (as he tends to worry a lot!) I think using a travel company is the best idea. Can anyone recommend one? Not sure if it’s allowed... pm me please
  11. A soon to be 80 years old ballet lover would like to celebrate his big birthday by going on a trip of his lifetime to Moscow so his biggest wish of seeing a ballet in Bolshoi theatre can finally come true. Have any of the forum members been there? Where one should start? By getting the ballet tickets first and then appropriate flights and hotel? I quickly looked at Bolshoi tickets website and a random one in October was sold out mostly and a price of an “economy” ticket somewhere at the back was above 500 US$??!! That can’t be true? I’d appreciate any help. The birthday is in March so I think he’d like to go in April/May si the weather is nicer
  12. I have available: - boys, grey year 7/8 leotards, size child 11-12 x2, adult M x1 - girls year 10 leotards, size adult Small x4
  13. I have available: - boys formal blazer in size child 3 - girls formal blazer and skirt in size adult small plus a blue year 9/10 top also adult small Used, with red logo, good condition, checkered skirt
  14. If both children are on MDS you do get a discount, doesn’t matter if they are in the same school or not. You will need to fill in an MDS form each year, one for each child and there is a question about other siblings on MDS. Mine DC ended up in the same school but were offered places at 2 schools and I asked at both and got 2 confirmations of a discount.
  15. Hi, is there a list/table describing upper schools (classical ballet, with a goal to join a ballet company, not teaching qualification) available on the forum? I tried to look for it but no luck. What I’d like to know is US offering Dada/MDS - Tring, Elmhurst, Royal, Hammond, ? US with students loan - Central, ENBS, Ballet West? US with bording facilities, incl meals - Elmhurst, Balet West, Hammond? US with A levels - Elmhurst, Tring, Hammond, ? My list probably isn’t correct, please correct it. I think that Northern Ballet or Rambert also have a classical ballet course but I’m not sure.
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