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  1. I think that Elmhurst contacted all of those who were on their waiting list and Central contacted many (but I don’t know if all). People were also offered places from ENBS waiting list but some are still waiting.
  2. My DD also handed back her offer last week so hopefully someone else still waiting will hear from Central soon. It looks like everything is taking much longer this year, which is understandable. Good luck to those still waiting
  3. The initial deadline to respond for students who have received an offer for September 2020 is Thursday 23 April.
  4. I think there is no need to send as another email just to confirm that they are going ahead with the audition. So I guess no emails means the audition is on.
  5. I’ve received a swift reply - the audition will be held in the old building and there will be no opportunity to see the new school. More information about the move will be given to parents during Q&A time on the audition day.
  6. Thank you MAK for the information. The emails are out with the timings. Luckily DC assessment is in the afternoon on Saturday so just one night in a hotel for us. I’ve read the email twice and it doesn’t say if it’s in the old or in the new school building so I’ve just email them to find out.
  7. I have told my DC that there is a possibility that the audition will be cancelled/postponed because of the Coronavirus 😟. Of course I hope it won’t happen but I know of an open day/interview day which has been cancelled at one of the schools in London ( not dancing).
  8. Congratulations to all the “yeses”! I’ve heard back from Central and from a few other people who kindly contacted me and it looks like the physical assessment can happen any time on Saturday 21st, Including the morning.
  9. Congratulations to your DS Farawaydancer. I was also wandering about it...... anyway I’ve just emailed Central with a question about the timing on 21st, will let you know when I hear from them.
  10. Great news for my DC today, Central finals 😁. I was surprised how quickly we’ve heard back, the preliminary audition was only this Sunday. Good luck to those who are still waiting to hear and to those who are auditioning later this month. Is there anyone who could describe the finals from last year? We have been told that maybe the physio assessment will be needed and it will be a day before finals. Was it just for a chosen few or majority of applicants? Was it in the afternoon or morning? I hope we will get more details soon to decide if we need one or two nights at a hotel. All the usual information about what the audition consist of, how many in finals etc will be great. I’ve read all the old posts but they are mostly about accommodation or are quite old.
  11. I’ve just noticed that RCS and Elmhurst finals are on the same day! Did it happen previously? What do you do in this situation? It’s so unfortunate! If a DC can afford to audition just to a few schools, is lucky to get finals and then put in this situation it’s just not right. I know I should wait to see if my DC gets any finals and then worry but just planning ahead
  12. Thank you Danceintherain!!!! I didn’t know about it. Maybe we can add Central to our very short list, we Will need to think it through. Once again - I’ll go mad without this forum...
  13. I think that maintenance loan is only for those who earn below £33.000 (ish, if I remember well). We are lucky to have a higher income then that ( not much!) so there will be no help with living costs, just student loan or DaDA award to help with school fees.
  14. Not a good day today... I looked at the cost of accommodation suggested for Central and ENBS students and it varies from £200 to £400 per week!!! Maybe I’m mistaken but if not it’s on average around £13.000 per year (10 months) so same like Tring but then you need to add the cost of food (and possibly every day transport) so ends up being more expensive then Tring!! How do others cope? Obviously I must have got it wrong, please correct me otherwise my DC will be heartbroken, I already am
  15. I’ve received a reply from Tring today: In reply to your email, based on the income you mentioned the fees would approximately be £.......... per term for the tuition and then the boarding element which would be around £4300.00 per term. There are three terms in each year.This is based on current fees and therefore are likely to increase/ change for September 2020. For us the above means that we can’t afford it which is a shame as they offer all the A level subject my DC wants to do. On the positive side - one less audition/hotel/photos etc to organise, trying to see positive in everything
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