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  1. I have available: - boys, grey year 7/8 leotards, size child 11-12 x2, adult M x1 - girls year 10 leotards, size adult Small x4
  2. I have available: - boys formal blazer in size child 3 - girls formal blazer and skirt in size adult small plus a blue year 9/10 top also adult small Used, with red logo, good condition, checkered skirt
  3. If both children are on MDS you do get a discount, doesn’t matter if they are in the same school or not. You will need to fill in an MDS form each year, one for each child and there is a question about other siblings on MDS. Mine DC ended up in the same school but were offered places at 2 schools and I asked at both and got 2 confirmations of a discount.
  4. Hi, is there a list/table describing upper schools (classical ballet, with a goal to join a ballet company, not teaching qualification) available on the forum? I tried to look for it but no luck. What I’d like to know is US offering Dada/MDS - Tring, Elmhurst, Royal, Hammond, ? US with students loan - Central, ENBS, Ballet West? US with bording facilities, incl meals - Elmhurst, Balet West, Hammond? US with A levels - Elmhurst, Tring, Hammond, ? My list probably isn’t correct, please correct it. I think that Northern Ballet or Rambert also have a classical ballet course but I’m not sure.
  5. My 2 DC were JA’s in another Centre with only 24 (if not less) sessions a year and they both got in to a vocational school. It’s just to put your mind at rest that if it’s hard for you financially or time wise to commit to 32 sessions your DD will still benefit from 26. As to the other question - life as a dancer is hard, training requires a lot of discipline and sometimes sacrifice, there will be injuries and tears and disappointment but if a child really wants it and loves it I think we need to let them follow their dreams if we can.
  6. It is a good idea for it to be pinned at the top, I’m sure our fantastic moderators can help with it. It is a very important petition and you are a long term forum member who helped many of us countless times! I’m sure everyone would like to support you if they have the chance to see this post.
  7. I’m so sorry... signed and verified
  8. Can anybody tell me how is the food in YBSS? Lots of healthy choices? Choice of fruits everyday? or not so healthy but “child friendly”? Is it advisable to pack lots of snacks? Also what DC do on the first Saturday after the welcome talk at 4;30pm? I know that there are no classes on the first day.
  9. My DD is going to YBSS for the first time this year. She’s currently in year 9 so I guess she’ll end up in the middle group? Anyway the time might be better organised for the youngest group this year and maybe classes won’t be that big? There is already one difference under the new management- we are all to receive a welcome pack after we pay the deposit. I know that this is new.
  10. There might be DC on the waiting list but not on this forum. Also there might be no waiting list as Elmhurst results came after WL, Tring and YDA so those who came to finals aren’t waiting for other results and highly likely will accept Elmhurst offer.
  11. Yes, I know of some DC who received “waiting list” results rather then “yes” or “no”. That was 2 and 3 year ago.
  12. Hello PBM, well done to your DS. My DS auditioned to Elmhurst last year and is now very happy there loving the vocational training. The parent/candidate discussion is just an informal chat between the member of staff and your child. I just sat there listening to my DS answers about his favourite subjects at school, plans for the future, ways to cope with possibly being homesick etc. It was very relaxed and nothing to worry about . During the orthopaedic assessment a physiotherapist will check your DS joints and spine, ask him to do a couple of stretches. If you have more questions feel free to send me a private message Edited to add that there were around 45 ish girls and 35 ish boys at finals (if I remember well)
  13. The London auditions will be held at English National Ballet (Markova) building. Is there parking available? We will be traveling to London by car and not sure how close we can park and if there is a "drop off" near the entrance?
  14. To brighten things up a bit - I was "brave" enough to complain at my DC vocational school, more then once actually. Nothing to do with ballet training but with boarding, staff, medical care, music lessons. Every single time it was worth it and things did improve or a problem was delt with. Maybe I'm not the most popular parent among the staff, I don't know (and I don't mind/care) but I'm pleased to say that I'm treated same as always and what's most important my child is. DC loves the school and is happy there. I was also expecting more snobbery/ rivalry when my DC joined the school but was pleasantly surprised that there is non (at least among the children my DC is friends with). Of course there is difference between children from wealthy or not so wealthy families, some having lots of expensive clothes or ballet equipment or private lessons when others need to wait for Christmas or birthday to have some of it as a special treat but that will be the case almost in any school. The only "snobbery" I noticed was that some children join the school having done very high grades in many dance styles (plus festivals and competitions) and to start with they felt a bit superior to those who joined the school with just a little experience in ballet. But after a few months it start to show that previous grades mean nothing. So to those who are auditioning- stay positive, it's not as bad and scary as somebody's blog might suggest. To those who are afraid to complain- you might be surprised with a positive outcome. Of course I have experience with just one vocational school but I thought it will be nice to add a positive post to this thread.
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