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  1. Hi I have a dc at RBS fulltime and enjoy reading this forum. I now have a daughter who would like to train vocationally in theatre arts. The funding process doesnt seem as straight forward. I wondered if there was a similar forum to this which deals with drama and musical theatre?
  2. Hi all One of my students Has been invited to audition for Hammond year 7. We have missed the open day and I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the standard of training there. She currently trains to a high standard in ballet and jazz and also has vocal tuition. Specifically, would the ballet classes compare with something like RBS associates? Thanks in advance
  3. Has anyone had a confirmation pack from White Lodge? Only had a short email so far.
  4. Thanks, that's helpful. We have Orange/EE already so I'll let him use that.
  5. Hi everyone, My DS is going to summer school at Whitelodge this year and we would like to get him a mobile phone for when he is there. In our pack it says this is fine but the signal is not great in the park. Just wondering if anyone already staying there knows which network has best reception? I know he can use the payphone but we'd like to send him quick texts rather then him having to worry about getting money from the office to call all the time. Thanks in advance.
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