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  1. Does anyone know what summer schools are 'approved by RBS?
  2. Hello. My DD is week 1 and will be her first time. She is also 10. I would suggest taxi in and out of the park and rent in Sheen rather than Richmond. Cheaper and generally better traffic (I went to Uni nearby in Roehampton)
  3. Just realised... When are MA results out? Seen the SS ones are out
  4. One less at funding... My DD has been offered WL x Good luck all DC X
  5. In shock to say my DD is one of the 2 JA girls from Eastleigh... There are 2 girls and 2 boys with yes emails from our centre. Those that have followed my story will know that we started this road with a "no" email from RB in yr4... So just goes to show it really does just mean "not yet" Please don't let your lovely DC give up :x
  6. Does that mean we (as in someone) know how many places are left up for grabs?
  7. I'm not worried about age... What will be will be. Just wanted to let SkintDM know she's not alone
  8. Skintdancemum. My daughter also in that camp as birthday is mid August. Xx
  9. Thank you. We do love chatting to the owner too. Her DD is at RBS so lots of info to share. However it's more the pointe fitting I'm interested in, esp at Spotlight, as DD been recommended to go there. However when I popped in to ask about booking, the lady serving couldn't even recall the 4th brand they sold... Didn't exactly instill confidence :/
  10. I have and I've not had a response, hence the post
  11. Just curious - Where did you find out there are 60 this year? Do you know final numbers for the other main schools ( without taking this off topic)
  12. Does anyone know when TutuGirls SS is on this year? Had a look and can't see any posts for 2017
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