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  1. Surely it would be very wrong morally to be charging parents full fees and to claim any assistance from the government? Maybe you could suggest paying a reduced amount of 1/3 fees or something for the summer term in April as a lump sum. They’d have just about the entire amount for the first month and then can claim assistance. It is tricky as nobody wants to see their valued teachers in a difficult financial position but many parents are struggling and paying a large amount for dance lessons which aren’t running is not going to be possible
  2. Haven’t the government announced help for the self employed now? I would presume dance teachers are eligible? Presuming they are they shouldn’t really be charging fees and claiming help or is it more complicated than that?
  3. After such a long period stuck indoors you may also find that you have lots of new recruits, although I know in the meantime it will be dire. Could you ask for a percentage of fees, maybe then take it off the next terms bill as that would also make people more likely to come back?
  4. it’s seems likely it may have been circulating in other countries earlier than we think too
  5. I am similar and am starting the 3 months distancing, it is a horrible thing to have to do, especially not seeing family properly, and lack of ballet! I think virtually all classes will stop soon anyway though. If you’re in London I would definitely not go, if you’re rural then not so bad, I’d keep some distance between you and the other dancers and be very diligent with wiping the barre down etc. Perhaps when you can, get a review as you shouldn’t really need the reliever on a regular basis. I stepped up to a combination inhaler and practically never get symptoms now. Just with infections really 😫
  6. when you say moderate, are you on a steroid inhaler long term and qualify for the flu jab? If you are you need to go for stringent social distancing, technically just from Saturday but depending where you are in the country- if a city do it now. So no I wouldn’t go to ballet 😫
  7. If you want tickets for the welcome performance check back nearer the time. For the swan lake one there were certainly many people there who would not have booked through the welcome offer. I expect there could be many tickets released as the triple bill may not be that appealing for new families. They choose some odd performances, the first one they sent me was an opera recommended for children over 12 due to adult themes- not ideal for an offer aimed at families!
  8. They look good but unfortunately way too expensive for me!
  9. I Think the mods will decline to comment on your last point Michelle. I will put my personal viewpoint as I’m not involved with any discussions with any of the schools! There are many schools freely discussed on here, both positive and negative. If a school have Complained regarding negative comments and asked to have them removed that’s fair enough but it would be unfair to only delete negative comments and leave the positive as that’s not a balanced view. It’s unfair to the other schools who are freely discussed. It’s also not going to be possible for one of the moderators to screen every comment to see if it’s acceptable to the school or not! You can’t have your cake and eat it....! as regards your pointe shoes, has anyone had a look in person? Dancique in Birmingham are excellent and used to adult dancers too. I find a box liner in the narrower foot works well. Your studio must be amazing, I find with a proper, sprung, floor the potential for injury is much less, also doesn’t really hurt if you fall on your behind!
  10. The inference here is that RB aren’t training their students for enough hours, what I’m asking is are they training for a lot less hours than equivalent schools such as vaganova? I agree with you, about the drop out rate at the other schools, maybe this is just to be expected rather than a failing on the schools part? POB and The Russian schools seem to have much more stringent controls on height, physique etc, I think the royal ballet school has a slightly different ethos and doesn’t just train for what the company wants and needs but also expects their dancers to go to other companies. There are many countries who drive their children very much harder academically than we do ours but it’s not at no cost- mental health suffers and also less tangible effects such as less self motivation and ingenuity.
  11. I’m sceptical that children are training intensively for so many hours that they only get a few hours sleep on a routine basis. If it were the case I think their bodies would be so badly damaged they probably wouldn’t be dancing at the end of it. It doesn’t appear from the outside that children at the vaganova, POB schools etc are doing anything like that amount of dance either?
  12. There are members who are legal experts and could comment further but a non disclosure document is usually not signed for sensational reasons! They are pretty standard in the workplace. You are under no obligation to sign but usually you get something in return e.g. a redundancy payment and the company don’t want others to know details of how much you’ve been given etc. So it’s very plausible that the schools don’t want others to know that you haven’t been asked to pay back your scholarship money because then everyone would want the same. Or they just don’t want people selling potentially sensationalised stories to the media. There are always 2 sides to a story but one side generally can’t tell theirs because they are bound by confidentiality/ professionalism. If police/ safeguarding etc are involved then yes obviously accusations should be taken seriously
  13. My feet are shorter en pointe (and in high heels- I wear 1/2 size smaller!). I need elastic on everything but freeds, so I presume depends on the shoe shape too. I agree it is dangerous if they pop off!
  14. As I said it’s not a reflection on individual dancers but a general observation that if you look at the physics many movements will be somewhat easier if you are a bit shorter. There are many other attributes which come into play and white lodge are obviously very selective. We’re not a particularly tall country, although there are taller dancers in most of our companies the mid range in height are going to be more versatile. If a company advertise for one dancer in a certain height range I’d presume it’s to provide a partner, in which case it’s not discrimination.
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