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  1. 1 in 90 is the ONS estimate it’s not the actual testing figure which is lower. It includes those in early stages. And 2-15 year olds are the group most affected by about 2.5 x and they’re not that numerous at most general performances. Covid is rife amongst children how are almost all unvaccinated which skews the figures enormously. Over 93% of adults have antibodies to covid. Indicators are that the vaccine is still over 60% effective against delta. The R number is below 1. Infection rate is dropping in all age groups apart from kids As Jan says above the experts don’t always agree. The truth is that nobody knows as it’s not straightforward and there’s a lack of information. You can see that in the widely inaccurate scientific modelling. I’m perfectly happy to go along with Chris Whitby’s advice myself as I find it pretty measured and sensible. However, I do dislike the way we’re all encouraged to judge others when they’re acting in a perfectly lawful manner.
  2. It’s not unjustified to say it’s much less than 1% benefit overall, you just have to look at the statistics! Work out the probability of anyone having covid in the venue, then the probability that they will transit it (particularly if vaccinated), then the benefit of a mask. It comes to a very small number overall
  3. The effect will be much, much smaller than 1% reduction in cases though, because someone with covid would have to be present and transmit it. I have respiratory disease and genuinely can’t tolerate cloth so I’m unfortunately contributing to the enormous impact on the environment. Daughter has had to step up acne treatment because masks exacerbate it. It just depends when you think the down sides reach the tipping point. Personally I think that should be done by the qualified experts rather than on an individual basis
  4. On a population basis you’re about 60% less likely to test positive and less likely to transmit it. That includes the immunosupressed/ elderly who react less well to the vaccine so you’re particular risk depends on who you are. Young health people will be less than 60% less likely to get it. It’s not quite as good as before we had delta but still very good. presuming the majority of people who have covid will isolate because they have symptoms or are doing precautionary lateral flows the risk of you catching covid from some who has been vaccinated are pretty small, the extra benefit of a face covering is pretty tiny. Covid is endemic now so people will continue to get it. At some point there has to be a reassessment of what the benefits are. Personally I think as we’re still working out how to use the vaccines with boosters and longer courses for the immunosupressed, a lot of children still not vaccinated etc the small benefit is worth it but at some point that will change. Almost everyone was wearing one prior to rule changes so I really don’t think it’s fair to judge individuals or call them selfish. If there’s a benefit they should be mandated, the responsibility rests with our government
  5. I couldn’t see in the article linked what the effectiveness of cloth masks is? still wearing mine as an additional measure to protect others as I’m not too worried myself. The effectiveness of everything else is minimal in comparison to vaccination, which is incredibly effective. Yet still loads of people not vaccinated, especially in London.
  6. I can update and say the modibodi ones are brilliant (the normal nude ones are fine under lower cut legs like regulation leos)
  7. Agree anywhere with lots of people there will likely be covid at the moment! High case numbers and no household isolation, it’s inevitable.
  8. You wouldn’t have to isolate if you’re double jabbed or under 18. I don’t think the Welsh have to isolate if they’re double jabbed even if they have a positive test. I would expect theatres are still doing a thorough clean down after the performance and there’s not much point in anything else.
  9. Manga and anime are currently the ‘in’ thing with kids everywhere, it’ll be ‘out’ again by next year!
  10. Well here in the UK we subsidised people to buy fast food so manga books is a step up from that! Whilst not my thing they are quite beautifully drawn and I would class them as ‘art’. I think the idea of these cards should really be to get people to spend money on things that they wouldn’t usually though. Uk government don’t like investing in young people or the arts so I don’t expect to see anything similar here!
  11. I wonder why it’s from 14, perhaps younger children are free anyway though. I think it’s a great idea. I think there are barriers other than cost in the UK, perhaps that is different elsewhere. I’ve been to various subsidised/ free access type events and I wouldn’t say there’s a very representative demographic attending. 3000 roubles is about £30 I wonder how many entries/ tickets that would be?
  12. I read that the metropolitan opera house have banned all unvaccinated people. If you can’t have a vaccine it’s tough, including all children under 12 who have no option of a vaccine. At least the Sarasota ballet seem to be a bit more reasonable!
  13. The date given for stopping supplies of LFTs was the end of September, haven’t hear anything about it recently. Still time for several U turns!
  14. unbelievable given the amount of money already invested in it!
  15. I had to take the test on site so perhaps it varies. Government free ones were due to be phased out at the end of September though. The problem with the private ones is mainly the enormous mark up
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