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  1. I think some of the organisations like RBS associates and some of the summer schools provide funding for those on low income so that may be worth looking into. I agree with the general view that whilst some things aren’t required to be a dance teacher they are desirable and can be a selling point: prior training by prestigious organisations (as associates/ summer schools as well as full time), performance experience, range of training/experience. I’d personally be looking for a teacher who has reached around the standard of a professional dancer and has some experience of performing and of ballet schools. Not to the same extent as a full time dancer but enough so that they have a good understanding of what is involved.
  2. Blimey surely that’s a huge price hike, over £70 towards the back of the amphi. Whilst I appreciate that they need to increase revenue I also believe that after such an enormous injection from us tax payers they have a responsibility to remain accessible to the less well well off and families etc looks like I’ll be checking out the offering from ENB and BRB!
  3. Personally, I wear my usual shoe size in most ballet shoes, including the so danca. Narrowish feet though which might make a difference
  4. A lot of people like the so danca sd16. You can get them on Amazon with free returns if she’s struggling to get to a shop.
  5. I would like to see some more variety from the RB at soloist level. Perhaps it’s my imagination but I always seem to see the same 2 or 3 dancers in those roles
  6. Another vote for the previous ice creams, especially the stem ginger!
  7. I’d go for a stretch canvas without drawstring. Grishko as above or Bloch do multiple widths. If she is near London the Bloch shop would be a good place to try as they have multiple styles and widths in stock that she could try on. Many ballet shops don’t stock all the widths
  8. It was heaving last week but might have been the combination of school holidays and sunny weather! Very much busier than last summer, I was quite surprised.
  9. So many girls auditioning, I think they can pick those with quality and quantity personally. I think you’d have to be providing around the same amount as a vocational school. Boys more flexibility maybe but at upper school they would be competing with international students as well. Ultimately I think you just have to go with what you both think is best, how keen your child is to go to a boarding school will be a big factor. The audition would be a good experience for her though as there will be many more in the future!
  10. I can totally understand why boarding isn’t for some families. To replicate the amount of hours that would happen at a vocational school plus travel time plus going to a ‘normal’ academic school who will generally expect homework in the next day, afterschool sessions in later years etc must be incredibly difficult! I guess it depends on where you live etc but I would have thought for some parents it would not be manageable in terms of cost and time commitment. Everything does ramp up considerably after year 9! I know some parents have managed it on here, and imagine it’s more achievable if parent/ relative is a ballet teacher!
  11. I’m not sure why dancers would suppress knowledge of training at Tring, (it’s certainly mentioned by some high profile dancers) but would be happy to mention elmhurst, central, ENB etc. If they were you’d think the school would have a more high profile list of leavers destinations to put this right. It’s a common thing for academic schools to list top exam achievers and destinations. The other thing is that schools and teaching staff can change enormously
  12. It’s difficult to compare I think as the cohort at Tring differ from elmhurst and RBS. It’s a ‘dance’ course rather than ballet and there are far fewer MDS places. Would the school give you leavers destinations for the upper and lower school if you asked? Or sometimes it’s interesting to look at companies who do usually give you a biography for their dancers including lower and upper school. I’m not sure that are that many from Tring, definitely more from RBS, Elmhurst, ENB and Central. That may be a reflection of cohort rather than standard of training though. I think you need to try and get the figures and work out how many go on to ballet companies/ RBS etc.
  13. Are you in the UK? Children in UK vocational schools all continue with normal academic schooling until sixteen so he wouldn’t be reducing any options (and will probably have a much better idea of future aspirations at that stage). I’m not sure if the same is true of all countries though?
  14. Perhaps young people just haven’t seen the negative health effects of smoking and the effect on skin/ teeth etc and the real struggle that it is to give up. There are not many of their parents or even grandparents generation who are still smoking and they’re just not around smokers to see the wrinkles, yellow teeth, breathlessness etc for themselves
  15. I don’t consider you to be ‘micro managing’ her, at the end of the day smoking is likely to affect her training and more than likely will permanently damage her lungs if she continues. If she was living independently and funding herself I suppose you couldn’t do much about it but I wouldn’t be funding it either.
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