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  1. I thought the recommendation was to go singly from alternate corners to avoid being in the slipstream too. In some ways I think it works better than the traditional method as there’s less congestion at the end!
  2. The section I quoted was for adults, so larger classes are not banned. The teacher would need to be sure that there will not be ‘mixing’ though including on arrival and after departure. So I guess if you meet or stand chatting afterwards and your teacher is aware of it, it could cause them a problem!
  3. In the guidance it says the performance must start before 10pm. My days of going to a midnight film screening are definitely over anyway, I’d be asleep in the first 5 minutes!
  4. From 24 September, organised indoor sport and indoor exercise classes can continue to take place with larger numbers present, provided groups of more than six do not mix. If groups of six are likely to mix, these indoor activities must not go ahead. There is an exemption or organised indoor team sports for disab it depends what they mean by ‘mix’, which doesn’t seem to be defined🙄 I presume if you’re strictly distanced with markers or spaced yoga mats etc you’re not mixing??
  5. Did you get to visit other areas not usually seen on the ROH tours?
  6. I had one on the ball of my foot too- very painful! No treatment shifted it but I found that it was the amount of excess skin which the verruca forms over it that was making it so painful. They tell you to use an emery board but tbh there was a huge amount that needed removal, much more than you would think possible I couldn’t manage with just an emery board🤣 I used a micro pedi type electric thing (but be aware that there will be virus shed in the dead skin so only use on the verruca to avoid spreading it), stop when it gets sore . A tiny bit of blood is meant to be a good thing to kick start
  7. What area of the foot is it on? Have you been filling all the dead skin off to the point it starts to bleed?
  8. If theatres aren’t providing a decent proportion of single seats perhaps people could complain that it doesn’t meet their ‘inclusivity’ agenda. When you book the cinema you can book a single seat in a block of 2 or some allow you to book your seats and then the system blocks the couple of seats either side so it’s more of a dynamic process.if the system says you can’t book and leave a single seat surely that’s not quite right as you could book a single seat in a block of 3 or 4. I must admit on occasions I’ve put a seat in my basket on my laptop and then booked the seats I want on my phone to
  9. You’re looking at it on an individual basis we can’t have everyone doing their own risk assessment and then doing their own thing that they think is ok. There are a million permutations as to what people are and aren’t doing, there’s no judgement on individuals. A family may be isolating, working from home, a week old baby is still counted the same as an adult, a retired person may be doing voluntary work but rules can’t be made around individuals, it’s the average that’s important (which is why I changed to family of 3 as gov are working on numbers of people rather than age or circumstance).
  10. and doesn’t eat crisps, cough, take their shoes off, encroach on your leg space, chat etc. Tbh a single socially distanced seat sounds like heaven🤣
  11. No you’re not supposed to change bubbles at all officially. Although in your example earlier you are allowed to give lifts (you’re meant to wear a mask and keep the window open🙄) and you are allowed to help people for health reasons so I wouldn’t say you were in a bubble just for getting a lift to a medical appointment.
  12. The granny and grandad would be socially distanced from those outside their household at the theatre that’s the difference. 3 friends sitting inches from each other would be mixing households. Granny and grandad visiting family are meant to socially distanced from them. It’s the proximity that’s the problem. On average 3 individual adults living separately would have a lot more exposure than a family of 3. The rules work on a population basis- they may seem unfair on an individual basis at times, from monday a family of 6 will not be able to meet with anyone together even outside! There has to
  13. If you live alone or your friend does you could of course form a bubble. However the bubble is exclusive so Once you’ve done that you can’t form one with anyone else, or change your bubble. So if you have a theatre going friend who lives nearby and you could also help each other out if you had to isolate etc that could work well.
  14. Coronavirus is transmitted just the same whether you know someone or not! If you meet one person socially you need to socially distance, sitting in the next theatre seat isn’t socially distanced. You’d be indoors, very close to each other for a prolonged period. support bubbles are solely for those who live alone as those people are isolated and will need some human interaction and help. So in your example if Granny lives alone she could form a bubble with either the son or the daughter (not both on alternate weeks) and they wouldn’t need to distance. If she lives with someone else she coul
  15. A support bubble is a single adult joining with one other household to provide support. You then are considered one ‘household’. You can’t change once you’ve formed the bubble. You can’t go and sit next to someone from another household at the theatre, surely that’s what all the seat plans are there to avoid!
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