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  1. Thanks Shelia, forgot to mention-we have a narrow foot here, and the ‘B’ fitting was perfect.
  2. We’ve just bought So Danca style SD69 from Dancique in Birmingham, full soles, stretch leather, and they are a reasonably good fit for full soles.
  3. Could you pm me a picture of the wear moi peach and pale green one please?
  4. Rehearsal dates are on their website, under current season, click on ballet shoes, then it’s in the audition section, there’s a highlighted-rehearsal schedule and audition dates link. My DD did the ‘tour’ this year-loved it, so worth the DM effort!
  5. Fabulous news @amos73 but deserved, well done to your DD, and as you say ‘do not give up’ 💜
  6. We’ve just had London MA result for year 8.
  7. Fabulous news balletmum20 💜
  8. I asked this question when DD was at finals last Thursday, we were told the end of next week-so should be by the end of this week!! Good luck 🍀
  9. Good luck to all the DC this week attending funding/final auditions 🍀🍀
  10. Well done to your DD for getting this far, so tough for all of them, and yes, keep going 🤞🏻
  11. Fingers crossed for us this year then! No finals again for year 8, DD would love to get Mids.
  12. DD didn’t get finals for year 7 last year (was RBS JA for 3 years) But did get short waiting list for Mids, no place became available though! I'm sure others on here will know of DC’s that did get MA places after a no to finals though! 😀
  13. Hi Shellz, thank you, year 8 lower school, auditioned in London on the 14th January.
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