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  1. Yes out of the 5 white lodge girls 2 are British who trained at white lodge from yr7 the others foreign who joined from yr 9 or 10 onwards
  2. 5 white lodge girls, majority of the boys in yr 11 got a upper School place
  3. Yes def only 2 British girls made RBS upper school this year!
  4. Has anyone had an email for Elmhurst sixth form final audition day, timings etc?
  5. We’re waiting for Elmhurst finals timings too, hopefully receive email soon need to book hotel etc!
  6. Does anyone have any experience of the sixth form final audition day? What does it involve etc? Also approx time the day finishes? Many thanks!
  7. It appears Tring doesn’t offer dada’s anymore? Only school scholarship up to 10% of the termly fees?
  8. Hi dd has a sixth form dance course audition soon, does anyone know how Tring compares to other schools such as Elmhurst, Central etc? Dd is probably more classical focused so was wondering if Tring is more focused on contemporary, jazz? What is the standard of teaching of classical ballet at Tring & graduate employment etc? Thankyou!
  9. Received email today dd got finals!
  10. Dd audition time was emailed to her email address 2 days ago 1.45 audition time
  11. No we haven’t heard either I rang the school last Friday & was told possibly today?
  12. Can anyone give me an idea of termly costs at Elmhurst for sixth form? Dd has been invited to finals have looked at dada website & we fall into middle bracket am I right in thinking approx £2000 per term for tuition & accommodation??thanks
  13. Is that the same for sixth form & dada awards?
  14. Hi we were told at dd audition on Wednesday 7-10 days!
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