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  1. I keep cancelling tickets and getting Gift Certificates, I find it's more of a "can't be bothered" with all the hassle attitude rather than Covid itself, especially the transport problems, there seem to be so few late night trains running! At the end of the performance is leaving the theatre controlled, or can you use whichever exit you like?
  2. I noticed how unattractive the men's dresses were from the photos, haven't seen the ballet yet, I have liked swirling dresses/gowns the men have worn in other ballets but not these.
  3. I thought I read that the old system was back, i.e. they try to resell the ticket on the day and refund me if they succeed, but yesterday morning when I E-mailed they advised that the 24 hour period had passed and it wasn't possible. I suppose the rules keep changing at the ROH as everywhere else.
  4. This looks fabulous, all the dancers I know I very much like and look forward to seeing, shame about the Russian Companies, but I must admist that of all the Covid vaccines, the Sputnik is one of the less attractive!
  5. I was going to ask if you can simply enjoy the ballet for the dancing etc. without knowing anything about Dante's Inferno, glad that the answer is yes!
  6. I didn't think R and J third act was too dark in the past, everyone seems to be following this irritating trend! If anyone is interested, I've just sold Wednesday's performance and the ROH should be putting it up online shortly, amphi K66, a good one!
  7. Well I have booked to see her Giselle to renew the magic, and I will book for her Swan Lake, I hope she repeats that manege of turns she did to replace the 32 fouettes last time, it was unbelievable!
  8. The only good thing is that you can find online the complete casts for performances you didn't attend or might want to see online, even rehearsals, for a time anyway. Lots of strange things happening under "Covid", I find it ironic that you have to take ices into the auditorium to eat when it was strictly prohibited before πŸ™‚
  9. The creepiest ballet I can think of is Liam Scarlett's Hansel and Gretel, that was really unsettling.
  10. The complete programme is on Youtube now, hope it does remain for a month.
  11. Thanks, I have actually bought a printer and have wasted loads of paper trying to learn how to work it 😏, but I have to leave home too early, I will be able to print the next day though. One thing so far I have noticed is that the ROH tickets come out on A4 paper better and easier than anything else!
  12. Will there be a screen somewhere at the ROH that people without mobile phones will be able to see the casting, although we will need good memories.
  13. The NHS are also using Moderna as the booster, don't think you get a choice though. I should get mine around early November.
  14. I'm in two minds about going, the fact the it's so easy now to get Gift Certificates from the ROH and SW makes it easier to cancel too. Did anyone see Isaac Hernandez on Saturday afternoon, a good review might help. I'm wondering how the music for Midnight Bell will sound at SW, at the small Theatre Royal it was perfect, it used a recorded soundtrack as there are short songs which the dancers mime to, although it is an original brilliant score, hope it doesn't suffer through over-amplification too! It says in the programme that SW is the only larger venue the tour is playing at.
  15. I also find that it keeps my nose and mouth protected in cold, windy weather so I can breathe more easily, plus I don't have to wear make-up πŸ™‚
  16. I didn't realise when I booked it that Giselle on 20th November was being streamed for later showing, does it give the date anywhere?
  17. One thing I will remember to take to London is a thinner face mask for inside the theatre, and use my 3-layer one for public transport! I don't think the Theatre Royal has air-conditioning, it was sweltering on Thursday and my thick mask didn't help! I've booked to see Midnight Bell again at SW!
  18. The Midnight Bell, it will be at SW in about 2 week's time, I couldn't find the entrance on Thursday, there is an open air restaurant in front of the theatre, this is the problem now, you can't walk into the foyers of theatres to get any information during the day.
  19. Yes, it finishes with tonight's performance, they must be keeping the press night for London.
  20. Last night at the Theatre Royal Brighton I seemed to be in the minority in wearing a mask in the seat and in the foyer during the interval. It was very warm too and uncomfortable but I wanted to test it, couldn't see anything when I put my glasses on as they immediately fogged up in the heat! Noticed not many people wearing them on the bus either, different from the daytime shoppers.. Not sure whether Covid passports were mandatory or not, they were checked at the entrance to the Theatre. All in all surprisingly relaxed, good or bad? Fabulous new Matthew Bourne work by the way, on first sight one of his best, will post elsewhere.
  21. Yes, at least Chris Smith actually attended the ROH, at the re-opening I remember him promising all sorts of things for the future at the People's Opera House, no wonder he had to go 😏
  22. I shall get a chance to use mine at least once on Thursday, the Theatre Royal Brighton, under the ATG group, is one of the few theatres where passports are necessary, or at least is was when I just checked!
  23. I applied online via the above NHS website and the A4 letter version arrived within 5 days, it states the details and dates of the 2 vaccinations, there is no expiry date.
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