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  1. The prices for Manon are fairly reasonable, so I've booked for Osipova/Hallberg, Takada/McRae, and Nunez/Bolle, I've never seen Nunez as Manon before and I couldn't resist seeing Bolle again!
  2. Don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but whilst browsing the ROH site I noticed booking opens tomorrow at 9am ( for all Friends} for the Astana Ballet of Kazakhstan, followed by General and Students booking on 4th July, 3 performances at 7.30pm in the Linbury Theatre on September 12-14th. Looks very interesting, 4 different works, can't access any seating plans but there is casting if you know any of the dancers, running times etc, unusual amount of information actually.
  3. Amazon have a Mayerling DVD and Blu Ray release date of 2nd August, this is the McRae/Lamb cast, I didn't see the cinema relay but thought Steven McRae was wonderful with Akane Takada a short while later after Sarah Lamb was injured, would love to have that performance on disc, but nice to be able to see Sarah Lamb now!
  4. I think I went to the one you mean, it was remarkable that the 3 leading dancers didn't get confused for one thing, I had thought Marianela Nunez very soulful as Nikiya in the cinema performance, but she was amazing as Gamzatti, I still remember one moment in particular when she held a fantastic unsupported balance in the adagio after being lifted by the 2 men, this caused loud applause, something that doesn't usually happen.
  5. Vasiliev is out of Spartacus now, replaced by Lobukhin, who also dances his existing performances, there might be other changes, only looked at Spartacus, I suppose it is still possible to exchange one Bolshoi ticket for another?
  6. I hope this film comes out on DVD, it sounds as though there's a lot of dancing. Is Natalia Osipova's fiancé the young man who did the online Medusa rehearsal, he looked lovely.
  7. I don't particularly like this production of R and J at all, never have done, too much fighting, not enough dancing for me, Act 2 in particular is very short on dancing, and Act 3 drags on and on. I like the play, and Ashton's version, which I saw danced by the Peter Schaufuss company, it was shorter, had different orchestration, and more actual dancing. I have read that MacMillan focussed on death and Ashton focussed on love, and I agree with this. I am interested in the discussion about Paris, in the past in this version I have never seen him as anything other than kind to Juliet, and always felt sorry for him, different interpretations are creeping in. Have to say I didn't see any of the current run!
  8. I saw Jonathan Howells and thought him very funny, but I fear I was also laughing at myself, I am forever fumbling with keys!
  9. What a wonderful programme, cast and performance, am hoping that it might just be filmed in Japan! Since I'm always going on about it, you can imagine how happy I was with Daphnis and Chloe, it looked so modern, and very much liked the partnership of O'Sullivan and Campbell. I've always wanted to see Apparitions and Nocturne, Beatriz Stix-Brunell looked exquisite in the solo from the latter. If I had to pick out one highlight it would be Birthday Offering, Fumi Kaneko's solo and the pdd for Sarah Lamb and Ryoichi Hirano were brilliantly danced! Didn't believe I would see Natalia Osipova and David Hallberg again so soon, thrilling pdd from R and J. The production was so good too, Margot Fonteyn always remained the true star, loved the way the stage was lit for Le Corsaire just as it was for the cinema film, I was expecting Fonteyn and Nureyev to run on, it gave me the shivers! Many congratulations to everyone involved in the Gala!
  10. Of course Covent Garden was always lacking in seating without having to pay for a drink, and toilet facilities, and the ROH has kindly provided these, but on Wednesday I got there early and really felt out of place, Steerage or Stowaway perhaps, I went for a walk and felt better when I returned, more like I belonged, it takes a lot of getting used to
  11. There is a running time now, total 2hr.55m : Firebird, 30m interval, 90m divertissements, sounds good.
  12. I looked at the menu of this new area and noticed there were no soft drinks, it also says no eating or drinking your own food, luckily I still managed to get out into the open air terrace, although there is also a new "afternoon tea" service from 2.30-5.30 on the terrace, presumably in that area, all very confusing.
  13. Nehemiah Kish danced Rakitin. They've actually increased the second interval by 5 minutes, agree they should have had a 7.15 or 7pm start, they still have early starts for opera.
  14. Well, some very different thoughts about last night, I sensed a late finish and missed Symphony in C, I was going to leave after the first 2 movements but chickened out, I absolutely loved Month, the whole cast but especially Natalia Osipova, fast light footwork as expected, but I've never seen her look so soft and feminine, if that's the effect David Hallberg has, more please! Thought he danced beautifully and showed lots of emotion too, Meaghan Grace Hinkis was sweet as Vera, she had a nice big bouquet at the end, and very good to see Nehemiah Kish twice. The thing that was going through my mind was what a masterpiece the ballet is, there wasn't an out of place movement in the entire ballet, I almost wanted more but that is probably one of the reasons it is so perfect! Itziar Mendizabal was very strong as the Firebird, but after watching the Mariinsky Blu-Ray, there wasn't the same sense of menace to the work, especially the orchestral introduction which sounded quite tame.
  15. Thanks for the info, I wonder why the RV1 has been withdrawn, it was such a nice way to get from the South Bank to the ROH!
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