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  1. I had been hoping to see these variations, and the pdd for Franz and Swanhilda too I was given a cast list without having to ask by the lady lift attendant, who assured me it was going to be a fabulous night, I have spoken to her before and think she is a ballet fan.
  2. A marvellous Gala, I had to miss Etudes but the first half was so exciting it didn't matter! My favourite item was Tamara Rojo and Francesco Gabriele Frola in Carmen which was sensational, this was a true ballet lover's evening and brought back many memories, as already said the programme has a list showing details of every ENB performance, the ballet I would most like to see revived is Balanchine's Night Shadow.
  3. I recorded this and think I might like it more when I see it again, firstly for some reason I thought the music was by Tchaikovsky (perhaps because it so often is, so well done for using Rimsky Korsakov), couldn't work out the girls other than the Snow Queen, and thought the stage looked over-crowded, but liked the second half when it changed to the ice scene, the choreography then seemed to improve, and there was a lovely pas de deux and ending, a fairy-tale with a modern feel.
  4. She was perfect when she danced the role with the Bolshoi at the ROH.
  5. This was my sort of Romeo and Juliet, shorter and with no breaks, it captured the vital moments of the ballet without the tedium I usually suffer at the theatre, and with a gorgeous cast and good picture quality! Francesca Hayward looked perfect as Juliet, and what a fierce Tybalt from Matthew Ball, the double death and Lady Capulet scene, not usually my favourite, became very tragic indeed. The ending didn't seem to show the moment Juliet lies backwards over the tomb, unless I was mistaken, luckily I recorded it so can see it all again.
  6. LinMM, I had a ticket but I think I have been able to sell it online (the ROH do this marvellous E-mail resell now until 5.30pm on the day so I dashed home and was able to resell it, all other tickets at the same price have to be sold out), and I even managed to get a refund on the rail ticket (hopefully anyway, never done that before), I've just looked and the trains seem to be starting up again but I wouldn't have made it by 7pm, the flooding today was at the Patcham tunnel. My next trip is Monday 30th matinee, that's Magri/Corrales too.
  7. I had been looking forward to tonight too, especially after not been able to make Friday's triple bill, but got no further than Brighton Station, more floods locally! Think it has been sold online already, and by way of condolence I received a Naghdi/Ball Swan Lake ticket today I had booked in the post, I know they will be fantastic tonight. Have also got Magri, Takada and O'Sullivan to come, and strangely enough I don't count Coppelia as one of my favourites either, just nice to see these exciting dancers in something different.
  8. Many thanks Sim and very best wishes to you and all the moderators who keep this forum going, I remember how sad I was when we thought we would lose it, and the relief when we didn't!
  9. I saw Cats and surprisingly disliked it, apart from Graham Fletcher's dancing, but loved Phantom, Evita, Sunset Boulevard, and the more recent Stephen Ward in which he certainly didn't dumb down ( probably why it had a short run, that's the problem) but was a serious modern musical work.
  10. I need to read the synopsis and will, because it was certainly confusing, I could pick out John Brown and Albert but who was the blond haired young man in the red jacket, Beatrice's husband? I thought too much attention was given to Beatrice in general, and the scene of Victoria repeatedly giving birth looked odd, think she had even more children than was shown? On initial viewing the pdd between John Brown and Victoria in the first act was the best, in fact I was very impressed with the young man and noticed he got a special cheer at the end
  11. The reviews on Amazon can be very technical, and not just for ballet, I have the new Nutcracker Blu-Ray and find it perfect, the Snowflakes scene and Snow pas de deux seem particularly clear.
  12. I was frightened by the screaming and thought it might be the start of a terrorist attack, at the interval I looked down to the stalls and saw ushers smiling and reassuring people, so presumed all was well. Poor dancers though.
  13. I have never seen Katja Kanuikova in a leading role, so am looking forward now to seeing her in my only Nutcracker at the Coliseum!
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