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  1. Svetlana Beriosova and Donald Macleary were my favourite dancers for many years, especially in Swan Lake, there was something about them that really made me believe in the story in a way I never have since!
  2. I don't know if this has appeared anywhere else today, not really about the Open Up, but there was an article in today's Times saying that many London theatres are stopping announcements involving the words "Ladies and Gentlemen". The ROH are having discussions with Equity and may follow
  3. I also find the Bolshoi production overlong and tedious, I saw the full length Nureyev version in 1965 but can't really remember much other than seeing Doreen Wells and Rudolf Nureyev! The re-constructed La Scala production is available on DVD, also very long and looks old-fashioned but it's meant to be!
  4. I didn't know that Samsung still make Plasma TV, I love my old Panasonic and was upset when they stopped making Plasma, such a beautiful natural picture, I've been trying to get my head around the new 4K OLED technology!
  5. It's not on that new ROH casting page yet, see how long it takes, very good that they have restarted casting changes though. Sorry to miss William Bracewell but Alexander Campbell would seem perfect for Troyte.
  6. I've just checked the TFL website and from Victoria Station the 11 bus will run as far as Westminster City Hall, then divert to cross the river and back from Waterloo Bridge to the Aldwych, in the late evening it looks normal service from the Strand to Victoria via Westminster.
  7. I booked for Alina and Creature yesterday, very sad that the 20% off discount for buying more than one show has been done away with (for quite a while now), you didn't have to belong to anything special, just book 2 or more shows. I'm sure at one point Sergei Polunin's name was on the SW website for M and A, but it isn't now, probably a good idea after the Palladium experience!
  8. I sadly missed seeing Svetlana Zakharova during the Bolshoi visit, so have booked for this, £25 seems to be the cheapest price though, they have wisely reduced the number of performances so far.
  9. I saw David Hallberg when he was very young , I think it was at SW with ABT and he danced the figure of Death in The Green Table, he was so frightening, since then I have enjoyed every performance of his I have seen, plus the Bolshoi DVD's that he featured in (especially the Sleeping Beauty), his almost rarified elegance and presence is enough for me I guess, hope he fully recovers from the injuries though.
  10. Increasing ticket price rises? I was surprised how expensive SW is becoming. Thanks everyone for the good news on Hayward/Campbell, I have just booked for the matinee!
  11. Booking was nice and easy this morning, the only time I didn't get exactly the seat I wanted was for the Osipova/Muntagirov Onegin, The Cellist is going to be interesting as cellists usually sit still a lot, but perhaps it will show what she is dreaming as she plays The replacement I'm most happy about is Prodigal Son, any Balanchine is welcome but this will be good to see again.
  12. I can remember James Hay in the vision scene, he was so expressive, suddenly the fairy tale came alive!
  13. One of the reasons I want to see the Matthew Bourne version in the cinema is that it runs for 1hr 30m without intervals, as you say, the drama intensifies.
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