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  1. Sounds great news, I can get Sky News on Freeview so suppose I'll be able to get this
  2. I am going to watch this in small doses, I decided to see the Rose Adagio yesterday and agree how beautiful it was, looking forward to the vision scene and prologue variations especially.
  3. Watched the ballets again last night, Fumi Kaneko and Reece Clarke were particularly serene in Concerto, likewise Mayara Magri and Matthew Ball in the Wheeldon, I've made a nice 2 hour DVD now with Men at the Barre and most of the Re-opening.
  4. I enjoyed the whole programme live, but probably will only watch the ballets repeatedly, I found it slightly odd to be looking into the empty auditorium as a background, but I think that was the idea, it was very well recorded and as capybara says, a joy to watch on TV. All the ballets were beautifully danced and expressed, my highlights at the moment are Cesar Corrales and Vadim Muntagirov, so different but so marvellous!
  5. Sad news, I always enjoyed his dancing, wish him well for the future!
  6. I am also biased in favour of this ballet, but this La Sylphide was beautiful in every way, the dancing, costumes and scenery, and so well recorded too, one of the few times I was able to really connect with seeing ballet on my tinny lap top, wish there was a DVD available!
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    Malarkey is a very polite word for it
  8. The BBC are showing the highlights on Friday 10th July, 7pm-8.30pm, BBC4. All the ballet choreographers are mentioned in the RT, so as the total ballet probably amounts to about 30 minutes, we might see it all.
  9. I got an E-mail thanking me for my Friends renewal, and apologising that they cannot send out a new card until they are back in their office, which was nice of them.
  10. Just signed, 85876, it was at least nice to hear the arts discussed at last evening's Briefings.
  11. Thanks for this video, it certainly is a beautiful solo. The BBC film will include highlights from all 3 programmes, so we should hopefully be able to see all the ballet sequences, looking forward to it.
  12. I was going to watch this live and had been trying to improve the dreadful sound quality of my laptop but gave up, have just watched the short ballet on YouTube and liked it very much indeed, especially the lithe movements for Cesar Corrales, though agree they didn't match the music.
  13. I've just read my E-mail and am confused (my usual state these days), the first one is free, then £4.99 for the remainder, so you can't pay as you go, since the next one is Song of the Earth without the dancing I wouldn't want to see this if they paid me As for the questionnaire, I tried to complete it but came up against a blank page with lots of ticks, nothing more, this happened twice.
  14. Pleased to see that at least highlights will be shown on BBC later, I've read the McGregor is an intimate new piece, sounds more like a pdd, I suppose we will be in for a multitude of "social distancing" ballets soon, actually the new way of moving out of people's way whilst trying to avoid joggers is quite choreographic!
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