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  1. I can't book as I don't have a mobile phone!
  2. Thanks for this, very interesting casting indeed πŸ™‚ Going to check if I've got the E-mail now.
  3. I must say I do find DAAG overlong, which is why I look forward to seeing the streaming in episodes, also seeing a different cast. Thought the Apollo cast were excellent, so good to see this ballet again, it looks so modern! Especially good to see Melissa Hamilton. The TPDD wasn't a favourite of mine before but the dancing of Marianela Nunez and Vadim Muntagirov has changed that, certainly the best performance I have ever seen, technical brilliance, warmth, and sheer pleasure and love of dance 🌝
  4. Does anyone know if the cast lists go online at a certain time of the day? Looking at the Friends 2021-22 Guide it seems that this practice will continue, if so it's the end of a tradition. It also says paper tickets will still be available by post at no extra costπŸ™‚
  5. I'm glad I read this topic because I haven't been wearing my glasses the whole 15 months or whatever of lockdown, I only need them to really see properly in theatres and cinemas and I get by without them elsewhere. This has got me thinking how uncomfortable it will be in the theatre, mask, glasses and opera-glasses!
  6. One of my most treasured performances was seeing Lucette Aldous dance Kitri with Rudolf Nureyev at the Coliseum with the Australian Ballet, everyone onstage and in the audience had such a great night!
  7. As I've got a month, I'm taking this programme slowly, I watched WTGH and the Kyle Abraham work live, and have just seen The Statement, which surprisingly I found fascinating! Don't really know what is was about as I couldn't hear the words properly but the movements were dynamic, great cast too. I also loved the cast for the Kyle Abraham work, this was more classical than I thought it would be, so the interval split the different styles. I've seen WTGH too many times recently but understand the circumstances, the dancing of Yasmine Naghdi and Ryoichi Hirano in the last pdd was gorgeous!
  8. The video certainly conjures up isolation, what a strange place to film dance, it made me feel frightened, very atmospheric!
  9. I've just bought a single ticket for next week which I couldn't before, but it might be a "normal return", it was cheaper than the 2 tickets I already had although actually a better seat, so it seemed sensible for buy it and return the 2 others.
  10. Guess what, I have also received replies to my E-mails from Tom today, and I can pick up the tickets from the Box Office (good to know it will be open again), I can't provide a printout of the E-mails though, but the reference number is usually enough. The other problem which I didn't E-mail about, not having an NHS app/smart phone means I can't access the other details, but I have seen somewhere that I can give this information at the Box Office, I think it's just address and phone/E-mail which they have anyway.
  11. I saw an option somewhere when I booked, but they said the Gift Certificate number was wrong, so I couldn't use it! Have I understood correctly that I can return tickets at any time I wish and the money gets transferred to a Gift Certificate for future use(whether they resell them or not), or I return them within 24 hours of the performance and get a refund if they resell them? I haven't received answers to the 2 E- mails I sent, perhaps I should try Tom 😏
  12. This sounds perfect for me, perhaps this is why they haven't replied to my E-mail on the subject yet, I would be happy to pay Β£2 extra!
  13. Although I feel very guilty, I booked 2 tickets priced Β£14 at the ROH too, for the same reason, that the same seat costs more than Β£28 for visiting companies and probably Swan Lake. Also I am not taking a seat from another single person. I feel that the only fair situation is to sell single tickets at the moment.
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