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  1. Friends get 10% discount in the shop too, not on programmes though, I like being in the back central amphi rather than nearer on the side, I'm sure I wouldn't get the seats I wanted without being a Friend. Reminds me of an occasion when a woman said to me "that's a good seat, I bet you're a Super Friend" and I replied no just an Ordinary one, she then told me she had bought her husband a Membership for his birthday, then when they saw the long list of dates, he realised he was about tenth in the pecking order
  2. I'm glad I saw this last night's performance at the cinema as I was unable to get to Thursday's, the lighting was very dim but I just made out the dancers, for me the highlight was seeing Sarah Lamb and Alexander Campbell, they lit themselves up with their beautiful dancing, the highlight of my evening! I liked Medusa, the soft arm movements and music produced an appropriate dreamlike quality, half real, half imaginary, hope I make it tomorrow to see Fumi Kaneko and Marcelino Sambe as the post above indicates, and it will be lovely to see Flight Pattern again from very high in the amphi, all those marvellous patterns and lighting effects were lost in the cinema, didn't recognise it. Very interesting to see and hear the comments by the choreographers.
  3. I received my Friends Autumn and Season Guides today, lovely to be able to have actual printed booklets, and they have advised me of the ways I can dispose of the new "compostable potato starch" wrap, made me laugh out loud. The real excitement comes from Onegin and the new full length Dante Project, but I suppose casting will liven it up, also glad The Nutcracker has been rested, all 3 Tchaikovsky full length ballets would have been too much!
  4. Earlier today I checked tomorrow's casting and all was normal, now Yasmine Naghdi is in the first ballet, and Natalia Osipova and Matthew Ball in Medusa, I was looking forward to seeing Akane Takada and Marcelino Sambe?
  5. I thought the boy was by far the best dancer too and he was the most expressive, I did like the last modern solo by the winner though, wonder why the girls chose such difficult solo's from Paquita.
  6. I keep watching this Blu-Ray, agree the sound and picture quality is superior to the RB, they always are. I saw this production a few years ago at the ROH and loved it, Sergei Vikharev was about to revise it before he sadly died, it's one of his re-constructions. Margarita Shrainer is well suited to Swanhilda, I might even give her Kitri another go in the summer although I said I wouldn't, she and Ivan Vasiliev could be fantastic. Hope it sells well and the Bolshoi start releasing more ballets, I would love to have their Don Quixote and Le Corsaire on Blu-Ray too.
  7. It is slowly getting better, at least on my lap-top, I like the choice of smaller size, but having to apply filters is still cumbersome, needing ballet, main stage, evening and afternoon, season(s) just to get the Bolshoi, it would make it much easier to have a tab just for them, lots of people probably give up!
  8. It's still on the ROH website under "News", I found it very interesting, the choreography is certainly individual, very soft and curvy, and I was glad to see the costumes which were shown on stands, not worn, I don't know the actual Medusa legend which might help since it has been altered, nice to see Leanne Cope introducing although my computer sound has a problem, I think I've learnt how to say "Osipova" from her though!
  9. I have just found one improvement in that the "back" button now does take me back to the previous page rather than always to the "special events" page, hope it lasts!
  10. Yes, Edward Watson danced an excerpt at the Nureyev Gala, at the time I thought that he was the best of the male dancers at conjuring up the enigmatic spirit of Rudolf Nureyev.
  11. I've been waiting years to see a revival of Images of Love, perhaps it will happen now. I would loved to have been there, the thought of a Sunday train service put me and probably lots of others off.
  12. Due to eternal train problems I only saw the first 2 acts last night, glad to hear that Act 3 was so good though, Yasmine Naghdi was so beautiful, a natural Kitri, as Marcelino Sambe was a natural Basilio. As Dave says, the first one hand lift was held for a very long time indeed, brilliant! Lots of cast changes, some I recognised, there was no pre-performance announcement last night. I noticed a charming young man both times I went, I'm sure someone will know his name, near the start of Act 1 he plays a guitar whilst Kitri is dancing?
  13. Yes, something to look at, and there are going to be some Fonteyn displays later, also I liked the Bakst Faun painting at the entrance to the amphi toilets, some colour amongst the beige, exactly what it needs.
  14. Agree with all the comments about last night's Don Q, the only thing that still jarred sometimes was the dancers having to shout out whatever it is they shout, but what a difference from last time, faster, funnier, some beautiful groupings which I didn't notice before, and of course Osipova and Muntagirov, I loved how all the dancers looking on were enjoying it too, and the moment at the end of the Kitri's vision solo when Christopher Saunders managed to catch and hold Natalia Osipova after she did the fastest turns in manege's (since the Black Swan ones) I have seen! The speed of her fouettes was amazing too! Fabulous dancing by everyone else, as always the whole Company become inspired by great dancing
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