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  1. Pleased to see that at least highlights will be shown on BBC later, I've read the McGregor is an intimate new piece, sounds more like a pdd, I suppose we will be in for a multitude of "social distancing" ballets soon, actually the new way of moving out of people's way whilst trying to avoid joggers is quite choreographic!
  2. I enjoyed NBT's Dracula very much, thought it captured all the essential elements of the story very well without being too repulsive, but mostly it was pure dance almost non-stop, the choreography was very expressive and the acting tremendous, I liked the various composer's music too, and although the scenery was obviously dark, the dancers were well lit, quite an achievement these days!
  3. Yes it was Laura Morera, and I'm pretty sure also Iona Loots, and then all 3 of them were promoted soon after Men at the Barre was less serious than I had hoped, though the preview did say ballets fans would be irritated, Steven McRae provided real emotion describing his feelings after his injuries though, I felt so sorry for him. Surprised Vadim Muntagirov and Alexander Campbell shared a room, don't any of the principals get their own?
  4. The 2019 Cats is out on DVD and Blu-Ray on June 1st, Amazon have it as a best seller, I might try it as I won't be spending any money on tickets for a while.
  5. I've had so many starlings feeding their babies in my garden this morning, about 50 birds at least, that I'm trying to keep a low profile in case the noise irritates my neighbours, don't think they share my enthusiasm. At the moment they have gone and the sparrows are back!
  6. All of my ROH refunds seem to have gone through now except the June triple bill, only found this out by my bank statement today as the ROH don't send E-mails, still waiting for a SW Creature refund, I have re-booked one performance for November, but there is another one outstanding, I did get an E-mail about the BRB triple. Unfortunately theatres come off worst of all any likely re-openings, cinemas will be easier as they have many more shows and can space people out without it mattering.
  7. I used to always enjoy Checkmate in the past, but was bored by the last revivals by both BRB and RB, the vigour and excitement seemed to have faded, perhaps another revival now could revitalise it. I liked The Rake's Progress ( in 2006 thanks to above poster) when Johan Kobborg danced it, this ballet could look very good again too, think it really captures the atmosphere of the paintings, perhaps better in the Linbury.
  8. Glad it's not just me who can't really connect with watching ballet on my computer, I only have a laptop and the sound quality is atrocious.
  9. At last I've seen a young bird in my garden, a robin who has instantly become very bossy, there are plenty of other adult birds about but no babies, think it's suddenly going to get crazy but I love it! Can't remember when I last heard a cuckoo. As well as the peace and quiet, has anyone noticed how clean and healthy the air is these days, I can see things in the distance in such detail too, especially trees, makes me realise how foul the traffic fumes normally are.
  10. I'd only just renewed my subscription too, but they have E-mailed me to say it will be extended.
  11. I missed the opening and closing scenes very much too, but great to see NYCB dance Apollo, liked the side shots which showed the people watching from the wings!
  12. My membership isn't due until the end of June but I have decided I will renew it, on the other hand I have asked for refunds on my ticket cancellations, the latest E-mail didn't really move me to change my mind, good on the anonymous donor though!
  13. I notice from my bank statement today that the ROH has been making refunds into my bank account for performances up to 15th April, I did wonder as there have been no E-mails
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