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  1. Last night's compilation was wonderful, the Elite excerpts were good Company start and finish items, and then they seemed to choose all the moments I wanted to see, especially Fille, Manon and Rhapsody! Loved seeing Wayne Macgregor introducing Edward Watson, he outshone the presenter in weird clothes too! I'm very confused though and have been trying to work out which performances were used, was it just the bookable shows or did it include the October Gala? Luckily it was a good reception night for TV (severe gales had been forecast which might have blown my aerial down
  2. I thought this was an inspired mix of animations and the dancing highlights of The Nutcracker, I haven't seen it all yet but it started where I start watching a DVD of Nutcracker, having missed the party and battle, it has it's own mood on screen and is very artistic and enjoyable. I should have seen this cast at the Coliseum on Tuesday and am so pleased to now be able to see Natascha Mair, who is a lovely expressive dancer and an ideal Clara. I imagine this adaptation will be a huge success for ENB!
  3. There's a beautiful photo in The Times today of Isabella Gasparini and Luca Acri, in perfect alignment in mid jete
  4. I saw this posting just in time to see Le Jeunne Homme et la Mort, very pleased I did, great performances, especially the Jeunne Homme, and so well recorded that felt I was on stage with them!
  5. I managed to get a single ticket, not easy, for one of the few evening performances, the confirmation E-mail already had it down for collection from the Box Office as I had asked previously, spot on there!
  6. I've just watched the first 20 minutes of this and agree it is gorgeous, could anyone please tell me how long it will be available, the readable programme and photos are excellent too!
  7. The Red Shoes ballet and either one of the RB Gala's (although I would like both) sounds really marvellous
  8. Sky Arts Freeview are showing Natalia Osipova at Sadler's Wells on Thursday 26th November, at 07.30am til 09.00am. I haven't seen this before so am looking forward very much.
  9. I had booked 1 performance not knowing the casting but have just seen the casting and added another, they are only £10 balcony seats and of course anything can and probably will happen in the meantime! I want to see the dancers not the production, actually leaving out the first scenes at the party sounds a good idea and the running time without an interval is not far off the complete version.
  10. I have yet to see Corsaire and WTGH but thought it was beautiful up to then, really liked Scherzo, full of exciting dancing, Laura Morera and Federico Bonelli were so utterly in their own world in the Manon pdd, as was Yasmine Naghdi in Concerto, and what a great opportunity to see William Bracewell in the Ashton solo. No irritating interviews either, just a sensible introduction from Kevin O'Hare. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it now, this programme appealed to me more than the other one, so very glad I can see it as many times as I want for a month, I kept thinking I was
  11. I've asked for a Gift Certificate for the cancellation of this Wednesday's performance and it will pay exactly for Friday's streaming, have just seen the details from capybara and it looks very exciting indeed
  12. Bridiem you have described perfectly the feelings I had at my first performance at the ROH, including the view and the loudness of the music (I was sitting in what was stalls circle B1 and was almost IN the orchestra)
  13. I prefer the earlier Act 1 pdd but it's always the second one that gets danced at Gala's. I'm not going but think my favourite pdd would be the Magri/Ball Corsaire
  14. Well I didn't make it to SW but they have kindly refunded me, I have just signed on to the streaming and what good picture and sound quality, look forward to seeing it in comfort! I just wanted to say how pleased I am that Carlos Acosta was able to get this show on the stage at Birmingham and SW, he was the first person to respond to the situation and deserves lots of credit and love
  15. I just noticed that all the dates for Nutcracker had changed, you have to be careful to note that actual time of day too, e.g. ordinary Friends is 4pm 10th November, sounds fun.
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