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  1. One of the reasons I want to see the Matthew Bourne version in the cinema is that it runs for 1hr 30m without intervals, as you say, the drama intensifies.
  2. It was such a long time ago when I went to Moscow that everything will have changed, but I do remember it was very cold in March, the paths were all covered with thick ice, I think April or May would be much better.
  3. I saw a production of Esmeralda at the theatre that used to be the Maly in St. Petersburg, in the 1980's, it's very hard to remember much apart from the beautiful theatre, sorry to hear that the Bolshoi version, which I always wanted to see, has been dropped from the repertoire, thanks for posting the above video!
  4. I was wondering when was the last time the Bolshoi/Mariinski gave a season without Swan Lake, although of course it's not just the Russians who rely on Swan Lake as a guaranteed sellout, shows how the regular audience has slowly diminished over the years, also how the excitement of just seeing the Bolshoi/Mariinski has changed, it was very much if you didn't get a ticket as soon as public booking opened, you didn't go, now people wait around for special offers. Certainly this last Bolshoi Season was the least memorable for me, although I loved Bright Stream and Don Quixote , if they had brought these plus Nureyev (good or bad) and a triple bill I would have been very pleased and gone more!
  5. I wondered if it had or will be filmed, I want to see it but don't want to have to go to SW, good news!
  6. I've seen so many Kitri's fall in that opening solo, the worst was Svetlana Zakharova some years ago whose Basilio rushed onstage to comfort her (although he hadn't officially entered) until she was ready to continue, the Bolshoi girls run onstage so fast!
  7. Last night I forgot my "fouettes aren't everything" stance too, possibly the fastest and most brilliant I've ever seen with Ekaterina Krysanova smiling all the while, couldn't believe what I was watching!
  8. I only saw the first 2 acts as I was hemmed in and it was running late, but thought the staging and scenery were brilliant, I had seen this production at the cinema but it looked even better in the theatre, the scenery for the tavern scene was the least good, and of course I didn't see the last act, but the opening scene and the vision scene were spectacular and so well lit! Have a good getaway seat tonight so will stay to the end! For me the Bolshoi are at their awesome best in this ballet, the female Spanish dancers' backbends are amazing as ever, loved Shrainer and Tsvirko, she had to improve from last time and she did, very much so, they looked so happy too which makes all the difference, very much looking forward to tonight and seeing Ekaterina Krysanova and David Motta Soares, who is new to me!
  9. Lady Gaga would have cheered me up no end after R and J (not my favourite ballet)
  10. I've just read Graham Watts review and he has managed to describe the plot better than anyone else
  11. Loved it, I saw it in 2006 but had forgotten just how funny it is, plus some fabulous dancing, Krysanova's fast high jete's, the amazing energy of Denis Savin's solo (great to see him again) and of course, Ruslan Skvortsov as the Sylphide, brilliant. The orchestra played so fast too, although the ballet is fairly short it was an exhausting evening!
  12. Rudolf Nureyev used this coda at the end of the Act 2 adagio for a solo for Siegfried to express his joy, this is on the Vienna State Ballet DVD where he dances with Margot Fonteyn, I think it was in the original score but not certain.
  13. Yes, the Russian Dance is included in the National dances, wish it was more often!
  14. I tired of Swan Lake a long time ago, I wish I could feel the magic of that first performance at the ROH with Margot Fonteyn dancing, it used to be my favourite ballet when it was only performed every 2 or 3 years, but now it's just on too much! I suppose at the moment my favourite production would be the Mariinsky one, it is very traditional and has Ivanov's last act, which I love, though not the happy ending.
  15. I always thought of Friedemann Vogel as too nice for Onegin. but I like his interpretation on the DVD. he has also been highly praised for his Prince Rudolf, so Vadim Muntagirov could be very interesting. Johann Kobborg is my favourite Onegin so far, then Jason Reilly who replaced him once at CG and was similarly intense, (and excellent as Gremin on the DVD now).
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