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  1. This was one I hadn't seen before and I am hoping it's screened soon and we all get to watch it.
  2. Having just got it I would like to add for 30 days!! I am looking forward to savouring this one.
  3. A heart does not seem the right response to this news.
  4. Thank you to @annekh510 for reminding me of the issues of queues (pigtails). After writing my response (above) I thought I should write to the RB which I duly did. Below is email and the reply: to the RBI want to commend the RB for updating the Chinese Dance in Nutcracker, it does not make me feel uncomfortable any more. However, it was when listening to Phil Chan of Final Bow for Yellowface that I realised the pigtail is a symbol of oppression and as such offensive to people of Chinese descent and others. I would like to suggest a different wig design to do away with this and hopefully i
  5. With my day I only managed about 20 mins but it was gorgeous.
  6. Thank you. By my calculations (and I bad at this so checking) that is 5 am. So an early start to the day!
  7. Lauren Cuthbertson has her baby. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJwfpatHk86/?igshid=1gdubs9w7goei
  8. National Ballet of Canada's Spotlight Series: Modern Masterpieces. https://youtu.be/UfH3foaaN4U
  9. Sadlers Wells Dance Nation, 3 hours over the day of Thurs 14th Jan, includes BRB, Natalia Osopiva, Shobana Jeyasingh, Akram Kahn, Northern Ballet and so many more. The link to watch is explained below but seem to be either BBC iplayer or their page and it's available for a month. Free and donations requested. https://www.sadlerswells.com/whats-on/2021/dancing-nation/?fbclid=IwAR0kTVHPSPuuDKrww3Rip2PoJ98RRNZCSbuS9QKdt-UKXZ6brIS0utmMGRY
  10. just watched this and I would add hopeful to the description.
  11. This, both words and pictures, had me crying. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJndku3sRJG/?igshid=1sa5f24lfgv7t
  12. thanks Jeanette this looks very interesting. I think that is 7.15pm in the UK.
  13. Very grateful thanks to the Mods and all contributors, this forum has helped me get through this challenging time and you all do it kindly which is much appreciated.
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