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  1. hope this helps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfkrqEa5nls
  2. Booked already and greatly looking doers to taking my guests to see this.
  3. I have no wish to be racist, though it may well be that I accidentally am. Could you please say which comments were racist so I can be sure to express myself differently another time.
  4. It is a pleasure and I am so glad you enjoyed it. I enjoy being able to share the experience. As I am new to ballet I had not come across Mikayo before and I found her dancing entrancing. I imagine this is one I will keep and watch again.
  5. Black Swan (2010) A repressed ballet dancer leads a sheltered life, devoted entirely to her art. She pursues the lead role in a production of Swan Lake, but the director convinces her she will only be capable of dancing the part if she embraces her darker impulses. This leads her into a destructive relationship with a rival that threatens her sanity. Drama, starring an Oscar-winning Natalie Portman. With Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel and Winona Ryder Sky Cinema Superheroes HD (Virgin 402) Wed 29 Jan 6:15am-8:05am
  6. A couple of months ago I took a young child to Little Red by Northern Ballet in the Linbury. After the performance (excellent) we walked round the whole building, she was thrilled to do so and the staff could not have been more helpful and kind. They pointed out all sorts of things inculding the two chandaliers in the crush room which they said came from the one big one. We had a great time and young child can't wait to be old enough to go to 'grown up ballet'.
  7. I was told it was so big they made it into the two chandeliers in the Crush Room.
  8. Oh no I have specially bought seats there for a treat for an elderly lady.
  9. https://www.roh.org.uk/screenings?northEastLat=51.5347036&northEastLng=-0.0692243&southWestLat=51.4895131&southWestLng=-0.1787443&centerLat=51.5121140&centerLng=-0.1239843&zoom=13&location=Covent Garden&type=encore&cinema=u-vue-west-end-leicester-square&dateTo=&locationLat=51.5116571&locationLng=-0.1240436 there is a tab that says filter by: with an arrow at the end, if you click that you can choose only encore screening. I have put it up in the link above. enjoy the cinema screening. https://www.roh.org.uk/showings/the-sleeping-beauty-live-2020 this is a link for the cast list.
  10. I was chatting to someone in the interval who doesn't usually got to ballet and she loved it. Also quite a few people at Le Corsaire who were not ballet regulars. Well done ENB.
  11. REPEAT Giselle Natalia Osipova and Carlos Acosta perform in Peter Wright's production of one of time's most romantic ballets. From the Royal Opera House. Monday 27th January on Sky Arts from 6:00am to 8:00am
  12. As a relative newby to Ballet I haven't seen many of the works in full. I was most impacted by Swansong, I had not seen tapdancing performed in a menacing way, it was chilling. Apollo looked fascinating. I would watch Etudes again, anytime, as well as their classics. There is much to look forward to.
  13. Despite the email there is only one interval And it was a wonderful evening, the first time for me that I had seen many of the dancers. Frola's jumps and Jeffrey Cirio generally were especially good.
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