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Royal Ballet 2012/3 Period 1 casting

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Swan Lake


Oct 8, 13M, Nov 10E Nunez/Soarez/Saunders


Oct 10, 13E, 25 Rojo/Acosta/Avis


Oct 11, 15 Lamb/Pennefather/Saunders


Oct 12, 17E, 23 Yanowsky/Kish/Avis


Oct 17M Takada*/McRae/Gartside*


Oct 27, Nov 10M, 22 Cuthbertson/Bonelli/Pickering


Nov 6, 24M Marquez/ McRae/Marriott


Nov 15, 24E Cojocaru/Kobborg/Marriott



Viscera, Infra, Fool's Paradise


Nov 3 , 5M





Nov 7, 8





Nov 12


as Nov 3

as Nov 3


Nov 14


as Nov 7

as Nov 7



Concerto, Las Hermanas, Requiem


Nov 17, 27





Nov 21





Nov 29, Dec 5

as Nov 21

as Nov 21



Nov 30

as Nov 17

as Nov 17

as Nov 21




Dec 8, 13 Marquez/McRae


Dec 10, 14 Nunez/Soares


Dec 11, 23M, Jan 2M Morera/Bonelli


Dec 27M Hamilton/Trzensimiech


Dec 27E, Jan 8 Choe/Hirano*


Dec 28, Jan 1 5pm Kobayashi/Hristov


Dec 31 5pm. Jan 5M Takada/McRae


Jan 2E, Jan 12E Cojocaru/Kobborg


Jan 12M, Jan 16 Lamb/Pennefather


Jan 15 Cuthbertson/Kish




Apologies for any errors/omissions

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Thanks, Jane. I'll digest them properly later, but obviously some indications of the new directorship in the casting: nice to see we now have Rothbart being announced: wonder if this is a sign of things to come for other ballets?


So the rumours of Acosta's a) not being used next season and c) (because the site seemingly doesn't allow "b" without turning it into a smiley :) )not doing any more Classical ballets have turned out to be untrue.


I intended to say this last autumn on the old site, but couldn't quite fit it in anywhere relevant: the "RB in rehearsal" featuring Requiem last autumn had Ed Watson standing in for Federico Bonelli (who wasn't injured or anything, but had been featured the night before), and even with the little we saw him do I decided I'd really like to see what he'd do with the role, so that's one wish fulfilled.

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I'm very pleased to see so many 'junior' names in the casting - it seemed to have become quite rare to see a second cast that was anything other than just a different set of principals.


I was a little confused by the Las Hermanas casting but now I assume the 3 women are given in the order Eldest Sister/Mother/Youngest Sister - an interesting choice for Cojocaru if so. Or does anyone see it differently?

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Swan Lake


According to the ROH website, Marquez is dancing not Takada.




Casting for Clara/Nutcracker/Drosselmeyer is now on the ROH website.


8/12, 13/12

Marquez, Loots, McRae, Cervera, Avis


10/12, 14/12

Nuñez, Maguire, Soares, Campbell, Saunders


11/12, 23/12m, 02/01m

Morera, Harrod, Bonelli, maloney, Gartside



Hamilton, Hayward, Trzensimiech, Dyer, Marriott



Choe, Hinkis, Hirano, Ondiviela, Avis


28/12, 01/01

Kobayashi, Westcombe, Hristov, Hay, Saunders



Hamilton, Hinkis, Trzensimiech, Ondiviela, Avis



Takada, Loots, McRae, Cervera, Avis


02/01e, 12/01e

Cojocaru, Maguire, Kobborg, Campbell, Saunders



Takada, Hayward, McRae, Dyer, Marriott



Choe, Loots, Hirano, Cervera, Avis


12/01m, 16/01

Lamb, Hinkis, Pennefather, Ondiviela, Avis



Cuthbertson, Cope, Kish, Kay, Marriott

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Casting for Clara/Nutcracker/Drosselmeyer is now on the ROH website.


Hamilton, Hinkis, Trzensimiech, Dyer, Marriott


Just had a look at the ROH website and it now has Francesca Hayward as Clara for the December 27 matinée.

I've tried to copy and paste the relevant section below:


Thursday 27 December 2012, 2.00pm

Main Stage

  • TBC
  • Hamilton
  • Hayward
  • Trzensimiech
  • Dyer
  • Marriott
  • Orchestra of the Royal Opera House

What an opportunity for her!

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Swan Lake


Oct 8, 13M, Nov 10E Nunez/Soarez/Saunders


Oct 10, 13E, 25 Rojo/Acosta/Avis


Those Rojo Swan Lakes are now showing (in the Period 1 booking brochure) as TBC, unsurprisingly, as are her former performances in Fool's Paradise.

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I have a question about one particular date in Period 1 - the 30th of October.

Unlike all other October days, which are shown in red and are available for booking, the 30th is in black and doesn’t respond to a click. On the other hand I saw this:


MRF Future engagements


30th October 2012. The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will attend "Our Extraordiary World - a Gala Celebration" at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, ...


Does anyone know about the programme for this gala and whether tickets for it will be on sale?

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Tickets have been on sale - at gala prices which includes a gift aidable donation in aid of ROH Foundation. May be a few left

Need to ring Helena Price on 020 7212 9469, or email her helena.price@roh.org.uk

Mixed opera and ballet, ballet has premieres by Wheeldon, Marriott, McGregor.

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They certainly haven't been made available to the general public - I only heard about it a few days ago.


Anyway, what are "gala prices"? At the ROH they've been known to range from affordable (for the cheap seats) to totally-out-of-my-range.


In fact, I think the reference I saw said that Osipova was supposed to be dancing. Can anyone confirm, or is my memory playing tricks?

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Sent an email to Ms. Price vis a vis 30th October performance ... but she is out of the office until 28th August ... She left the name of Yolanda Sze in her message. Her number is 0207212 9356 and email yolanda.sze@roh.org.uk ... although it does say this is for 'urgent' enquiries ONLY ... and I'm not sure that mine falls in that category .... In fact I'm sure it does not. I am hesitant to write myself .... especially as the ROH has not yet made awareness of this performance public knowledge as far as I am aware. If anyone else follows this route, I would be grateful to know of the response (if any) received. Bless you all.

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