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  1. Those who are planning to attend The Russian Ballet Icons Gala at Coliseum this coming Sunday please be aware of huge crowds of people in that area. See the traffic report, which I received from my professional group. Sun 26.01.2020 - 00:00-23:59 CHINESE NEW YEAR Closures within the Westminster and Chinatown area for the annual Chinese New Year celebrations. (ChinaTown, Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross, Leicester Square, Shaftesbury Avenue). This will end in an event within Trafalgar Square. CNY parade usually takes place in the afternoon. 2019's parade began at 1715. 25,000 expected.
  2. Last night Lauren Cathbertson was chatting with friends in the front foyer during the first interval.
  3. Thank you, Capybara, for correcting me. I misread the date at the top of the article.
  4. The consolation is that he is not injured and was listed to appear at the Gala in Rome last night: https://www.gramilano.com/2020/01/les-etoiles-gala-in-rome-2020-features-the-ballet-worlds-starriest-names-with-some-surprises/#comments
  5. DANCING TO ART AT TATE BRITAIN To some it helps. Watch now: https://www.tate.org.uk/visit/tate-britain/dancing-art?utm_source=emarsys&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=CRM_Dec_w3_Christmas_DigitalContent_Engaged&sc_src=email_1501426&sc_customer=2862357&sc_lid=120667490&sc_uid=QkBkWZDJdR&sc_llid=215301&sc_eh=b1dd8deeb43440061
  6. If you, Alison, mean Pas d’esclaves, well, he made it his own. His brilliant solo here starts at about 5.55:
  7. Yes, Capybara, I saw that cast on 29 November and I generally admire Muntagirov for his almost faultless technique.
  8. I agree, Stevie, that the group dancing was restricted in "Coppelia" by the lack of space - there is too much scenery. Btw Bolshoi performs "Coppelia" on the New Stage, which is much smaller than the historic one. Here is a video of Yevgenia Obraztsova rehearsing with Motta Soares and Yanin first in a studio, then on the New Stage and then performing. Repetiteurs: Vladimir Nikonov and Nadezhda Gracheva. However, it is not only the space that matters but the feeling for the character dance where the whole body (shoulders, head, neck, waist, etc.) are 'alive' with dancing.
  9. A press conference for a new project by Polunin “The Red Riding Hood” to be performed at the new Zaryadye Hall in Moscow. Libretto by Ross Freddie Ray (studied at Royal Ballet School) Red Riding Hood — Laura Fernandez Gromova (left Mariinsky Ballet to join this project) The Wolf - Johan Kobborg The Woodman - Sergei Polunin The press conference is in Russian but some speak English: Ray on 8th, 33rd and 41st min. and Kobborg on 14th min. https://www.facebook.com/presstass/videos/478163896161981/?redirect=false https://www.facebook.com/ross.f.mccaw
  10. And some will remember him as a true Prince Desire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfW5kC_XZfE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqqNWkbydqo
  11. There is a tradition in one of the forums that I follow: as soon as three messages go astray, i.e. don't exactly follow the topic, the moderator opens a new thread and moves three messages there. Everyone interested in these new messages can write in the newly opened thread. Believe it or not but in this topic on 'Sleeping Beauty' I counted 48 posts concerning pointe shoes. I did my share too.😳
  12. Not only "before" as on this video below, with a whole variety of Fouettés. She can perfectly do the same now. 'betterankles' is right, some of the greatest didn't perform them. The best Odiles in my memory were Dudinskaya and Plisetskaya who both did manege that was like an evil spell, sorcery, bewitchment.
  13. Ballet is a highly aesthetic form of art and is loved, first of all, for its beauty. I regret very much that the majority of dancers choose now to dance in shoes with wide blocks. For me it is NOT beautiful. I remember very well the time when ballerinas' points were really pointed like on this photo of Galina Ulanova (37) as Aurora in 1947.
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