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  1. I have 1 standing place in SC for tonight's triple bill. Sadly, I cannot now go so am happy to give this ticket away if you PM me asap with an email address.
  2. Yes JM- it's a valid point. This issue has been mentioned before and I am not sure it has yet had is own thread. I probably said it in an earlier debate - I think guest artists can enhance a company and add interest in their own right. I read an exchange on our French counterpart Dansomanie recently lamenting that company's "failure" to invite any guests to dance with them. Interestingly, no sooner had that view been expressed than Vadim's name appeared in the forthcoming Raymonda casting.. So, overall I think a judiciously chosen invitation can be mutually beneficial, and really does befit a leading company like the Royal Ballet.
  3. So far, I have not enjoyed Hallberg as Romeo or des Grieux although I did feel he danced better in Month than I had anticipated. I do expect him to be better suited to the danseur noble roles in Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake. I have also wondered if Hallberg might not do better with another partner from the company and I think potentially it could work well with Cuthbertson as suggested in posts above, although that does not seem to be on the horizon at this point. I would much prefer to see Osipova with Ball or Muntagirov - or Corrales, who I think are a better match for her dramatically and who partner her more securely. I don't think the "fire and ice" trope, which seems to be the recurring theme of the way Osipova and Hallberg have chosen to be presented in the media here, actually works in MacMillan - or does not for me, anyway. (I am still non-plussed at the failure to invite Shkylarov back for Manon with Osipova - if a guest was to be invited for those performances surely he was the one, but I am at risk of repeating myself so will end on that note!)
  4. Polunin played Yuri Soloviev. He dyed his hair blond for the role. He did not feature very much in the film, which rightly belonged to Ivenko and the other leads.
  5. Ruth I have sent you a PM. I would be happy to take this ticket if possible.
  6. There are 3 couples: Ovcharenko and Denisova; Motta Soares and Krysanova; and the very young Pobbiniuk (spelt incorrectly I know - sorry!) and Vinogradova
  7. I realise I will be in a minority but here goes: I was really impressed by Hayward and Corrales. She is exquisite; her allure irresistible. She is in complete command of the choreography and her total immersion In the character generates a finely calibrated and nuanced reading of Manon’s decline and fall. Corrales danced splendidly and acted strongly, reviving a role that can become jaded because it is over-played. It was well-judged in every way and he has charisma to spare. Mayara Magri made a very good debut and I loved her strong, clean dancing. Sadly, for me the weakest link was Campbell. He is not suited to this role in any way in my opinion. He lacks beauty of line and the technical strength required. He partnered very well which of course enhanced Hayward’s own performance, but otherwise this was the wrong dancer in the wrong role.
  8. Very grateful to anyone who may have for sale one ticket for the Manon matinee on Saturday (19 October). Thank you!
  9. Thanks Capybara. I guess some of the scepticism about him dancing with the RB and acquiring formally the status of principal guest artist has found its way back to the RB and Hallberg. All in the eye of beholder, I think.
  10. This is the production brought to London by the company on their last tour, but we were only offered Act 3. The designs were very attractive, I recall. Having read a number of reviews and comments here and on Ballet Alert, London probably did well having the reduced version.
  11. I thought it was a very interesting film. Tsiskaridze has a larger than life personality and no doubt commands great loyalty from his students. Perhaps I missed it but I did not hear him say anything at all about Kirill's successful audition at the Bolshoi. How would he have reconciled that success - no doubt a reflection in some measure of his good teaching - with his negative view of the student? Of course, Tsiskaridze's views about the current Bolshoi administration are well known, but there is an irony there I think.
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