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  1. I agree : the ROH has been outstripped by all the other major companies who are broadcasting a real variety of classical and modern works from their respective repertoires. It is a missed opportunity I think to appeal to a new audience. A special mention for the Stuttgart Company who so generously broadcast their own 1st Night recording of Mayerling.
  2. The Bolshoi Theatre is closing from 17 March to 10 April. One suspects it is only a matter of time before the ROH follows suit - surely....
  3. My understanding is that Tatiana Kuznetzova, the Kommersant ballet critic, reviewed the first 2 casts and suggested that Smirnova and Belyakov’s reading of their roles was true to Ratmansky’s vision for this production. It has to be said that particularly in the use of mime and emphasis on acting, the production is different from the Grigorovich version - and indeed from the approach often seen in Bolshoi productions of the classics generally. Kuznetzova also suggested that Krysanova and Ovcharenko began in the Ratmansky vein but as the ballet progressed they moved back towards the more tradit
  4. Quite agree Sim: the clapping was very intrusive and almost distracting. However, I thought Smirnova and Belyakov were excellent, dancing beautifully and very well matched physically and dramatically. A big bravo to the corps as well. This is an important new production for the Bolshoi and I think a very good acquisition. I look forward to seeing it again, and with other casts.
  5. A lot of praise already for last night's performance of Corsair. I will just add that for me it was unremitting pleasure: wonderful dancing from the leads, all of whom showed all their tricks and more, and a company dancing with total commitment. Well done ENB!
  6. I would be very grateful if anyone has one ticket for sale for the matinee of Coppelia tomorrow, Saturday, 4 January 2020. Thank you!
  7. My highlight: Friedemann Vogel as Rudolf in the brilliant Stuttgart production of Mayerling: sublime.
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