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  1. As I have had enough of clearing broken branches following the storm on Friday, I thought I might as well start a thread for the Royal Ballet's performances of Swan Lake which start next week. I am very much looking forward to my trips on 1st (Nunez and Muntagirov) and 16th March (Bracewell and Hayward) and it will be the first time I have been to Opening Night. Here are some rehearsal photos from ROH's Flickr of Cesar Corrales and Mayara Magri https://www.flickr.com/photos/royaloperahouse/albums/72177720296700854 and from 2020 with William Bracewell (who I am particularly looking forward to seeing having seen his Romeo) https://www.flickr.com/photos/royaloperahouse/albums/72177720296516106
  2. lamb/hirano due to illness, a friend can no longer use this ticket. face value £11. please DM me and leave a message if you are interested. thanks Peter
  3. o'sullivan/mcrae due to illness, a friend can no longer use these tickets. face value £11 each. please DM me and leave a message if you are interested. thanks Peter
  4. cuthbertson/bracewell due to illness, a friend can no longer use these tickets. face value £11 each. please DM me and leave a message if you are interested. thanks Peter
  5. Calvert/Edmonds débuts and only performance during this run. face value £11, please DM me and leave a message if you would like this ticket. Thanks Peter
  6. i have SCS D32 & D33 to re-home. face value £11 each. leave a message and DM me if you'd like them. thanks Peter
  7. Due to illness, i have SCS d33 face value £11, available for the following performances (central block terrific full view of the stage): Tuesday 22 March 13.30 (matinee) Magri/Corrales (previously advertised, still available) Tuesday 22 March 19.30 (evening) Osipova/Clarke Friday 25 March 13.30 (matinee) O'Sullivan/Sambe Friday 25 March 19.30 (evening) Hayward/Bracewell that's the possibility to up to 6 Principal Dancers and 2 First Soloists (soon to be promoted?) to your collection for less than £45!! please leave a message & send a DM if you are interested in one or more of these tickets. thanks
  8. Selling Stall Circle Standing D-36 for Friday evening 25/3 7:30pm - £11 Francesca Hayward, William Bracewell Please DM if interested. Thanks
  9. Magri/Corrales Tuesday 22nd March MATINEE: 13.30 start SCS d33 face value £11 please send a DM and leave message here if you would like this ticket.
  10. SCS d31 face value £11 for Monday 14/03 needs re-homing please DM me if you would like this ticket thanks Peter
  11. Due to unforeseen circumstances i have to re-home SCS d32 & d33 (full central view of the stage) for Friday 11th March. Face value £11 each. Casting Magri/Corrales please send me a PM if you'd like these tickets.
  12. Selling Stalls Circle Standing D-39 for Swan Lake Wednesday 9th March 7:30pm - £11 Anna Rose O'Sullivan and Marcelino Sambé (double debut show) Please send a PM if interested
  13. I'm selling SCS D-10 (£11) for tonight's Swan Lake with Yasmine Naghdi and Matthew Ball. Please PM me if interested. Many thanks, Silke
  14. SCS d7 available for tomorrow evening, face value £11 Send a pm and leave a message if you’d like it thanks Peter
  15. Hiya 7 march swan lake scs 7:30 D8 cost £11 available 10 march swan lake scs 7:30 D32 cost £11 available 16 march swan lake scs 7:30 D8 cost £11 available I can't go now so if anyone is interested in re homing these please contact me asap Thanks Jules
  16. Sorry if this is the wrong thread but anyone else currently getting a technical error for the swan lake page in advance of friends booking opening today? Hope it's fixed very soon...
  17. I saw Swan Lake in Birmingham tonight performed by the MCB. I am not a ballet expert, having only recently got into it through my 8 year old daughter. We have so far only seen ballets performed by BRB, so that's my benchmark (not a bad one, I suspect). 1. The orchestra was appalling. Out of time, ropey, out of tune. The flute fluffed up so many entries. The music was played in quite a flat way. Some of the tremendous climaxes where completely wasted. 2. The dancers' entries were almost all out of time, possibly because the orchestra didn't settle into the tempi, but also just bad timing from the dancers. 3. The troupe seemed tired, lacklustre and at times bored. Hardly any smiles. 4. Odette was clearly talented, but so skinny I was put off by it. A skeleton covered with skin. The only bulge was on her calf muscles. 5. Some of the corps were clearly not up to it. They seemed to not know the steps and be copying others. Something I have only ever seen in my daughter's end of term ballet recitals. 6. Too many wobbly arabesques, poor landings and general missteps. 7. Someone was speaking very loudly in the wings in Russian. It rather spoilt the Prince and Odette's pas de deux. Also happened in the overture. It was in Symphony Hall, not normally a theatre, so may well be OK in the wings normally, but not here. What I did like: Costumes were fab. Choreography was really effective. Some amazing moments from Odette and the Prince. Overall pretty disappointing, but then again, I was in a way just pleased to get out and see something that wasn't cancelled.
  18. Just back from seeing Spartacus at my Picturehouse and it was great, despite a technical break-down in act 3- which, thank goodness, sorted itself out eventually. It was delightful to be back in Moscow again and the interviews- with some old footage as well this time- were excellent. Not my favourite ballet but, after such a long hiatus, it somehow suited the mood for me: a bit of over the top, full-on emotional overload.....
  19. Appears to be up: https://www.roh.org.uk/tickets-and-events/swan-lake-by-liam-scarlett-dates
  20. The season of performances opened tonight in Plymouth. All reviews and comments on here please. Over to you!
  21. I really enjoyed this last night. From the one previous time I've seen it (on DVD) I'm not a huge fan of Nureyev's choreography. But thought the performances here were great. I was completely gripped by act 3 in particular - Cojocaru was incredible. But also something about the whole atmosphere made it feel even more intense than usual. This was another filmed version very clearly not meant for public viewing, with bits of the action apparently only available from what seemed to be some kind of security camera. Another angle showed the full orchestra playing while the dancing and the action unfolded in front of them. For me at least, this unexpectedly added an intimacy not usually present when watching filmed ballets. Perhaps more of a sense of being there. Another video I feel lucky to have been able to watch. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DvZS5LJQwqo
  22. Finally got to watch John Neumeier's Illusions – like Swan Lake danced by Hamburg Ballet (thank you Video on Demand) and its really good, normally I am a bit wary of changing stuff in classics but I think Neumeier made it work , it had its own internal logic and did not go against the music score. I've only seen video clips and photos of it so it was nice to see it in full. I liked how it weaved the actual ballet in with the life of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and his retreat into fairy tales, Jirí Bubenícek was great as the lead character, danced very sensitively. I am not familiar with the choreography of Neumeier, he seems much more big in Europe but his choreography is very dramatic and intense. Just had to articulate my thoughts about it.
  23. The Teatro Municipal de Santiago has a stream up on OperaVision of their production of Swan Lake
  24. Perm Opera Ballet have another performance up on their YouTube channel of Swan Lake - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EktVGi57Hw&t=2514s Rome Opera Ballet have The Sleeping Beauty with Marianela Núñez and Vladislav Lantratov - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFd1ZwgubAI&t=880s
  25. Perm Opera Ballet have a performance of Robbins' "The Four Seasons" and "The Concert" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2foDsIg-hvg&t=1012s Teatro Colón in "Swan Lake" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2foDsIg-hvg&t=1012s So much ballet about, making the lockdown bearable
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