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  1. SC C21 - 25 Oct - now gone. Still available - 22 Oct - SC C21 & 26 Oct - SC C92
  2. 22, 25 & 26 Oct - Stalls Circle D50 - £6 (standing) 22 & 25 Oct - Stalls Circle C21 - £26 (Bench seat/Restricted view) 26 Oct - Stalls Circle C92 - £26 (Bench seat/Restricted view)
  3. The ticket for today - 2pm - was also left at the box office on Thursday at 6pm. I have telephoned the box office this morning to make sure the 2pm ticket is there for collection. The very helpful person I spoke with could not find the ticket anywhere. He has re-printed the ticket and put it in the box ready for collection. This is not the first time tickets I have left at the box office have 'disappeared'.
  4. By a stoke of very good luck i read Elizabeth's message a minute after she posted. I rang her and she passed the phone to the box office. I gave my post code and the box office re-printed the ticket and gave it to Elizabeth. I left the ticket at the box office last night. Had i not seen Elizabeth's message.....??? Bill
  5. Ticket for 9 Aug now gone - Thanks, Elizabeth. 10 Aug (2pm) - still available.
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