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Found 16 results

  1. So the Bolshoi is back in Brisbane, six years after their earlier visit. I have no idea what brings such stellar companies to Brisbane, and nowhere else. La Scala, Royal Ballet, POB, ABT and now Bolshoi again. It is true that Brisbane is a delightful city with a winter not dissimilar to a standard European summer, but is that all? Anyway, the Bolshoi is here, with Spartacus and Jewels. Let's start with Spartacus. I'm sorry, but I did not warm to Spartacus. I did not care one scintilla for Spartacus or his wife; nor did the ever emoting Crassus or his lady do anything for me. My under thirties nephew commented about fillers, all those Roman soldiers marching around illustrating a) how invincible and b) how trully nasty they were. I hadn't seen things this way, but it gave me a useful filter for viewing the bits before and after the astonishing leaps and bounds produced by Mikhail Lobukhin as Spartacus and Artemy Belyakov as Crassus. And the techical level of the dancers, and especially Lobukhin and Belyakov, was extraordinary. The women, Yulia Stepanova (!) as Aegina and Anna Nikulina as Phrygia were also fantastic: it's a pity that the women tend to get forgotten because of those extraordinary leaps. Anyway, I'm glad that I saw Spartacus but also glad that I don't have another ticket. Jewels, but, was a very different kettle of fish. Brilliant. Fantastic. Wonderful. Supply your own adjective. The confidence displayed in Emeralds was breathtaking. Every extension, every lift, supported or unsupported, perfectly placed, perfectly executed. Anastasia Denisova was amazing, but so were others too numerous to mention. Rubies was less successful. Not enough sass. The best way I can think of expressing it is to say that the dancers gave the impression that they would go to a high-class wine bar before taking the train home. What I wanted to see (more sass) was a group that would go to an underground bar and after more cocktails than was generally recommended end up at his place. But technically supperb. Finally, Diamonds. Brought it all together. Capybara suggested I look out for Alena Kovaleva, and she, with Jacopo Tissi, danced the leading couple. What can I say? Beautiful. Such a distillation of classical Russian dance. Diamonds indeed. So now I have to wait with bated breath to see who's coming next year.
  2. Spare ticket for Bolshoi at roh on aug 12th at 7:30 Stalls circle standing d11 cost £15 Any one interested please let me know Thanks
  3. 'La Bayadère meets La Fille Mal Gardée' With Maria Alexandrova and Vladislav Lantratov, Principal Artists of the Bolshoi Ballet and Students of London Russian Ballet School 7.30pm 26th April 2019, Cadogan Hall Book Tickets Maria Alexandrova and Vladislav Lantratov in Raymonda for 'Romantic Revolution', London Palladium, September 2017 An evening of Classical Ballet with Contemporary Asides LRBS Young Lambeth Performers will perform on stage with the Bolshoi Artists. Over 130 children from Lambeth will attend the performance for free. Join us and the Principal Artists of the Bolshoi Ballet in an evening of La Bayadére, La Fille mal Gardée and contemporary asides.
  4. The Bolshoi cinema broadcasts for 2017-18 have been announced: 22 OCTOBER 2017 Le Corsaire Live from Moscow 26 NOVEMBER 2017 The Taming of the Shrew Captured live on Jan 24, 2016 17 DECEMBER 2017 The Nutcracker Captured live on Dec 21, 2014 21 JANUARY 2018 Romeo and Juliet New production Live from Moscow 04 FEBRUARY 2018 The Lady of the Camellias Captured live on Dec 06, 2015 04 MARCH 2018 The Flames of Paris New production Live from Moscow 08 APRIL 2018 Giselle Captured live on Oct 11, 2015 10 JUNE 2018 Coppélia Live from Moscow The information gathered from the Pathe website (in english): http://www.pathelive.com/programme/the-bolshoi-ballet-2017-2018-1#programme The french version has more info on the individual productions at present, I don't read french so I don't know why The Flames of Paris is down as a new production. The Romeo & Juliet is by Ratmansky, so new to the Bolshoi.
  5. The anniversary performances of Jewels started in New York last night. If anyone has been please post your thoughts! In the meantime this lovely film from the curtain call has appeared on You Tube via Twitter. Enjoy. Http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4LL8rdTsQzg
  6. It has been reported in Paris that the performances already announced for New York of 3 national companies performing the three ballets of Jewels, will be reprised in September, opening the Paris season with Paris Opera Ballet, New York City Ballet and the Bolshoi respectively dancing Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds
  7. I am thinking of holidaying there -- despite the visa hassles-- just to see the Mariinsky and Bolshoi perform in their home theatres! Has anyone here been lucky enough to do so? How is it? Is it different to seeing them perform at Covent Garden? I notice the Mariinsky tours the UK much more rarely than the Bolshoi...
  8. I don't think this has been covered yet:- Olga Smirnova has been promoted to Principal of the Bolshoi Ballet. Huge Congratulations to Olga so well deserved! http://bolshoi.ru/en/persons/ballet/1616/
  9. In her review of the Bolshoi's TAMING OF THE SHREW (choreography J-C Mailot) for DanceTabs such as appears in today's Listings as generously provided by Janet McNulty, Margaret Willis states: "(The ballet will be screened in cinemas next January – and hopefully be brought when the Bolshoi returns to London in the summer.)" This 2016 appearance by the Bolshoi in London chimes with a very brief comment that K. O'Hare made (under the Russian translation) in one of the now removed clips from the RB's Russian tour last year. I wondered if anyone else had heard more concrete detail concerning the above suggested notifications. No venue has been specified as far as I am aware nor can I find any reference as to the presenters for this projected London outing.
  10. An insight into the daily training regime at the Academy for those that might be interested in seeing what it's like from a current student's perspective: http://talaleeturton.wordpress.com/2014/11/30/a-day-in-the-life-of-a-bolshoi-ballet-academy-student/ For information and also might be interesting to hear what daily training looks like at post-16 vocational schools in the UK and elsewhere and how it compares to the Russian approach in terms of academic/ vocational mix, dance styles taught, extent of performance opportunities etc?
  11. This thread is to discuss any of the Bolshoi Ballet cinema broadcasts for this season. According to our original list on the "ballet in cinema" thread (http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/3251-ballet-in-the-cinema-2013-14-season/page-0), they are: October 20th Spartacus November 17th le Corsaire (repeat) December 22nd Sleeping Beauty (repeat) January 19th Jewels February 2nd Lost Illusions March 30 Golden Age Marco Spada although I have a feeling this may have changed?
  12. Bolshoi next season cinema dates have been announced. I didn't know if I should start a new thread but thought it seemed a bit premature as the first performance isn't until October. October 20th Spartacus November 17th le Corsaire (repeat) December 22nd Sleeping Beauty (repeat) January 19th Jewels February 2nd Lost Illusions March 30 Golden Age Link http://www.pathelive.com/fr/news It is in French but Google will translate. Like the Royal they've had to start repeating. I wish they'd repeated Bright Stream. I'd love to see it again. Also apparently the Bolshoi are acquiring Pierre Lacotte's Marco Spada next season which I really enjoyed seeing on the Nureyev dvd. Some good male dancing in it. It seems ironic they've acquired both this and Onegin after Vasiliev has left. I'm sure he'd love to dance both roles.
  13. The first night of The Flames of Paris is tonight, so please post about it here.
  14. Alexandrova injured on stage. And several times the corps crashed into each other as well. Really, really under rehearsed
  15. Thought I'd start a new thread since details of next year's cinema showings are starting to filter out. The Bolshoi seems to be increasing their output: http://www.pathelive...lchoi-2012-2013 Royal Ballet: Swan Lake, 23rd Oct. 2012: Yanowsky/Kish The Nutcracker (that's 3 now, isn't it? I'll be giving that one a miss!) 13th Dec. 2012 (Marquez/McRae) Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 28th March 2013, casting tbc (The Royal Opera are doing 6, including Les Troyens and La Donna del Lago, for those who are interested) Edit: Just found the details, but not on the ROH website as I'd have expected: http://www.more2screen.com/our-content/now-booking/royal-opera-house-season-201213/the-royal-opera-house/
  16. Did anyone else see this at the cinema this afternoon? (or live, for that matter ). I was surprised to see how different a "feel" it had from the Royal Ballet version, which is presumably pretty much identical, which was performed a few months ago: it struck me as being rather less Romantic and less obviously Bournonville in style - or was I just not picking it up so much from the figures on a 20-foot (or whatever) screen?
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