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  1. aarrgh I was planning a trip to Berlin to see it and Bayadere. I don't want to see Swan Lake. Why can't they just borrow Stuttgart's costumes!!!
  2. Stuttgart Ballet: 2 from Germany, 23 from abroad Royal Danish Ballet: 5 from Denmark, 17 from abroad Dutch National Ballet: 2 from the Netherlands (soon to be 1), all the rest from abroad. I could go on...
  3. According to t he program booklet: Gold: $8500 Cdn Silver: $5000 Cdn Bronze $3500 Cdn "The judges may decide to award more than one medal in any category. In this event, the prize money for that medal and the next category down will be pooled and distributed amongst the selected candidates at the discretion of the Judges and Genée artistic team. I was surprised that Darcey Bussell was not in attendance, seeing as she's President of RAD. Surely this is the big event in the RAD's calendar. Also surprised at how very few British dancers were in the competition: 4 out of 52.
  4. Genée International Ballet Competition 2019 medallists announced The Royal Academy of Dance is pleased to announce the medallists of the prestigious Genée International Ballet Competition 2019, held at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto on 29 August. After a week of intensive coaching from world-renowned teachers and choreographers, the competition final saw two coveted gold medals awarded to Mia Zanardo, aged 15 from Australia, trained by Hilary Kaplan and Archibald McKenzie, and Darrion Sellman, aged 15 from the USA, trained by Andrea Paris-Guiterrez and Jose Carayol. Silver medals were awarded to Paloma Hendry-Hodsdon, aged 17 from Australia and trained by Shirley Rogers; and Julian Wen-Sheng Gan aged 17, from Malaysia trained by Serena Tan Suet Leng. Jessica Templeton aged 16 from the UK, trained by faculty of Tring Park School was awarded a bronze medal. Julian Wen-Sheng Gan was also presented with the Margot Fonteyn Audience Choice Award and the Choreographic Award for best Dancer’s Own variation was awarded to Ashton Parker from South Africa, trained by Jonathan Barton.
  5. Marijn Rademaker, who supposedly "retired" last year, has just posted this on his instagram: Looking forward to going to dance with you more now You have more freedom!
  6. Just found this (Google translate) from a Dutch media outlet: Igone de Jongh, first soloist of Dutch National Ballet, says goodbye to the company after 24 years. 39-year-old De Jongh started her career in Amsterdam in 1996 in the lowest rank. In 2003 she brought it to the honorable position of first soloist. Since then she has danced almost all the main roles in classical ballet. On October 31 De Jongh dances her last performance in Amsterdam with the female title role in Romeo and Julia, one of the roles with which she garnered great success. In her career, she worked closely with choreographer Hans van Manen. She became known to the general public as a member of the jury for the TV program Dance, Dance, Dance that was shown on RTL 4 between 2015 and 2018. 'Departure at the peak' In an explanation of her farewell, the ballerina calls The National Ballet "the most beautiful company in the world." De Jongh: "It feels strange, but at the same time good to leave at the peak". In 2016, she celebrated her 20-year anniversary with the National Ballet: Igone de Jongh 20 years with the National Ballet De Jongh can also be seen in her performances Het Gala and Best of Balanchine III until she says goodbye to Dutch National Ballet. After that she will continue as an independent dancer. First soloists in a company are chosen for the main roles in ballets. They must excel technically, be able to perform all difficult steps and have a special appearance. Not many dancers reach this highest rank. "Example and source of inspiration" Director Ted Brandsen of Dutch National Ballet says that her charisma, warm personality and charisma have made De Jongh a public favorite. "She is also a great example and source of inspiration for generations of young Dutch girls and boys who want to become or have become ballet dancers." Igone de Jongh studied dance at the National Ballet Academy and The Royal Ballet School in London. Already during her studies she won the Arnold Haskell Award, named after an influential reviewer who later became director of the British Royal Ballet Training. In 2002 De Jongh received the Incentive Prize from Stichting Dansersfonds '79 and a year later the Alexandra Radius Prize. In 2016 she was awarded the Golden Swan for her contribution to Dutch dance. A few months later, Igone de Jongh was named Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion.
  7. I don't know. on DNB's facebook posting they just say she is "leaving" after 24 years, which would make her 42 probably.
  8. The info about Igone de Jongh's performances was just on the DNB facebook posting about her. I don't think they've announced full casting yet (in my experience with DNB it's not until a couple of weeks before.
  9. The most famous Dutch Ballerina of her generation is still to be admired in the gala on September 10, ALL 7 shows of best of Balanchine III in September and in Romeo & Juliet on 10, 22 and 31 October .
  10. I saw Burlaka's Bolshoi version of Esmeralda in Bratislava (National Theatre of Slovakia) a couple of years ago and enjoyed it very much.
  11. Just for some perspective.... I see top price for Swan Lake in Birmingham is 69 pounds (correct me if I'm wrong) Here in Toronto our top ticket price is $240, or about 150 pounds.
  12. The OED has this to say: The addition of real adj.2 seems to have arisen from a need to distinguish this game (i.e. tennis n. 1) from the newer sport of lawn tennis (i.e. tennis n. 2; compare lawn-tennis n.). Derivation < real adj.1 (i.e. = "Royal") is apparently a folk etymology, since that adjective appears to have been obsolete by the time the present term was coined (ca. 1880).
  13. I've never heard of such a thing, a company banning a brand of pointe shoe. What is their reason?
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