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  1. that's very nice but it's not as if the Westons couldn'at afford more. Thy have a net worth of 8.7 BILLIION US. Canada's third richest family. And yes, I shop att their grocery stores.
  2. I didn't. I actually started 30 minutes late and it took me to the opera section.
  3. WHY do they insist of giving us 1/2 an hour of opera and assorted music before the ballet starts? If I'd wanted opera I would have paid for it.
  4. just in case you have difficulty with basic math, 1% fatality rate would mean 660,000 deaths in the UK. Are you OK with that? Not to mention the survivors who have long term health difficulties.
  5. which are far from cheap, I might add. Top price ones are more expensive than almost any other opera house (maybe on par with La Scala)
  6. I just watched Citizen Nowhere and I encourage everyone to watch it. An astounding 20+ minute solo for Edo Wijnen, who is awesome. I havent' watched the second piece yet. https://operaballet.nl/en/online/ballet/streaming
  7. GRIMM From Saturday 6 June 19.00 In the world of GRIMM, Cinderella walks in sneakers and other familiar fairy tale characters are all given a funky twist. This is no sugar-coated fable, but a modern-day romp in which ballet and hip-hop dancers propel each other to ever greater heights. A co-creation by Ernst Meisner (Junior Company/HNB) and Marco Gerris (ISH), GRIMM fuses the stories of Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel into one big adventure in which all the characters dance ‘happily ever after’. https://www.operaballet.nl/en/online/ballet/streami
  8. personally "a bunch of singers and something by Wayne McGregor" does not have my heart going pitapat. I hope the Royal Opera House realizes that a lot of ballet lovers have no interest in opera (and vice versa)
  9. I was quite entertained that the Royal Opera House's email advertising The Cellist also had this. In what way is Beatrix Potter in any way "related" to The Cellist (other than being performed by the Royal Ballet)!! More like this... Enjoyed The Cellist? Why not try one of these related productions: Tales of Beatrix Potter Join everyone's favourite mischievous rabbit and friends in Frederick Ashton's family ballet, based on Beatrix Potter's classic stories.
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