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  1. National Ballet of Canada principal Guillaume Coté has been busy teaching his daughter Emma highlights of the rep. You can see the adorable videos on his Instagram. So far Emma has mastered Onegin, La Bayadere, Serenade, Flower Festival at Genzano, Swan Lake, Giselle, and Ratmansky's Romeo and Juliet balcony pas de deux! CUUUUTE! https://www.instagram.com/guillaumecote/
  2. This IS the Royal Danish Ballet. I have seen this production live and actually really enjoyed Act 2. I haven't watched it on my DVD because after trying to watch the Tarantella I gave up because of the annoying camerawork
  3. I have a feeling this may not happen with today's latest restrictions on groups of more than 2 people in Germany.
  4. Teatro San Carlo (Naples) has put up Act I of their Cinderella (choreography by Giuseppe Picone) on Facebook. I know nothing about this production, just passing it along
  5. I actually can't bear to watch the recent one (I have it on DVD) because of the camera work
  6. Actually the traditional Act II choreo wasn't Bournonville either.
  7. Hamburg Ballet (on their website, https://www.hamburgballett.de/en/news/online_programm.php Exclusive Program of the Hamburg Ballet for Home "Young Choreographers" – video compilation online from March 20, at 7.30 pm/March 22, at 2.30 pm At the original time of each of the first performances of "Young Choreographers", we publish a two-part video compilation that stylishly stages excerpts from the creations by Giorgia Giani, Louis Haslach, Marc Jubete, Marcelino Libao, Kristína Paulin, Florian Pohl, Artem Prokopchuk, David Rodriguez, Chiara Ruaro, Ricardo Urbina and Illia Zakrevskyi. A funny bloopers compilation will follow on March 24, at 4.30 pm. Virtual ballet training by Lloyd Riggins with Madoka Sugai online from March 23, at 4.30 pm For the very first time the Hamburg Ballet presents a virtual ballet training. The barre training is developed from home for home and will be instructed by ballet master Lloyd Riggins and performed by star principal Madoka Sugai. Everyone is invited to share their individual success of participation via the #hamburgballet with the company. "The Glass Menagerie" – insights into the creation process online from March 26/28/29, at 4.30 pm each The Hamburg Ballet and John Neumeier will grant in three parts an exclusive insight into the process of creating his latest full-length ballet "The Glass Menagerie" through hitherto unpublished images.
  8. Zurich Ballet soloist Wei Chen is also a new father.
  9. Royal Danish Ballet will be livestreaming Napoli https://kglteater.dk/kgl/xtra/forestilling-napoli/?section=31109 Note! Depending on your connection, it may take a few minutes for the video to start playing. I have tried and no luck so far but perhaps you will have better luck.
  10. thanks for your concern, Anne. It's pretty much wiped out my business for this year. I had four group trips scheduled between now and the end of June; two of them are now off and I'm not at all optimistic about the other two. I can't usually organize fall trips because I have to wait till all the companies announce what they're doing to identify the "best ballet for your buck" trips, and by the time that happens (Stuttgart, for instance, doesn't announce what they're doing till June typcially), people have already made their travel plans for the fall. Maybe not this year though. For now I am hunkered down with Minkus (my cat) at home in Toronto and not going anywhere! Stay well, everyone!
  11. Sarasota Ballet and San Francisco Ballet have cancelled the entire remainder of their seasons. Sarasota announced as follows: "While this represents a potential financial loss to the Company of close to $800,000, we are committed to our dancers, and will continue to pay them through to the end of the Season.""
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