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    But now I‘ve come back again!
  2. Sim

    Quick Quiz

    100% for me! 🤓🤩
  3. Yes I had also read that somewhere. I wish she were joining the Aud Jebsen dancers. She is a gorgeous dancer and I hope to see her again in London soon.
  4. I never got the app and have never felt that I was missing out…especially now!
  5. Pretty poor that at those prices you had to stand in that heat just to see!
  6. His last programme at the Coliseum was wonderful so I hope this one will be too. Nice to see Ludovico Ondiviela’s name again. I hardly dare to look at the ticket prices…😬😬 Actually you can sit at the top of the second circle for £20!
  7. My mother used to take me to see the Georgian dancers whenever they came to NY when I was a child, and I have seen them a few times in London. Next time they come, I will go again. They are wonderful to behold!
  8. Not at all. Many non-white, non-European dancers at the Royal Ballet have worn and continue to wear these wigs...and they have been more than 'right' for the roles. These wigs are simply meant to reflect the bright, sugar-spun set and costumes of the land of the sweets. It's a fairy tale, and although I don't like the wigs, I understand what they are for.
  9. Hi Marie. I think you mean a member of Covent Garden! A Friend… I would say that there is a pecking order with Friend level, so I am not sure about ticket availability for Young Friends, whether it’s much better than public booking or other young people booking schemes. I am sure people here will advise you.
  10. Quite the opposite…they clearly need to programme much more Ashton in the future so that the dancers get a lot more practice in the style. That is, if anyone actually cares.
  11. James Hay as Oberon in the next outing of The Dream…with Akane as his Titania. Pretty please, Mr O’Hare?!
  12. Thanks for the info, Bruce. I am on the Northern Line but luckily I come into town from north, not south!
  13. If you look elsewhere in Ticket Exchange there is a lady called Doris who is looking hard for two tickets...
  14. Even worse! I guess they should have sorted that out in advance...but I don't know what the agreements and deals are. Seems a shame that because of music copyright the piece is not able to be shown.
  15. It is indeed. More fool whoever has the copyright to it. They are missing a chance of getting a piece of Ek's work out there to a wide audience...who are sadly missing an excellent performance and interpretation of this work.
  16. Sim


    And the human Vadream runs again tonight, in Act 3 of Sleeping Beauty. Wishing them both a successful outing today!!
  17. Doris if you are still looking I suggest you open a new post on Ticket Exchange so that it will be seen by more people.
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