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  1. If you care to look on the separate thread concerning mask wearing the matter is discussed pertaining to R&J and other performances and venues. For those who feel that it is an issue they are now having a lively discussion on that thread. And this is not just about moderators. I have had messages from members saying that they don't want to have these discussions interspersed with thoughts and feelings about the art form. And yes, you will find other moderators engaging on the separate thread so they are happy to have moved the conversations there. This is an important and emotional issue for many people and it deserves its own thread.
  2. I totally agree, WGF. It was a wonderful performance all round (but I just didn’t get anything from Tybalt again). I loved the three harlots again (with Gina Storm-Jensen having a particularly good time of it), and I agree about Mercutio and Benvolio. Acri’s interpretation keeps getting better and better. I have to admit that I asked myself why he was promoted to First Soloist. These performances have answered that question! Miss Naghdi surpassed even herself last night. I have seen all of her Juliets since her debut in 2015 and last night is, for me, the best she has ever danced the role. She gave so much and took us with her on Juliet’s journey through the maze of conflicts happening to a young girl, to the tragic final destination. Truly believable and deeply emotional. Vadream did more for me than on the first night. His Romeo is puppyish, a dreamer who is brought to Earth with a thump when he is struck by first love. A very sweet portrayal. Now off to see Fumi and Will again. Why do I put myself through this emotional turmoil? Because it’s all about the beautiful side of what humans can achieve and feel.
  3. Hi Jamiel. I am one of those people Capybara mentioned who is seeing multiple R&Js this weekend. I hope that in future I can get out east to see one of your productions. What a great venture; I wish you the very best of luck with it.
  4. What a lovely, long and full life he had. RIP Mr Haitink.
  5. The difference between people veering off to talk about The Exorcist (a clear dig at me) is that they are just funny little vignettes being shared, without people being made to feel guilty or naughty or the worst in the world for NOT breaking a law. I have had several messages from members who have been feeling very uncomfortable about the tenor of the mask posts when they are wanting to read about people's views of R&J, which is the main reason I have been desperately trying to move such conversation elsewhere. Then people can decide whether or not to participate. I personally will not because I am sick of the whole thing. PLEASE, NO MORE MASK TALK ON THIS THREAD NOW.
  6. DanJL has kindly started a thread where those who wish to can exchange comments about mask wearing or no mask wearing. Going forward, may we ask once again for mask comments/discussion to go over to that thread.
  7. Just bumping this up before I return them....let me know if you are interested.
  8. Once again, may I PLEASE ask that any discussion/references to masks is done elsewhere. I have had a couple of reports about this and people wish to read about dancing and dancers and performances on this thread. For those who feel the need to discuss mask-wearing, please do so on a separate thread in Not Dance, or away from this forum entirely. Thank you.
  9. Great photos Rob, thanks so much. I am glad it was such a successful and special night!
  10. Wow that works so well on acoustic. Shows what a good song it is, and what a lovely player Dawes is!
  11. Did the rehearsal of the corps in Giselle come straight after Monica/Marianela? I had to switch off at that time.
  12. It looked like the pianist also had tears in her eyes. And I also came over a bit funny, even though I was having to work at the same time! The natural connection, respect and love between them translates to their interraction on stage and made for an incredible performance. I just can't wait for Saturday afternoon.
  13. Central stalls circle standing D33 and 34 for sale, £10 each. Needless to say, they are e-tickets so I can email them. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks, Sim
  14. It was either him or Crisp who said that one of the many reasons they didn't like nude ballets was that when the music stopped, the jiggling didn't! 😁
  15. Sadly I am unable to see this live, but I did watch it on TV from Ravenna a few months ago and commented on here. I really liked it and recommended then that people go and see it here. I too will be interested to hear what people thought.
  16. When I went to see The Exorcist as a teenager in 1973 when it was first released, I was still living in Queens, NYC. Throughout the film, hilarious comments were being shouted at the screen by the whole audience, so instead of the frightfest it was supposed to be, it ended up being one of the best comedy films I have ever seen...the whole audience laughing the whole time!!
  17. They definitely do. I know that many (if not most) dancers don't read the critics, even if they write glowingly about them. They are, however, much more concerned and interested about what the audience thinks.
  18. Ah. Reading the Spanish, she is referring to the role, not the character. In Spanish the word ‘role’ is masculine. So in English where we would say “I am going to reinterpret it” when you get a poor and literal translation it becomes “I am going to reinterpret him.”! And yes, the Spanish says she has decided to return to the role, not to reinterpret it. Dang Google translate! I hadn’t seen the Spanish version and assumed this quote had just been written in English.
  19. Nuñez says she’s going to “reinterpret him”. I so hope that’s just a typo! 😂
  20. I fail to see how anyone can find that funny. It’s also very difficult to dance, especially for Juliet. The whole thing is done with eyes closed. You really have to trust your partner! I often find that people laugh at things they don’t understand…or when they are scared.
  21. I can understand people giggling here. Those of us who have raised girls (and boys) can remember them telling us to stop hassling them and then stomping into their room and slamming the door shut and then sulking. This is the equivalent, so it raises a laugh. However, it is also very sad…Juliet desperately trying to escape from an adult world that is making her life a misery. A very clever touch from Sir Kenneth. The critic writing in Broadway World seems to think Juliet’s dance with Paris in Act 3 is funny. I always find it abjectly sad…but there’s a good example of different perceptions of the same thing!
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