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  1. They haven't actually omitted the months. They've just put them in a potentially confusing place. All the entries in the Magazine are done in a similar way – i.e. the dates for each production are presented as a list of numbers followed by the month and the time. Eg The Dante Project is listed as 12, 15, 18, 20,21, 28 October at 7.30pm 16 October at 1pm and 7pm. 30 October at 11.30am. For Romeo and Juliet and Giselle, because the casting is listed after each date, the month appears after a lengthy list of dates and casts. This is made even more confusing by the fact that these productions span two or more months so that, for example, the Giselle listing for November 27 is simply followed by 1(Takada, Corrales) with the word 'December' not appearing till after the end of the listings for December. I agree that they haven't thought this through properly. More careful editing could have made the listings a lot clearer.
  2. I've been checking the seat maps regularly and each time I've found more seats greyed out. I'd assumed that Patrons had been doing their booking and that, possibly, some blocks of seats had been assigned to agencies as availability has gradually diminished in the Stalls and the Grand Tier. Also, some amphitheatre seats that originally showed as bookable are now greyed out as if they've been sold. Maybe this is all part of the 'updating'? Maybe these greyed out seats haven't been sold? It's all very strange!
  3. They were much more crowded than normal and there were a lot of very noisy football fans in the stations!
  4. Subscribers have now received an update from the Australian Ballet: "New York Dialects | Cancelled Unfortunately, due to rescheduling conflicts, our season of New York Dialects has had to be cancelled. We are sorely disappointed and know you will be too. Anna Karenina | Rescheduled You can now watch the Anna Karenina live stream from 7.15pm AEDT Friday 22 October, or at your convenience until 5.30pm AEDT Sunday 24 October."
  5. Just received from ROH: “We are sad to announce that The Royal Ballet's Summer Draft Works on 1–3 July is unfortunately unable to go ahead at this time due to a number of dancers having to self-isolate. Summer Draft Works will now be postponed until next Season and all tickets will be refunded.”
  6. The 25th anniversary of Kenneth MacMillan’s death was marked by a National Celebration of his works by six British companies. From the ROH website at the time: "Birmingham Royal Ballet, English National Ballet, Northern Ballet, The Royal Ballet, Scottish Ballet and Yorke Dance Project come together to celebrate the profound influence of Kenneth MacMillan marking the 25th anniversary of his death" Since then, there could have been similar opportunities to celebrate the works of Frederick Ashton. His Centenary was, of course, celebrated in the 2004/5 season but the anniversaries of his death in 1988 have not been marked in any way. As far as I know, the 20th, 25th and 30th anniversaries have all passed without any kind of special celebration.
  7. C22-26 and C87-91 were, for many years, day seats and, in recent times, have only been available through Friday Rush. I imagine that they are greyed out because they will continue to be Friday Rush seats in the Autumn The similarly priced Stalls Circle row C seats, which have usually been available to book in advance, are C17-21 and C92-96 Edited to add that, as I've written above, those seats were definitely included in the original Friday Rush allocation. If you've been able to buy them in advance, maybe the Friday Rush allocation has changed in more recent times?
  8. After much searching I’ve found that Mats Ek has choreographed a ballet with that name. If that is the work to be danced, it's difficult to see how Mats Ek fits in with the whole of the following ROH website's description of the diverts: "A selection of short works ..... by choreographers who have shaped The Royal Ballet’s history and pushed the boundaries of ballet today." He's certainly pushed the boundaries but how has he shaped The Royal Ballet's history? Edited to add a link to a review of the première of Ek's "Woman with Water" https://www.seeingdance.com/ek-kylian-naharin-royal-swedish-ballet-23032020/
  9. Repertoire and casting for the diverts now on the ROH website. I've copied and pasted the first night casting so as to post the repertoire Dancers: The Company Orchestra: Orchestra of the Royal Opera House Morgen: Francesca Hayward Morgen: Cesar Corrales Winter Dreams: Laura Morera Winter Dreams: Ryoichi Hirano After the Rain: Beatriz Stix-Brunell After the Rain: Reece Clarke woman with water: Mayara Magri woman with water: Lukas Bjorneboe Braendsrod Voices of Spring: Anna Rose O'Sullivan Voices of Spring: Marcelino Sambé https://www.roh.org.uk/tickets-and-events/beauty-mixed-programme-dates
  10. With the exception of the 21st Century Choreographers mixed bill, those Stalls Circle seats in the blocks next to the stage (C12-16 and C97-101) have been off sale for ballet performances for several years. They're occasionally released for those operas which have smaller orchestras.
  11. Sadly, another Australian Ballet production in this series has had to be postponed: "Unfortunately, due to the impact of the COVIDSafe restrictions in Victoria, our season of Anna Karenina at Arts Centre Melbourne has been postponed. This includes the performance that was to be live-streamed. We are devastated that this epic production, which our artists have been preparing for over two years, is unable to make its Australian premiere ..... Rest assured, we will be rescheduling the live-streamed performance to later in the year...."
  12. There’s no interval. That would explain why the running time is shorter than expected.
  13. The asterisk in Royal Ballet castlists used to have a footnote which stated "Debut with The Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House"
  14. I'm pretty sure it means that they're being held back for some reason. They're greyed out for every performance of every production that I've checked.
  15. The seat price maps are now on the ROH website: Romeo and Juliet https://www.roh.org.uk/seatmap?performanceId=48934 Dante Project https://www.roh.org.uk/seatmap?performanceId=49239 Giselle https://www.roh.org.uk/seatmap?performanceId=48954 The Nutcracker https://www.roh.org.uk/seatmap?performanceId=48973 "Tickets for this event are not currently on sale" will come up but, if you click on "OK", the price chart will appear. I assume it's a mistake but, according to the 'key' the places in row D in the Grand Tier and Balcony are currently designated as standing places!! Edited to add that the central block of the Balcony does not appear to be available for performances of The Dante Project
  16. They did the same with the 21st Century Choreographers stream. The live performance started at 7pm and the stream at 7.30pm. This allowed them to stream the ballets without an interval break. 'The Statement' followed directly after the Kyle Abraham piece. Might this mean that, although there will be a delay of 30 minutes before they show the performances of Apollo and the Tchaikovsky pas de deux, the performance of Dances at a Gathering will be shown live? Edited to suggest that maybe the Beauty stream is scheduled to start an hour after the beginning of the live performance so as to 'eliminate' two intervals.
  17. Might the rehearsal have been for one of the diverts in the Beauty mixed bill?
  18. According to Saodan's wonderful database, it was last done in 2013: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 Opening Night Acosta, Nunez*, Cowley*, Mendizabal* Sat, 23 Feb 2013 Matinee Bonelli, Hamilton* (replacing Cuthbertson), Choe*, Kobayashi* Thu, 7 Mar 2013 Bonelli, Hamilton (replacing Cuthbertson), Choe, Kobayashi Sat, 9 Mar 2013 Matinee Acosta, Nunez, Cowley, Mendizabal Thu, 14 Mar 2013 Pennefather*, Lamb*, Cowley, Mendizabal Debuts marked with * https://saodan1.wixsite.com/rbcasting/ballets/apollo
  19. I'm not sure what you're looking at, Lynette, but, if you go to the calendar view, you'll find that there are 7 Swan Lakes between those dates (8 if you include the schools' matinée) https://www.roh.org.uk/calendar?date=2022-05
  20. New York Dialects Livestream postponed The following has been sent to subscribers: "Unfortunately, due to the impact of a seven-day lockdown in Victoria (as a result of a COVID-19 outbreak), we have had to reschedule our upcoming season of New York Dialects including our livestream. The good news is you won't miss out on seeing this incredible program, which critics in Sydney have hailed as "close to perfection". You can now watch the New York Dialects livestream in real time at 7.15pm AEST Thursday 14 October, or at your convenience until 5.30pm AEST Saturday 16 October."
  21. According to the ROH performance data base, it was Emma Jane Maguire. http://www.rohcollections.org.uk/performance.aspx?performance=4123&row=0
  22. Here's a quote from the website: " Purchase all four ballets and your 20% discount is automatically applied at checkout." i.e. there isn't a button for the season package. You have to book the productions one at a time and the discount is applied once you've booked the fourth one. It's a very fiddly process as you have to keep going backwards and forwards.
  23. For those based in the UK: 7.15pm AEST = 10.15am BST 5.30pm AEST = 8.30am BST
  24. 2021 Live on Ballet TV Melbourne season New York Dialects (Balanchine: Serenade; Four Temperaments. Tanowitz: Watermark) Available to watch in real time at 7.15pm AEST Friday 11 June, or at your convenience until 5.30pm AEST Sunday 13 June Anna Karenina (Yuri Possokhov) Available to watch in real time at 7.15pm AEST Thursday 24 June, or at your convenience until 5.30pm AEST Saturday 26 June Romeo and Juliet (Cranko) Available to watch in real time at 7.15pm AEST Thursday 2 September, or at your convenience until 5.30pm AEST Saturday 4 September Harlequinade (Ratmansky reconstruction) Available to watch in real time at 7.15pm AEST Thursday 16 September, or at your convenience until 5.30pm AEST 18 September Priced at $25 each or $80 for the season package https://australianballet.com.au/the-ballets/live-on-ballet-tv
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