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  1. Isn't it about time for the company to reconsider its 'everybody does everything, every time' policy? Seven casts for 14 public performances is ridiculous - think of the reharsal time!
  2. How do the company justify this competely irrelevant inclusion, I wonder? Maybe they know something we don't know - Fonteyn always longed to do Manon, perhaps? 'We're awfully busy' would sound a bit feeble.
  3. I use Firefox but I notice this problem only appears when I'm using a desktop, not on my (Android) tablet. I haven't particularly noticed it on other sites but will keep an eye open for other occurrences, which would point the finger at Firefox rather than the ROH.
  4. I realise this may be a problem with my browser, but if I go to the ROH website and select Menu - About - Royal Ballet - Dancers - Sambe (for instance), I then have to click the back button at least 4 times to get back to the Dancers page. Anyone else get this?
  5. Ria Peri did a Swan Lake in the 1970s but I can't remember if she was ever a principal.
  6. Interesting, though, that Gartside gets a debut * by his first Elgar of the run, and Avis doesn't.
  7. Replacements for the injured Takada and McRae just announced: https://www.nbs.or.jp/english/news/20190531-01.html
  8. ... and now he's just danced Armand on the opening night of the RDB's revival of Neumeier's Kameliadamen. Astonishing for someone only in his second year with the company. .
  9. Does anyone know if it is still the case that the Stuttgart people either do the casting or at least have a power of veto?
  10. The most famous occasion was when Nunez, and then Cojocaru were promoted 3 levels in one jump - artists to first soloists. Simultaneous posting - sorry!
  11. Neither did she join the Royal Ballet, did she? - I remember her being listed as a principal guest artist, which presumably left her free to dance elsewhere as she wished.
  12. Thank you - it's always nice to see bits of ballet.co resurfacing!
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