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  1. That was me! ... and so were several of the other grumbles on those pages.
  2. She's forgotten - see this thread: https://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/2746-royal-ballet-onegin-winter-2013/
  3. No, the colours don't work in pairs - but in any case the dancers aren't five couples, except at the very end - there are different groupings in almost every section, and not necessarily the same ones that we saw in the first London production . I have given up trying to guess who will do what and will just wait and see! - though I do have some secret hopes... There were some real surprises in the more recent castings, such as Edward Watson in Green - quite different from his usual emploi and very charming!
  4. I don't see the Pigeons girl as an " intensely self centered, immature, irritating character" at all - to me she's a bright, lively teenager who's quite understandably fed up with a boyfriend who expects her to sit perfectly still all morning so he can indulge in his art (and we have absolutely no evidence that he has any out-of-the-ordinary skill as a painter) and who then runs off after a woman he's known for 5 minutes without a thought for the hurt he's causing his girlfriend. She's the injured party and he's very lucky she takes him back! Although it's always nice to see Fille I think the Ashton piece the new generation really needs/deserves to be doing is Scenes de Ballet.
  5. I don't see much these days so my memories - performances only - mostly come from the earlier years of the decade. Highlights: - the rise of a wonderful new generation of dancers - Alban Lendorf, Francesca Hayward and Marcelino Sambé head my list - the golden days of older favourites - Gudrun Bojesen, Thomas Lund, Laura Morera - some unforgettable individual performances: * Polunin and Morera In Rhapsody * Alexandra lo Sardo (RDB) in the 2nd movement of Symphony in C - phrasing to die for * Lendorf in Donizetti Variations - a perfect match of dancer and role * Nunez in the Diamonds pas de deux (twice) * Nunez and Soares in the last scene of Onegin * Rojo and Polunin in Marguerite and Armand * Bennet Gartside in Firebird and Nutcracker and Enigma * Morera in Sweet Violets * Lauren Cuthberson in Serenade * Jonathan Goddard in anything - some enchanted evenings: * Scottish Ballet in Song of the Earth at Sadler's Wells * the Paul Taylor company in Paris * Thomas Lund's farewell performance * Richard Alston's beautiful Illuminations * Cathy Marston's Witch-Hunt, especially the last pas de deux - sweetest and funniest performance of the decade * Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion in The Cow Piece (the one where they sang Your Baby has gone down the Plughole) - the nights the lightning struck: * Hayward in Act 2 of Giselle * Lund in the Brown/Pink duet in Dances at a Gathering Lowlights/never again - Peter Schaufuss's Swan Lake at the Coliseum - a piece whose name I've forgotten by the usually reliable Henri Oguike, which everybody loved except me and Clement Crisp - (sorry about this) the third part of Woolf Works
  6. Interesting, though, that when Shearer retired from ballet she was still only 27, the age that Hayward now is!
  7. NOTHING would have made me watch Master and Commander - I know what Jack Aubrey looked like and it wasn't Russell Crowe!
  8. Yes, but he's older now and could just hit the right note in the opening solo, perhaps? But maybe they've listed them inorder of appearance so Campbell and Sambe will do Brown.
  9. So, you might guess in the first cast we'll see Morera in Green, and - I hope - Bonelii in Brown, Campbell in Green, Bracewell in Purple . I can't remember how they sorted the women's roles last time between Mauve and Pink and Apricot. I couldn't work out who would be who amongst the men in the second cast - Sambe in Green, maybe, Clarke in Brown?
  10. Muntagirov must be biting his nails - isn't it on Sunday that he's due to make his debut as Jean de Brienne?
  11. Thanks - I would have tried what you suggest except that when I switched on this morning it is working perfectly on the old URL which I have not changed in any way...
  12. Well, the wind didn't change but I found how to access the site via a different URL - though why the one I've been using for ever should suddenly stop working, I shall probably never know.
  13. I've been getting this message this afternoon when trying to access the site on my PC - intermittently at first but now every time. I've. tried all the usual things - closing and reopening Firefox, switching the PC on and off - to no avail. I have no problem if I use my tablet, and also no problem accessing balletalert, which uses the same host software. Any ideas, or do I just wait for the wind to change or something?
  14. The auction is today - many of the lots have no bids so far and it will be interesting to see what actually sells. Sadly, Donald McDonagh - the supportive husband of the late Lesley Getz (who was principally responsible for amassing this amazing collection) and himself a writer and editor of note - died in New York earlier this week.
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