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  1. WARNING: Trying to synchronise those two videos so that the two ballerinas dive simultaneously can waste you a serious amount of time.
  2. At least Sambe doesn't have to wear the original costume! - very Spring Waters. I vaguely remember the first night being broadcast and in the second interval there was a certain amount of joshing between Eagling and Robert Tear on the subject... but Cassidy wears it with pride and looks great - and how nice to see him again! I haven't seen anyone credited with coaching Sambe and O'Sullivan - it's a pity no-one taught Sambe how to do that last lift and make it look easy.
  3. If you watch one of the earlier performances after looking at this one, the very first thing you notice is how much faster it used to be! Dancing it so (relatively) slowly is bound to change the character of it.
  4. Jann Parry's interview with Ek on Dancetabs says that woman with water won't be filmed because the Royal Swedish Ballet (by whom it was commissioned) has retained the media rights.
  5. There's a description of the role and a job spec on the ROH site
  6. There's a piece of that name by Mats Ek - could be that? **** simultaneous post
  7. There were cast changes from quite early on but I don't think there was ever a performance with no-one from the first cast. From the listings in the RB 50 Years book, this is how many the first cast danced (1970 - 1976): Sibley 40 Seymour 38 Mason 39 Jenner 45 Connor 51 Nureyev 33 Dowell 53 Wall 56 Coleman 59 J Kelly 15 Others who were in the cast: Marguerite Porter Alfreda Thorogood Lesely Collier Jennifer Penney Merle Park Georgina Parkinson Natalia Makarova Carl Myers David Ashmole Donald Macleary (who I think was meant to be in the first cast but was injured/ill) Wayne Eagling Julian Hosking Wayne Sleep Ross McGibbon A few of these came close to the originals but I don't remember anyone actually improving on the 7 main members of the first cast. But I only saw it 20 times. (And an extra one at Snape Maltings)
  8. Brendan Keaney, chief executive of Dance East, gets an OBE.
  9. Please could we have some explanation of your new system? - bit of a surprise to wake up to find I'm a Newbie. (Apologies if I've missed an anouncement and also for posting this in the wrong place originally.)
  10. Please could we have some explanation of your new system? - bit of a surprise to lsign in and find I'm a Newbie! (apologies if I've missed an announcement)
  11. Could it be Avril Bergen? (don't know if she was still in the company in 1969, though)
  12. Lucette Aldous was born in New Zealand but her family moved to Australia soon after her birth. She came to London as a teenager and joined the Royal Ballet School, then danced with Ballet Rambert and the touring section of the Royal Ballet from the late 1950s till around 1970, when she returned to Australia. As Sim says, she was a lovely dancer, quite small but with a strong character. With the RB she danced Giselle, Aurora, Odette/Odile the Girl in Two Pigeons etc, but she's probably best known now (in this country) through the films she was cast in: Nureyev's Don Quixote with Australian Ballet, La Sylphide with Rambert and the tiny but spirited Lilac Fairy in a TV Sleeping Beauty with Fonteyn as Aurora. Here's a bit of LaSylphide, with Flemming Flindt as James
  13. How about this, then? (Just came across it in one of my old scrapbooks - it's talking about a TV performance in 1960) "But it is in the transformation scenes that televison really comes into its own. In the stage version the Fairy Godmother throws a pumpkin into the wings and out rolls the coach. ... But this time the pumpkin appears to grow in size, becoming bigger and bigger until it bursts into a 10-ft-high tinsel-encrusted coach, lined with nylon fur and sprinkled with stardust, ready to take Cinderella to the ball." That's more like it. Especially the nylon fur.
  14. I think the role only lasted one season - and wasn't there a dance for the soldiers at the beginning of Act 3, maybe cut at the same time?
  15. It was Collier! As far as I remember his original interpretation was so deep and revealing that all he could do was make it even more so! ( I found inside my programme Clement Crisp's review of the evening and I hope it's included in the new book - one of the warmest and most appreciative pieces he ever wrote!)
  16. Well, I certainly saw David Wall in the first performance of Mayerling and in his farewell in the same role - but I expect lots of other people did, too.
  17. It's amusing to remember that the RB promotion which aroused the most controversy, by far, on this site and its predecessor was Edward Watson's. And look at him now!
  18. Yes, - sorry - I'd forgotten about the last redesign - 'William Chappell, recreated by Natalia Stewart'.
  19. Paris used the Patrick Caulfield designs, didn't they? - though I read somewhere that they wanted a new design and weren't allowed to. (A pity!) The RB dropped the Caulfield version after a few years and it's now done in the Jessica Curtis version from 2005. It will be interesting to see which one Paris uses
  20. In fact William Chappell designed the original (1934) set and costumes as well - I never saw them but from photos, Markova's costume was pretty but Idzikowsy's striped tights and frilled and furbelowed shirt might meet with some consumer resistance these days. Chappell then revised/redesigned the ballet 3 times and I think one of the last two is probably the one most people remember. On youtube there's a bit of a performance by the ENB school a few years ago - nice to see they've got the essentials of the set right! Also some of BRB showing the polka dots in motion (Do agree with you about Bussell!)
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