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  1. www.roh.org.uk/packages Also, at the foot of each production's list of performances there is (at the moment anyway) a variety of links including the package one.
  2. Design your own package, giving a small reduction, is minimum of 2 performances.
  3. Sell ticket this weekend for £20, else return to box office on Monday.
  4. Selling, Royal Ballet School at ROH, Sunday 14th July 1.30pm Amphitheatre B41, £24 PM me if interested Margaret
  5. The box office HAS moved. It's now in the corner of the café (described as Main Foyer on the notice), along the wall with the Open Up display.
  6. After attending this triple yesterday afternoon I went south of the river to the Bankside Gallery (next door to Tate Modern, home of the Water Colour Society, and currently hosting an exhibition by the Society of Graphic Artists). I was met by a different Natalia Osipova, this pastel on paper portrait by Svetlana Cameron. (Checked ok with the gallery to photo and post this.)
  7. Glad the power shortage in the area only applied briefly to ROH (did emergency generators kick in to save the show?). It was a brilliant performance all round, plenty of power generated on stage.
  8. I check every day's links section, many thanks for them, tho sometimes a day late, to get an overall idea of what's being covered, and follow up some. If it's a restricted view one that looks interesting, eg in th Times, I may make a note to check the paper in the library.
  9. Perhaps someone realised it was odd to name the two matadors in Act 1 when it is a different two in Act 3?
  10. I managed to find the 'email us' link to send a few choice comments. First one was "Who the .... tested this?". Included a challenge to book 30 (it could be more of course) rehearsals/performances/events in the 30 minutes alloted time for booking.
  11. I think I heard Leanne Benjamin say, at the RB in Rehearsal on Tuesday, that Ed Watson was working with her coaching Romeo and Juliet. Can anyone else who was there confirm that?
  12. Then you should have come to the Harrow Vue cinema which tried to persuade us to watch the Bolshoi version! From 7.15, when the live relay from the Royal Opera House should have started, we were "treated" to being shown people wandering about in a Bolshoi Theatre anteroom (I assume that is what it was), then a woman speaking in Russian, French, and English from the stage with Boshoi dancers preparing behind her. I wasn't the only one who dashed out to tell management they'd got the wrong one. They eventually managed to switch to the Royal Ballet one just in time to see Don Q, followed by Sancho Panza, exiting his room. As I have seen the ballet a number of times I knew what we had missed in the prologue, although there were a good number in the cinema who hadn't seen it before. I particularly regretted not seeing the intro when I discovered at the interval that Kristen was presenting. Hope it gets put on the ROH website. Well, at least I got my money back so had a free evening.
  13. What is this "system upgrade" banner that has appeared across the top of my balletcoforum page? I do not click on such things without knowing about them. If there's been info on this, my apologies, I haven't noticed it. Info and advice,, please Margaret
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