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  1. Saw this evenings Sleeping Beauty at the cinema, as a changevfom all the others I've seen this run at ROH. Sad that Lauren Cuthbertson was unable to dance, best wishes to her. However I totally enjoyed it, and thought all, yes all, the dancers were excellent.
  2. There is a box with your chosen date filter shown and an x to remove the date and get all.
  3. The Guadian decided to send their dance and stage critics to see the film. See today's links. Both enjoyed it, thought the film critics were wrong.
  4. "The Sound of Movie Musicals" episode 1 of 3 was on BBC4 this evening 26th Dec, assume it'll be on iPlayer. About 3/4 hour in, got to Fred Astaire and had interview including tap demonstrations with Stephen McCrae. Lot more dance as well. I intend to watch episodes 2 and 3 on 27th and 28th.
  5. Yes, it was indeed Francesca singing. I took my son to see the stage show of Cats for his 10th birthday outing. He has just taken me to the film for a 75th birthday outing. We both enjoyed it.
  6. And Marcelino Sambé posted on instagram that that means four of the men from his school year are now Principals.
  7. Alison, no apology needed. Whoever did what to it to allow hide/reveal following my "look away now" comment, brilliant, thank you 🙂
  8. I attended an insight with the props department when they were preparing this production, began in the Clore then moved up to their workshops. That large section at the back of the Lilac Fairy's vehicle (look away now if you don't want to know the answer) is
  9. The latest clip on the romeoandjulietfilm instagram stops just too soon for me to be able to see if Tybalt caught the apple Mercutio threw! 🤔😁
  10. I showed Kevin O'Hare my programme of the first time I saw Coppelia (also my first visit to ROH), 22nd January 1955. He almost drooled over the cast listing, not only for who but also because it listed everyone, and I mean everyone. He said he wishes they could do that now, especially the dolls, but it would most likely necessitate too many cast change announcements.
  11. I read somewhere, forgotten where, that this electrical variation is celebrating the theatre where it was performed being newly lit by electricity. (Michael Faraday had demonstrated the electric motor and generator in the 1820's, and before that there was static electricity)
  12. I originally booked online for the Curzon Mayfair which was using their small theatre. Then received an email with seat re-allocated as, they said, due to high demand, surprise surprise, they were transfering the screening to their larger theatre. Hence more tickets becoming available. For those elsewhere it might be worthwhile to check other Curzons.
  13. There are sometimes 20 minute intervals, however longer ones, so I've been led to believe, can be necessary for performers and/or stage crew.
  14. www.roh.org.uk/packages Also, at the foot of each production's list of performances there is (at the moment anyway) a variety of links including the package one.
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