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  1. And if you would like to donate part you could always take the refund then give back your chosen amount.
  2. The Royal Opera House has said it will be providing some free broadcasts. Watch its social media channels for info. And I will be telling them not to refund me my ticket money, make it a donation.
  3. Will be returning this to the box office next week unless spoken for in the meantime
  4. And, hurrah, Will Gompertz gives Lauren Cuthbertson the acknowledgement she deserves, "one of the finest dancers of her generation, gives a wonderfully nuanced and intelligent performance.
  5. Selling RB Onegin, Mon 24th Feb, balcony stand D33 £9 PM me if interested Margaret
  6. Selling Acosta Danza, Linbury, Sat 22nd Feb, Circle centre standing D22 £7. PM me if interested Margaret
  7. As far as the duel is concerned, and after way back when on first viewing I too wondered about ladies present and no seconds, I've provided myself with a side story. The girls have waylaid the protagonists on their way to the duel, then we see at the back of the stage just part of the field where the duel is taking place, the seconds are there too but to the side where we can't see them. 🙂
  8. ROH has recycling bins for their plastic beakers.
  9. Aisha and Abhaya, Rambert, Linbury 5th February, central Circle standing D22 £6 PM me if interested Margaret
  10. International Draft Works, Linbury 19th March, Stalls H1, £40 (I'm double-booked and choosing Traviata instead as also have Draft Works on 21st). PM me if interested Margaret
  11. And if someone wants to switch to Thursday evening 7.45pm I'm selling one in the stalls. See Ticket Exchange section
  12. Perhaps also, for access reasons, the lifts down to the main ladies loos need signage
  13. I seem to remember, tho' can't guarantee it (the memory, that is), being told something about the parts of the chandelier being used for the ones in the Crush Room?
  14. Saw this evenings Sleeping Beauty at the cinema, as a changevfom all the others I've seen this run at ROH. Sad that Lauren Cuthbertson was unable to dance, best wishes to her. However I totally enjoyed it, and thought all, yes all, the dancers were excellent.
  15. There is a box with your chosen date filter shown and an x to remove the date and get all.
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