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  1. David Mellor, Virginia Bottomley, Tessa Jewell…
  2. If you had to use private tests for entry to venues, the relevant industries would collapse. Of course you can use an NHS LFT for entry to venues. You can’t use them for foreign travel.
  3. Precisely. And speaking as someone who was born about 14 months after Rojo, it it nowhere near 50!!!
  4. You already need to prove vaccination or a negative test to attend an event at the Albert Hall (and most theatres in London too).
  5. The stage door of every theatre in London is, so far as I am aware, closed to the public, with gifts and items to be signed not being accepted either. See, for example, this announcement:
  6. Not in the slightest. Have done a Wigmore Hall booking session too.
  7. There are additional surtitles in the amphitheatre, visible from about row K (I think) back.
  8. You could always take a lateral flow test for your own peace of mind. I wouldn't click on the link in the text message!
  9. I think there are a lot of seats (i.e. pretty much all of the stalls and grand tier) held back by the development office for the first night of The Dante Project for those who want to attend the first night "do". I imagine some of these will become available closer to the show...
  10. It sometimes helps to convert the odds to a "digital" number. So 5/4 would be 1.25, meaning your profit (if you win) is 1.25 times your stake. If you win, you always get your stake back, so your "return" from the bookie would be 2.25 (i.e. 1.25 + 1).
  11. It is my understanding that the full value of any Friends membership can be treated as a donation subject to Gift Aid, as the value attributed to the “benefits” is less than the relevant proportion of the payment. As they are doing things on the Gift Aid route, charity vouchers can’t be used (to avoid any double dipping possibilities).
  12. I would respectfully disagree with that. At the Royal alone (nevermind elsewhere) there are a number of dancers who pass this test with flying colours (I'm thinking particularly, but not exhaustively, of Kaneko and Naghdi), without any need to overact.
  13. Unless one is using a barre, I'm pretty sure the laws of physics don't allow for a standing jump without some sort of knee bend.
  14. If you have reached your limit, I’m afraid you have reached your limit.
  15. Subject to the below, I also got everything I wanted (including some places that were greyed out on the seating plans). Some of the insights and Linbury shows weren't on the calendar yet (I think the only dance related one was Connecting to Cohan).
  16. Just to flag that the Royal Albert Hall is accepting the vaccination card as sufficient evidence of being double jabbed.
  17. Sorry, we don’t control the software that runs this message board
  18. There are some very impressive/interesting commissioned scores (particularly some of those for Northern). There are also some absolutely shocking ones!
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