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  1. I don't even know who *is* cast any more, with the paucity of information the ROH sends out.
  2. Trusting that won't get cancelled as well ...
  3. That's good to know. If I could persuade SWR to do some bargain fares I'd be down there like a shot!
  4. When I've returned tickets to the box office I've received a message saying that the QR code has been cancelled so the ticket will no longer work, or something along those lines.
  5. Blimey. Not that I'm a fan of Bohème at the best of times, but I thought it'd sell better than that. Are those the dates with the second cast, though? Could it be that the ROH has annoyed its regular operagoers to the same extent as the balletgoers?
  6. I'm not sure whether I shall be able to make these two rehearsals tomorrow, so thought I'd see if anyone else would like the tickets. For those of you who don't know, these are ballet rehearsals of current and forthcoming rep which are conducted on a temporary floor in the Paul Hamlyn Hall, with seating around, and each last probably 40-45 minutes. There's no guarantee of what will be rehearsed, although in the past my experience has been that it tends to be pas de deux and solos, or other pieces involving a small number of dancers. Repetiteurs so far in the ones I've been to have included Darcey Bussell, Carlos Acosta and Edward Watson! The seats are up the stairs in the Hamlyn balcony, where you sit at one of the tables and probably have to look through or over a pane of glass, but at least there should be no heads in the way, as can happen in the rows of seats downstairs! The seat numbers are in the high D's, which suggests that you're likely to be facing the dancers rather than watching from the back. £8 each. Please PM me if you're interested in either. They're e-tickets, so I can send them across easily.
  7. Watching the 1978 Prologue fairy variations in the link which Fonty posted in the first post was quite illuminating: there are so many differences from the way they are danced now, but what struck me particularly was that Songbird (I hope I'm getting the names correct, because I never actually bother looking at which one's which in the programme!) was a lot faster, and probably not just because it was Lesley Collier performing it, and Golden Vine was virtually unrecognisable from what it's become now, the arms being almost completely different. The Bluebird variation posted was also equally enlightening: so much more movement and speed. What struck me particularly was the low (45°-ish) height of Florine's leg compared with what has now I think become an extended high developpé at maybe 135° or higher, which obviously takes a lot more care and time to execute. When did this happen?? Is it a wonder that things have slowed down so much?
  8. There's a very interesting sub-discussion developed in the current Royal Ballet Sleeping Beauty thread, and I don't think it deserves to get swallowed up in there, so here are some of the highlights: Betterankles posted an excerpt of the Lilac Fairy from Maina Gielgud's production here - I couldn't persuade it to copy over:
  9. Hang on, Don Carlos? Is that the French version? If so, I might be inclined to go and see it ...
  10. Ah, I was guessing a bit at the year - got the production right, though. It must be an indication of how rarely it happens that I remembered it, though. In fact, I believe La Traviata is a bit of a cheat: IIRC, I think they were already going to broadcast it, changed their minds, and then changed them back again and did an "emergency" broadcast when they realized how good it was.
  11. Well, we certainly have DC on here who have gone down that route, and appear to be perfectly happy to have done so. I've added some tags to the top of the thread: have a click on those and see whether anything appropriate comes up.
  12. I'm now regretting more than ever that I had to let my ticket for that one go - and I didn't have either of the others booked
  13. Yes, but the Royal Ballet has 17 principals, guests not included. That was what I meant.
  14. Well, with the news that Lord Hall is to retire, I fear we have to acknowledge that our hopes for more ballet (in particular) on the BBC probably didn't really come to fruition.
  15. The illogic of being short on cast sheets when they have on the back your opportunity to vote for your preferred dancer escapes me.
  16. "Oregon"??? Predictive text malfunctioning again?
  17. Bruce, not even the running time was on the cast sheet on the Friday! I don't think they had room. But I wish I'd known the (unmentioned) end part was an "added extra". Wonder if they can put any of the video on the website, or somewhere?
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