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    Room 101

    You know those nice "meal deal" offers you get from various supermarket chains? Main, side, bottle of wine/chocs and dessert, that sort of thing? On the hunt for something for a family celebration today, I was going to try one of those deals - but fortunately realised just in time that the chocs had a use by date of less than a couple of weeks! I mean, you really can't give someone short-life chocs as a pressie, can you? So instead I bought a different deal from somewhere else. Looked at the "best before end" date on the (non-refrigerated) drink this evening - "BBE 05/2019"! I'm feeling well and truly ripped off - so those two supermarkets can go in Room 101
  2. Wow. I hadn't considered the realities of having to produce all the costumes from scratch - it's so long since they've done a new in-the-round show.
  3. My goodness, Dawnstar - for someone who wasn't even going to the ballet a few years ago, you really have caught the bug!
  4. All Ivy Lin's link indicates is that Polunin and Cojocaru were having problems in one rehearsal. It may have been the last straw that broke the camel's back, but I see no indications of any ongoing problem. Johan and Alina have actually got married? I must have missed that.
  5. I got the impression Kevin O'Hare is deemed fairly trustworthy as far as casting Onegin is concerned.
  6. I guess we don't by and large visit the same sites, then. One site I'm on frequently used to "vanish" large quantities of posts without even admitting it. And it's rare for us to lock conversations.
  7. As original casting, too, one would hope. Anyway, I just popped in here to say there are currently 17 tix for tomorrow night's R&J online, with prices starting at under £60, if anyone wants one ...
  8. I was looking forward to this, but due to events in the last 24 hours or so I'm not sure I'm going to be able to go
  9. Are the RB actually short of Lenskys at the moment? (Ball, Muntagirov, ... not sure McRae would still want to do the role? ... can't remember off-hand who else danced it last time around)
  10. Thanks, Ruth, that's good to know. Only the other night, I was running late and tried to get to my usual "quick eats" fallback, only to find they'd decided to close at 7 - particularly annoying in an area with so many theatres etc. - so alternatives are always welcome.
  11. Northerndancer's looking for one a few posts down from yours
  12. "A couple of months ago we sent you details of a new unfinished autobiography by the great ballerina Tamara Karsavina. This is now, sadly, sold out, but I'm happy to announce that our colleagues at the Noverre Press have trumped this by producing a facsimile reprint of Valerian Svetlov's very rare 1922 study of Karsavina's life and work. The original was produced in an edition of only 350 copies, and has never before been reprinted. You'll find details of the book and ordering facilities on our web site: www.dancebooks.co.uk"
  13. It's a real shame they can't do that pre-performance, too. I might be interested - as long as "vegetarian-friendly" doesn't mean "Alison-unfriendly" EDIT: Ruth's pasta, I meant!
  14. I don't see why the reaction should be any different, were the content of the rants roughly equivalent.
  15. Once again, I'm wondering how much location in the theatre (and/or presence/absence of binoculars/opera glasses) makes a difference to how people perceived this performance.
  16. Well, let's face it, recent casting history has indicated that the RB was seriously short on viable Romeos, so I guess I've no particular objection to Hallberg being brought in.
  17. Not many, it would seem. Téo Dubreuil and Nicol Edmonds have performed Benvolio, but I can't think of many others. I must admit that I was surprised when I saw the casting, given the height difference.
  18. I thought Hallberg had danced it a lot with ABT - same production, but not quite the same layout, I think?
  19. At least she ought to have more opportunities in the future, given that she's still relatively young and the frequency of the RB's visits to Japan.
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