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  1. You made it, then? Well done! I'd regard tonight's mask quotient (MQ) as distinctly low. Especially compared with the same area for the Dante Project
  2. Kevin O'Hare paid tribute to Haitink before tonight's performance of Romeo & Juliet - which was one of the ballets Haitink had conducted for the RB back last century. The performance was dedicated to his memory. Obviously quite a few audience members hadn't previously been aware of the news.
  3. More info, since you were asking, in an email I've just received from the ROH re a visit next week (my bolding): You do not currently need to provide proof of vaccination to visit us. However, should Government guidance change we will let you know via this page. We strongly recommend that you visit our website before every visit for updates. As a courtesy to each other and to help us provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone, please wear a face covering out of consideration for those around you and be mindful of others and their personal space when moving around the theatre and queueing for bars and toilets
  4. I always assumed the costumes for Dante and Virgil were supposed to reflect the rather homespun tunics that the average man from Dante's era (I think) might well have worn. They certainly look more appropriate to the period than the original turquoise long-sleeved T-shirt and trousers Ed Watson is shown wearing in the 2019 footage. And the tunic is only red in the last act: it starts off as fully turquoise in Inferno and half-and-half in Purgatory, so implying a transition between the three. And I keep forgetting to mention the score which seems to me to be excellent, even if I find what appears to be a couple of large sections from Mayerling slightly disconcerting.
  5. Hmm, seems the inquiry started a while ago: https://chiswickcalendar.co.uk/artsed-investigates-historic-misconduct/
  6. At least they're asking for one. Although, as I've said before, they're perfectly cheatable - and not easily recordable if the Govt website refuses to play ball, either.
  7. PS: I am hoping that all these people who are going out to all these places are at least getting themselves tested on a regular basis - but am not entirely confident of this.
  8. Don't feel at all silly, Angela Well, the UK Government's advice is here: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus The only part which seems reasonably relevant is: "Coronavirus remains a serious health risk. You should stay cautious to help protect yourself and others. Let fresh air in if you meet indoors. Meeting outdoors is safer Wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces where you come into contact with people you do not normally meet" The logical conclusion from that in relation to theatres is that, as a minimum, you should be wearing a face covering unless you are exempt. I know it used to be (still is?) advice that you should wear a mask when moving around in a venue, but could take it off once you were seated. Whether that's actually enough, given the skyrocketing - and embarrassing - number of cases, is debatable. The Government has already admitted that we could end up with 100,000 cases per day I can only conclude from recent events that they are trying to go for "herd immunity".
  9. Really? I had no idea about the snakes! (BTW, can anyone explain why it's Ulysses, when the music says it's Gluttons?) I've thoroughly enjoyed Inferno both times, and although I had difficulty adjusting to Purgatory the first time it's definitely growing on me. One thing I was surprised about when watching it the other night was the various comments about the choreography not linking that much with the actual music: I registered numerous times when it did.
  10. And oh double bother. I was watching it at the office on WBD, stopped partway through to go off to London, and came back in yesterday to find that the office WiFi wasn't working. I didn't worry, as I assumed I'd have plenty of time to watch it
  11. Deepest condolences to all those who loved him. Another giant of the music world is taken from us.
  12. You can use whichever exit - but I've not actually noticed a problem getting out of the building. Getting down the stairs, perhaps ...
  13. I booked a long-distance rail ticket first class recently, mainly because there was a really good offer on it, but boy, was I glad I had when I found that standard class was full, and standing-room only But getting back to the subject, I can report that last night's Dante, at least in my area, had very high mask compliance - I'd say 75% plus. That was Dante, though, rather than R&J.
  14. Didn't Detrich (sp?) say on World Ballet Day that the run was fully booked?
  15. I hope that will at least mean that they'll accept last-minute cancellations.
  16. Ballet Cymru, at least, is in the Lilian Baylis, so seating is limited.
  17. Such a shame, after such a short period in charge. Best wishes to him and his loved ones.
  18. I got the impression from something said in the R&J rehearsal (I think something about going next door?) that dancers were being moved in and out of the one studio where the filming setup was, to give access to a variety of rehearsals. And while we're on rehearsals, can I say how increasingly impressed I am with Ed Watson as a repetiteur?
  19. You might need to book for McRae's scheduled performances in future, Dawnstar: Hay frequently seems to be cast as support in them - I guess it's probably a height thing. Hang on, did you say Mercutio? Is that a debut? I was thinking Benvolio.
  20. It must surely have been longer than that to fit all that in?!
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