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  1. I think this was on the BBC some years ago - I recorded it, but have never watched it. Maybe it was 2012 or so ...
  2. This is what we had to get access to Wimbledon (and probably the Euros final, too, I'd guess, since both were "test events"). Be warned that if you print (or even if you don't) print the pass, it just comes out with a QR code (huge!), your name and the date until which the pass is valid for. Lateral flow tests are 48 hours, vaccination status is allegedly 30 days, but mine came out with only 2 days' validity for some reason! Either way, you don't want to download/print it off any earlier than you absolutely have to.
  3. Yes, I noticed, too. Drat, I'd thought it was tomorrow. My guess would be that it was the Australian Ballet version - perhaps Bluebird or someone could confirm? Incidentally, at 9 pm this evening, Why do we dance? presented by Akram Khan, followed by Northern Ballet's Casanova, which has already been mentioned.
  4. I've moved the rest of the "pinging" discussion to its own separate thread: I fear we're going to have a lot more to say on the subject, if the weekend's headlines are anything to go by
  5. Actually, I found the one I most wanted to watch again was Bitter Earth, especially given my familiarity with some of the other works.
  6. Just a reminder that this weekend is the last time you can support this worthy cause by watching the gala online.
  7. I'm loving this discussion about the fishdives, BTW. It was only this morning that I remembered they're a later accretion, so not authentic at all anyway
  8. Forget Kolia - I think Matvei's (the footman) hair is even worse. That brilliant blond always has me wondering whether he's someone else's illegitimate son At least Kolia's hair looks a little less artificial.
  9. It seems to me that it's less a question of speed, and more a matter of how the fishdives are executed. A ballerina throwing herself headlong into them, as happens when they occur in some other ballets, for example would not be appropriate for the character of Act III Aurora, in my opinion - I suppose because it would lack a certain grandeur/poise. The first time I ever saw Sleeping Beauty was with Northern Ballet Theatre, and the speed of their Aurora was stunning (I'm not sure I've ever seen the fishdives done faster), but I never felt it was inappropriate in the context.
  10. You're probably right, Jan. It's probably no use rehearsing the pigeons in a space they aren't going to be "performing" in - they need to get accustomed to their surroundings.
  11. alison

    Room 101

    Fortunately, the darned article actually arrived this time - about 20 minutes ago. So more or less another day stuck at home, but at least it's here now.
  12. I wonder if it was on the previous forum? I don't remember Acosta dancing the Cavalier in his later career, although I have to admit that I don't retain Nutcracker casting information that readily. I did think I might have seen Miyako Yoshida dancing Sugar Plum with dark but silvered hair at one stage, but my programme appears to show her with the wig on.
  13. alison

    Room 101

    Interestingly, when I try tracking it today, I'm getting a "this is where your driver is and how many stops he has before he gets to you"-type indication. There was nothing of the sort yesterday, which makes me wonder if it was ever really scheduled for then.
  14. I've added some tags which may help you to find other related threads - but only if someone has tagged those, too.
  15. alison

    Room 101

    Just spent the entire day stuck at home waiting for the alleged delivery of something major which needed to be signed for. No way of tracking it at all. I was given an hour's delivery slot eventually. Waited for that hour, plus another hour and a quarter after that, with absolutely no information as to whether the parcel was actually going to arrive or not, just an "oops, it looks as though we're a bit behind schedule"-type message. In the end, once the official 8-hour delivery period was well past, I gave up and rescheduled it for tomorrow, because I just had no idea what had happened. So that'll be another day at home when I need to be in the office Very poor. So yes, that delivery company is definitely going in Room 101. If it had been a personal delivery rather than a business one, I would have been less bothered, but it's very poor for business equipment.
  16. By the way, now the RB season is at an end, could I suggest a(n international?) moratorium on the use of Spiegel im Spiegel? It seems to me that it's been used an awful lot during the last year and a half, and I must admit that I'm getting heartily sick of it.
  17. With regard to Ms Stix-Brunell, she is one of those few First Soloists who will actually leave a Principal-sized hole in the company.
  18. Backed up by today's new Wimbledon champion, Ash Barty, who has taken part in a wide variety of sports, I think throughout her life, and even during her professional career (oh, and Roger Federer kept up the possibility of becoming a professional footballer into his teens, I think)
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