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  1. Signed, I will also share on my Facebook tomorrow and by email to all my contacts. Well done
  2. I was responsible for writing the post you have spoken about, yes I have had some horrendous abuse! But I stand by every word I wrote, I have trained some stunning students who have gone on to become current senior soloists in leading ballet companies alongside current west end performers, but the thing that I am most proud of is the articulate well adjusted young adults I have also had the pleasure of nurturing over many years. Please message me if you are interested in the matters I have discussed, the only way to bring about change is by uniting! The current STATE of the Dance World I have thought long and hard about writing this post, but I feel as a teacher who is passionate about nurturing young dancers, I think someone needs to stand up to what is becoming a very dangerous and incestuous environment in which to train pupils and students. Teachers are Teachers whether it’s in the academic sector or dance and many would do well to remember that, too many overstep the mark and borders that really should be very clear become merged to the extent that children become vulnerable. Social media is a great tool but used excessively and with inappropriate motivation it is dangerous. Parents, dance is not a quick fix nor is it all about child stardom, if you want to survive in this industry you need longevity, do not be swayed by the promise of instant fame but instead understand that a teacher that really cares, is the one that grafts “quietly” with your child in the studio with a structured timetable, instead of the one that is looking for the next big promotional event that will escalate their own personal status. We as teachers are here to guide our pupils, yes to train and to train with intent, purpose and consistency, but also with due care and consideration for the individual. Not as in some cases to the extent that we ”break” children, I re-iterate “children” how is it acceptable to train in excess of 70 hours a week, and more importantly for this to be boasted about openly on Social Media. This is against the law for professionals let alone children. However without the presence of an independent governing society that has the power to monitor such activity and ultimately to stop it happening, teachers have a free reign to do as they please at the expense of your child’s health and welfare. Another area of grave concern, is the obsession with teachers feeling the need to constantly post excessive videos online, I beg you to question what happens to the other 15 pupils standing on the sidelines, when these videos are being produced? ask yourself is this your child? In which case is It the right school for your son/daughter? Yes an occasional video but surely teachers are there to teach, that is what they are paid to do! Teachers need to also understand that at all times they must act appropriately online, therefore how can a principal of a dance school ask for advice on her Facebook page about a specific named diet pill and where she can obtain them when she is in the position of guiding teenage dance pupils some of whom quite possibly could be feeling vulnerable about their own body image, how is this acceptable? Equally so to use such language as “love you so much” on a continual basis to pupils of all ages again totally inappropriate. When is the (dance) world going to see that surely this cannot be in the best interest of our young people, this kind of behavior is unacceptable in the academic sector so why are we allowing it to happen in the dance sector? I do hope that if you have read this post you will take the time to think about it seriously, Surely our children are the most precious things in the world they need to be protected.
  3. I would also highly recommend Centre Pointe in Manchester, on their social media they have recently just announced that one of their pupils has just got RAD Advanced 2 with 96 marks Distinction. They have a very experienced RAD faculty and are renowned for getting exemplary results.
  4. Centre Pointe Manchester also run PBT classes at their studios, maybe call them 0161 3370300 and find out more. They have an excellent reputation
  5. There’s an EXCELLENT dance shop in Manchester!! Dance Essentials based at Centre Pointe dance studios. They are renowned for pointe shoe fittings. Great stock and the best service!!
  6. Unfortunately it’s not getting better it’s getting worse and until we have an independent governing body that can have powers required to investigate serious complaints against dance teachers ( I am talking independent part time schools) then our children are subject to atrocious behaviour both mental and physically harming. We have several schools that have styled themselves on a famous oversized American woman!!! And as this teaching method of bullying has been celebrated on tv some individuals think it is the only way to succeed
  7. Centre Pointe in Manchester have just released a new associate scheme called POINTE4WDS sounds great!!! To include ballet, contemporary and different styles of Jazz, they are due to hold auditions soon.
  8. Centre Pointe Manchester are launching their BTech extended diploma in Dance this September and are currently auditioning. Exceptional high standard of training with an emphasis on nurturing and individual care. Past graduates take up places in all current top colleges to undertake degree courses.
  9. Hi there, Centre Pointe Manchester offers Private lessons with Simon Gray I know he gets very booked up, but it may be a possibility?
  10. I would highly recommend Dance Essentials at Centre Pointe, from Piccadilly Gardens there are two direct bus services takes approximately 20mins. The phone number is 0161 3370300 and they stock Freeds, Grishko and Bloch. Open all day Saturday and Sunday, if it’s just soft blocks that you need then you don’t need an appointment, but pointe shoes will need an appointment as these are fitted by Caroline Wright ex RBS and current RBS teacher hope that helps!
  11. My sentiments exactly! The relationship between teacher and pupils/parents has to be very clear. When boundaries are broken it becomes a very dangerous situation. Pupils are desperate to please and will comply with the most ridiculous and extreme pressures placed upon them involving excessive training verging on abuse. these kinds of teachers should be locked up they are not safe and are only in it for their own gain, when a pupil falls by the wayside whether through injury or just generally feeling lost they are dismissed and replaced.
  12. Yes the teacher is young however the principal is not and should know better
  13. I understand your disbelief however I have it as first hand information, during the holidays the children are expected to arrive at 10am they then rehearse solidly for all the competition team pieces, with very little break until 4pm and then they commence with their regular evening classes until 8/9pm. This applies to the entire week. It really is that shocking and these are very young children and yet the teachers boasts about it!
  14. I do not want to be accused of defamation therefore I stated "I have heard" I know the pupil personally and therefore it is not second hand information this pupil has been advised to refrain from dance for lengthy period of time (until September) by an extremely well respected professional practitioner. The expectation to train this intensively is from the teacher and the parent feels totally backed into a corner.
  15. The child/children in question are not in Vocational training but in a private local dance school. I have seen however that many Vocational students are also now appearing at numerous conventions and additional competitions in general the entire dance world it appears has gone insane!
  16. I have thought long and hard about writing about this topic, but I feel it is so necessary to voice my concerns about the above subject. There are so many young and gifted dancers that are being totally ruined by obsessive and excessive dance training resulting in such severe injuries. Parents quite often are scared of voicing their concern for fear of retribution. I have heard of cases where children as young as 8-10 years old are being expected to train on a weekly basis for in excess of 30 hours a week and during a week of holidays a staggering 70 hours, how is this safe? young bodies need rest and recoup time.
  17. I have heard great things about Centre Pointes summer school, they have now built their own theatre so the performance at the end of the week is in there
  18. I have been reading this thread with great amusement! Several months ago a person who will remain anonymous contacted my dd dance school and offered for his daughter who had appeared on Dance mums to come and deliver a specialist workshop! Bearing in my she is a child herself only 15 years old! No teaching qualifications and certainly no professional experience, Needless to say our dance teacher was horrified and promptly refused, however I have seen many of these workshops being delivered around the country what a joke!!
  19. Hi Sarahw, thank you I have read these posts already absolutely shocking. What astounds me if that other teachers and parents actually embrace this kind of behavior, therefore making it acceptable. Did anyone ever actually register a formal complaint with either the RAD or the ISTD?
  20. I am wondering if anyone both teachers and also parents is as concerned as I am with regards to the lack of understanding of safe teaching practise within the dance sector. I am horrified with the continual postings of several schools who not only train in a very extreme manner including excessive and unsafe stretching and body conditioning which is way beyond what young bodies should be doing. I fear although these young dancers are able to do some of these tricks what impact it will have on their bodies in the long term.
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