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Found 56 results

  1. I have recently moved to London and would like to commence my child at a ballet school in London that provides good technique as well as dance quality and has a high success rate in the children progressing to vocational schools such as White Lodge. I find the Internet has a wealth of schools but it is very difficult to know which schools will provide her with the best training should she wish to continue as a dancer when she is older. In addition, it seems many of the schools have their own syllabus or are performance based rather than teach RAD, Vaganova or Cechetti. Is it better to send her to a school with exams and 1 of these methods?
  2. HI, my daughter is relocating from Australia to Leeds to take up a place at NSCD. She was supposed to be taking her RAD Advanced 2 exam before she leaves but her studio has just received their exam dates and it is too late for her. We are investigating the possibility of transferring her exam to the UK and wondering if anyone can recommend a good ballet school in Leeds who could facilitate this? Doing the exam earlier here is not an option, unfortunately. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello everyone, This is my first post on the forum. My family and I are relocating to Norwich and I have a couple of questions re dance schools. First of all for myself, where in the city is good for advanced adult lessons in tap, ballet, jazz and contemporary? I am also looking for a dance school for my two young daughters, they are currently at an RAD dance school but I’m happy to change syllabus. I’m looking for somewhere with a high standard of teaching but with a friendly and nurturing atmosphere and not too much of a focus on competitions. Thanks in advance!
  4. As I will be heading over to the UK from America, I am curious to research about any places in greater London that... 1) run male technique classes for amateur adults 2) offer pas de deux training sessions 3) have good selections of dance wear for adult males (not online)
  5. Disclaimer: I understand there is many threads on topics talked about here but I just needed to collate them, and I do not know exactly where I was meant to post this, or what tags...Just chose two which would prompt the best outcome (an ISTD adult class in Glasgow). Hi, I am a 17 year old male, (well would be 18 when this is relevant) anyway, so I'm currently doing Grade 6 ISTD (will be doing the exam this summer), I have been dancing since I was 7 doing grades 1-2 with RAD but started ISTD at 11 with a different teacher as I did not like her. But I do not wish a career in dance, so I am going to university to study in september. However I want to continue ballet as a hobby and I hope to get the grade 8 at least or even intermediate during my 5 year course, as I do really enjoy it, I'm just too introverted to become a performer/do it professionally. The problem is I will be going to Glasgow to study, from Cardiff, and I do not know why but I cannot seem to find any ISTD teachers/schools there, I have looked at the Scottish Ballet's classes but like I said I would like to grade in it (unless anyone can suggest one). There are however quite a few RAD schools so I was wondering (and I know there are lots of posts about this but I had multiple questions and this just saves time) If it would be easy enough to go from Grade 6 ISTD and starting Grade 7 RAD straight away? As I do enjoy the technicality of ISTD as to me it is quite academic needing to know every step by step by it's name and the teacher just blurting a load of french and you just knowing what it is, that is fun. How different is it to RAD? Another point is that there are few 'Adult' classes, as I indeed will be an adult, well at least for grades, I have not asked any school that does adult classes whether grades are possible, as I do not just want to do ballet, I want the grades, I want the set work, what should i do about this? I could get private lessons, but as I will be a student I want to bask in the small but meaningful price difference of group lessons, and I also enjoy the camaraderie of group lessons, especially if the teacher isn't too strict, like spend 50-55 mins dancing and the rest having a little bit of fun now and then. Anyone/anyone's children received lessons in Glasgow area? Or can answer my two questions? I could in fairness do more research but this is a start. Thanks....Oh another thing is that I have considered joining the dance society at University as they do Ballet, I also do a little contemporary. The problem is with my knowledge is that it is all if not 99% female, and a male of my age doing ballet as a hobby is almost unheard of, so should I join? I do not mind the stigma that might come of it, just wondering people's views?
  6. My daughter 11, would like to start ballet again - she had lessons from 3-7 years. We live in London, and I am currently looking at Central School of Ballet (Clerkenwell) and London Ballet School (N4). They both seem good, and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations and advice. She is very keen to build up her strength to eventually do pointe work, also. She would like to go to both, but would that be advisable?
  7. I've taken the liberty of starting a new thread to answer this post, as requests for ideas/info about classes is tending to get lost in the sort of blogging of our daily dance lives that's in the other Adult Dance thread. I wonder if the Mods could pin this thread, so the adult learner/dancers can easily find it when we're looking for classes? Anyway: Saturday morning in Birmingham - if you're relatively confident and not a beginner, there's nowhere else to go but Jane Rosier's class at Annette Nicholson's new facility near the Custard Factory in Digbeth. Actually there probably are lots of classes, but this is the best! It is listed as Intermediate+ but I always managed it, as an experienced but not rofessionally trained dancer. I used to attend these classes when I lived in Birmingham and they were held at the DanceXchange studios. I've not danced at the new studio, but it looks gorgeous. It's a very friendly crowd who go to the class (I miss our Saturday morning coffees afterwards) and <s Rosier or Ms Nicholson as teachers are wonderful. Just wonderful. Ms Rosier used to say that she gave us the same sort of class she'd give professional dancers, so it's challenging. But her classes are just a joy to dance, not those desperately difficult barre combinations which seem designed to trick you & trip you up. Her centre practice is just gorgeous, really big & dancey, with great enjoyment in covering space. And Jane is just so lovely. Here's the information: http://www.nicholsonschoolofdance.com/new-page/ I hope you have a lovely time!
  8. Would anyone be able to recommend a daytime class in London on Monday? I’m there next week and hoping to drop in somewhere as my classes have a full week off! Roughly around low intermediate level, similar to David Kierce’s improvers plus class that he does at central? I’m getting better at picking up combinations but not incredibly fast at it quite yet so someone who doesn’t do anything insanely complicated! I spotted possibly either a beginner or intermediate class at London Russian ballet school, or an afternoon class I think it was with Adam at Danceworks if anyone has any first hand experience with these? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I am looking with my boyfriend to move from London that we currently live. We haven't yet decided the place but certainly, our choice will depend on a place that has Adult ballet classes as it's very important for me. I have been dancing for years but the last few months I have started ballet so I am in Beginner stage and sometimes I go to Improvers. So it would be important the school or academy to not have just one hour per week but 2-3 at least. The only school I have found till now is Dance Exchange in Birmingham. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, I am looking for a regular non-syllabus classical ballet class for my 10 year old son preferably taught by a male teacher with good training credentials. We live in the Portsmouth area so I am happy to drive but not more than an hour. Failing this are there any really good male ballet teachers in the Hampshire area that might offer individual tuition. Thank you.
  11. Hello, I’m considering a change of dance school for my 2 DDs due to some recurring issues where they are now. Does anyone have any recommendations for dance schools in the Leeds and Bradford areas? Thanks 😃
  12. Hi balletcoers My DD is off to.medical school in Sheffield in Sept and is very keen to find an adult ballet class. She has been doing ballet since age 3, more recently Vaganova but don't think she's overly fussed, and is very keen to find a friendly local class that isn't at too advanced (the adult vaganova class she's been doing works more on strength and getting good basics than the more flashy moves so for example she wouldn't be able to do double pirouettes). Any suggestions would be very gratefully received. Many thanks 😊
  13. Due to a number of scheduling factors for the autumn term my DD wont be able to get to classes in the week at her current school. Can anyone recommend a good school in central or South London with classes Grade 5 and above? I have a little one too so difficult to travel too far in the week. RAD, ISTD or free syllabus is fine. Just somewhere with good teachers and an opportunity to progress to higher classes. Thanks in advance!
  14. I'm looking for a teacher who would provide private coaching as a complement to my dd's syllabus Grade 3/Standard 4 class. Her teacher is going away for the summer and is currently unable to provide private classes. We're in Milton Keynes, but could get to either London or Birmingham or anything along the train line between Euston and Birmingham. Oxford may also be a possibility. Also, I would like some advice on what to do when a beloved teacher suddenly seems to lose interest, despite the good results in exams and competitions. After a year of inspiring collaboration, she seems to have found a new favourite and, while she teaches well whenever lessons happen, she seems less than willing to continue to provide the support to achieve the goals she herself set for my dd to have a chance to get into a vocational school in Y6 (she's currently finishing Y4). Dd has noticed it too, so her confidence levels are dropping. I'm feeling a bit stuck.
  15. Hi, Does anyone have any experience with Danceworks (London)? We are considering signing our daughter (who is 7) up for their 2 week summer intensive but would really value some advice. Many thanks!
  16. Can anyone recommend a good RAD teacher who does private tuition for Intermediate Foundation/Advanced exams please in the Essex area?
  17. Im wondering if anybody can point me in the direction of a quality ballet teacher or ballet classes in Shrewsbury/Birmingham for a Sunday or possibly Saturday late afternoon? thank you in advance
  18. I wondered if anyone would be interested in this. We have persuaded our teacher to let us work towards the Grade 3 RAD ballet exam as an adult ballet group (all ages and sizes) and she has agreed! It's a fun little group and we may not succeed, but we just want to give it a go! If you are interested, it is in North Somerset, so might suit you if you are in the Weston super Mare, Bristol, Taunton area. If you are interested, I will send you details.
  19. I run a ballet school in London and in the past my higher level/older pupils and I have had difficulty finding enough classes at this level (partly due to hall availability and finding enough committed pupils to cover costs). I am referring to Intermediate Foundation / Intermediate level classes (including non syllabus and body conditioning and stretch). In the past it has been necessary to outsource my pupils to other teachers/classes in London. But I am delighted to announce that this has changed recently, and I have managed to secure some more hall space and have some very committed pupils who are attending regular classes at my venue, the Broomwood Methodist Church hall, where I now run classes at Intermediate Foundation/ Intermediate/ Body Conditioning and Stretch, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Four of my pupils are currently attending the Royal Ballet Associate classes too and they have found the extra classes very helpful. I have some wonderful teachers Cecchetti/RAD/Vaganova managing these lessons; and we are keen to promote our classes as we feel that high level classes for this standard in London can be difficult to find. If you are a parent looking for more classes please feel free to get in touch; if you are a teacher and would like to work collaboratively to help your pupils progress I would be happy to discuss a 'working relationship' with you. angelina@vacani.com , The Vacani School of Dance
  20. Hi Mums and dancers, Wondering if you can help my son and me? DS has been dancing for two years with his local school and now needs more. He has 3, 45 minute classes a week and never stops at home, in Asda, on the bus etc etc! Last academic year he just missed out on Elmhurst and RBS Associates. This year he is too old for RBS JA’s! What else can he do? His current school have a showcase this year so haven’t had a syllabus class all year. Been in touch with s The Hammond who say their boys day of dance is over subscribed. EYB is too far away to be do able. How do you nurture a talent when you have money but no outlet for your DS to pursue his dream. Feeling a bit stuck! S xx
  21. Hiya, Curious question for you. How did you choose your dance school?? I just kind of e mailed some local ones and went with the first to reply! ? At the point now where DS needs more classes than current one provides. Current ones focus seems to be shifting to under 5's and he's 10. They've cancelled two of his classes this year due to low numbers and there seems to be less and less tweens. So, what's the etiquette? Can you join 2 schools or is that not cricket? At the minute he's dead set on a career in dance somewhere...xxx
  22. Liv56


    Hello everyone Is there any good ballet auditions to audition for , or any associates course (things like that) Thank you !
  23. Can anyone recommend any masterclasses or summerschools in the Manchester area. My daughter is 10. Ballet is preferable but she likes all styles!
  24. Ballet Boost will be holding auditions on Nov 6th at Rambert School, Twickenham for all dancers aged 8 through to 19. BBA will deliver Ballet training for the 21st century in line with all vocational and international standards. With a knowledge of Anatomy threaded throughout and contemporary at least 2/3 times a term. Wonderful musicians to inspire musicality and fabulous teachers who are fully abreast of the latest discoveries in dance science. Children will be inspired and motivated to apply all they learn throughout their weekly classes and their development and progression to vocational schools or other courses is fully supported in every way. True artists are sensitive creatures and the training at BBA will be very focused on nurturing the artists of tomorrow as well as training their bodies technically. The classes will run on alternate sundays at 10am and work around Cechetti, BBO and CBA dates (where possible) for those already attending their courses! Apply via emmanorthmore@yahoo.com where I can send you more detailed information on the levels and classes being offered. I always reply within 3 days so if you don't hear from me call 07958 725862 Website in two weeks i hope!! I look forward to hearing from you and creating a wonderful environment for your children to train in.
  25. For those wanting to deepen their Ballet Technique and prepare for RAD Ballet exams or simply work extra hard! This course is an ideal combination of technique, musicality and artistry in one of the best studio spaces in London. The course runs for 10 Saturdays between Jan-July 2017 developing the work alongside regular classes. It’s suitable for the more experienced student. We will also invite an RAD-Examiner for a feedback session before exam entries. Audition Date: January 14th Audition Fee: £10 Course Fee: £175 Teacher: Dilek Taptik: Initially training in Vaganova technique, Dilek’s professional training began in Turkey, Mersin Conservatoire for Dance. She later graduated with a classical ballet degree from the Ballet Academy Cologne, Germany simultaneously gained her RAD STC, TC,TD teaching qualifications. Teachers included RAD artistic director Lynn Wallis, Deborah Wayne and Anne C. Rogers. Dilek danced the principal role of 'Giselle' in Turkey, coached mainly by Nevin Arikoglu of Joffrey Ballet. Favourites include: 'Arabian Dancer' in Nutcracker, Swan Lake corps, contemporary and opera pieces mostly in NRW opera houses. 2003 Dilek was awarded a scholarship at the London Contemporary Dance School, where she got the chance to work with Trisha Brown Company, Richard Alston Dance Company, DV8 and Kerry Nicholls. Dilek toured for a Physical Theatre Ensemble Cologne, was involved in dance-film Roundhouse, London. She also trained in New York, USA where she took class with Merce Cunningham Dance School, danced for Cannes Film Festival and acted in a motion picture alongside Vanessa Paradise. Over the past decade Dilek focused on her teaching career, her passion for ballet and taught at established dance institutions. She is the principal of 'Dilek Taptik School of Dance', a RAD CBTS mentor and was a long lasting Ballet tutor at the Arts Educational School London. Dilek has vast experience in entering Vocational students to Rad ballet exams. Location: Rambert Dance Studios, Southbank, Upper Ground SE1 9PP Dates: January 14th : 16.00pm-17.45pm (Audition+ Class) February 4th : 16.00pm-17.30pm February 25th: 16.00pm-17.30pm March 25th : 15.00pm-16.30pm April 22nd : 16.00pm-17.30pm April 29th : 16.00pm-17.30pm May 6th : 15.00pm-16.30pm June/July: dates to be confirmed shortly Please contact www.dtdance.com for any further questions.
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