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  1. I'm reminded of an internet quote that I recently saw: "If you fuel your journey on the opinion of others, you won't get very far" And there you have it in a nutshell. Your daughter is living her own life and her own truth. Neither you, nor her have to justify anything to anyone.
  2. At 4, my daughter came to me and announced that she was going to have a flat in London and dance for the Royal Ballet. "You're going to need dance lessons," I offered. "No," she replied, "I will be fine." "Tell you what," I asked, formulating a plan, "let's put on some music. I'll film you dancing and play it back. You can tell me whether you will need dance lessons" "OK," she beamed. When the music stopped, she studied her movements from the playback. Without looking up from my smartphone, she said.... "I need dance lessons!" And the rest is history!
  3. Wishing the best of luck to all who are starting their JA journey this weekend.
  4. richieN

    New Year

    Thank you Jane. It's DD's first week at WL. She seems to be doing fine. Good luck to all other vocational students, and their parents... I now know how they feel. 😊
  5. My DD wears So Danca canvas split soles.
  6. @MummytoIzzy sorry to hear about the injury. Knees can be troublesome (I speak from personal experience). Hope your DD makes a complete recovery @Picturesinthefirelight That's "toxic masculinity" for girls. @drdance thanks 😊 DD is very excited.
  7. My DD , like yours, does acro once a week, alongside musical theatre, standard Ballet classes and the RBS associates. Do I think acro is a relevant component of dance? Not really. To me it seems out of place. Dancing is about expression of music. Tumbling or flips are just not expressive. Impressive and spectacular? Absolutely! That is why we have gymnastics competitions. In my opinion, a bit of acro is great to build confidence and strength. If your DC is an aspiring professional performer, it doesn't hurt to have an extra skill to add. Your DC might find work just doing a bit of acro as a bit part for TV show or a movie. It's also a good gateway into stunt work - along with martial arts. Has one hour of acro a week affected my DD's prospects as a ballet performer? Well, DD just got a place at White Lodge, so it certainly hasn't done her any harm. But she has been taught acro by a very good teacher. I echo @drdance comments about contortion - particularly about the spine, hips and the shoulders (those rotator cuff injuries can be persistent and very painful) . Observe the class when you can to make sure things are appropriate. Some danger signals to watch out for - a "boot camp" mentality and signs on the wall like "no pain, no gain"
  8. The gospel according to my DD: Surgical Spirit for prevention - apply and it makes the skin tougher. Remedial treatment - lance blister then apply "New Skin" by Germolene.
  9. Perhaps we can hold festivals to account, as they sell tickets to the general public.
  10. Good luck to all applying for JA's this year. It takes me back to when my DD was applying... She didn't make it to JA's and was placed on a waiting list. She kept re-applying and place was eventually found for her in mid associates. Since then she's gone from strength to strength. So please don't be disheartened if you aren't successful first time around. When children are developing, no may often mean "not now".
  11. Just echoing the other comments. I personally know a young dancer with extraordinary spine flexibility who had a straight "no". I do not know why they turned her down (her parents did not seek feedback), but it wasn't because she couldn't achieve the flexibility tests.
  12. @Mrs Brown Yes, some very long sections - particularly C modern, which was HUGE!. You're right, a break is necessary. There were times when a popular dancer might have 10-15 people coming in 2 dances before they're due on stage, then all trooping out immediately after the dance is finished. Very off-putting for the children dancing before and after. There is generally an eroding of the standards of behaviour in theatre. People messing with phones, taking photos/video and talking quite loudly. My DD says she blocks it all out, but it might be harder for other children. I find it hilarious that many people can't walk in and sit down without talking. I did find the general atmosphere to be much more calm compared to normal local festivals. I think it's because when you get to this level, everyone knows how to prepare and just gets on with it.
  13. My DD is about to go into vocational training, so this is her only regional and national finals she will attend.BBut I would like to see the following changes: Transparent scoring for all competitors. Stage to be swept between each session. Entering and exiting auditorium to be banned mid session. Judges to be seated closer to the stage.
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