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  1. Do Elmhurst have a wait list like other schools ... I’m already seeing so much movement etc within the intakes across the schools ...
  2. I thought results were always via post?
  3. Will they be delayed due to school closing early? 😕
  4. Agree - worrying. With everyone closing dance schools, theatres etc etc and non essential travel being advised to stop ... I question should I be travelling and staying in a hotel 😫😫 but I have a daughter who really wants to go. it seems so strange for it to be the only thing continuing? glad I’m not the only one wobbling about this ... xxx
  5. Such a difficult call to make ... everyone in the dance world seems to be closing their doors ... however, the latest email today confirmed the Final Auditions were planned to go ahead.
  6. Possibly updates today ... ?
  7. I do wonder whether or not Thursdays planned Finals will go ahead ... 😞
  8. Elmhurst Young Dancers Easter Intensive has just been cancelled now too ...
  9. Good Luck ... hope it's wonderful news xxx
  10. How many days of funding auditions do they run? We were the late February audition & still awaiting results xxx
  11. Wrongly or rightly ... I’ve always been led to believe that Tring is one of the toughest when it comes to “funding” - definitely a million dollar question xxx
  12. Thank you - I did think you had to be a full time student at Centre Pointe for lessons but I will certainly check ...
  13. Any recommendations greatly received please? Thank you.
  14. X3 if anyone has any please ... 12pm showing. thank you.
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