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  1. Manchester 🙂 we also have Leeds, and Birmingham on the list as options ... unsure how it all works if I'm honest xxx
  2. Good Luck to everyone still waiting ... we got SWL, 3 centres now on our list as options, and the wait continues. Not expecting a place to become available, but you never know!
  3. Hello - does anyone know when the MA insight days are held please?
  4. Awww wonderful. My daughter has been give SWL for Manchester Centre, Year 6. I have replied accepted her place on the SWL and have given a couple of other Centre options which would also be accessible too, but I had no idea whether or not people ever got places from it etc ... thankyou 🙂
  5. Awww thats nice to hear ... SWL is an achievement in itself, but I was unsure exactly how it worked, and if ever anyone had successfully found a place 🙂
  6. Has anyone ever been successful after receiving "short wait list"? How does that work ... Good Luck everyone xxx
  7. Would you be able to send me details please? Thank you 😊
  8. First time I have posted ... thought id ask a question in relation to masterclasses / workshops over Half Term. Also PBT? i know YBS have two days towards the end of next week but sadly Thursday age (10) bracket is full 😞 Thank you all.
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