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  1. Is anyone else still waiting? X
  2. I'm sure if you go on eventbrite you can get a refund ? Xx
  3. Does anyone know if they put a second date on last year for the experience day ? The lower school one is now sold out ......
  4. I'm looking for a good Easter intensive for my dd who is 10, will apply for RBS but with the small chance I'd be interested in others for her age 😁. X
  5. BRB use JAs and Elmhusrt young dancers in their Nutcracker at the hippodrome x
  6. Does anyone have an update on if they will be published this year ? x
  7. Last year they were published in the june issue, I emailed last month as they weren't in that edition and he said they hadn't received the list from ybs, so I presume that's still the case. It's a shame as it's a nice keepsake having thier names printed. x
  8. Birmingham have been 13th June the last 2 years xx
  9. Waiting list for DD she has Spring Intensive to look forward too so I don't think she will be disappointed with that ! She got wait list last year and no place came available so expecting the same this year.
  10. Hope your DC goes on ok tomorrow we have got a January date xx
  11. Thank you, we missed the June one due to an exam at home. Was hoping they would do one around now. DD is a JA, so maybe will get a chance if they do as coniger said they have done in previous years x
  12. Do White Lodge do an open day ? would love to go and have a look around x
  13. Thank you I know she would love to go, but she would do everything dance related if she could. X
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