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  1. I cant add the photo of the second one. It is grey similar style but more stitching around the waist. I can email photos over
  2. Where have you booked for the covid test ? I need to do this asap if it needs booking 28 days before Thanks xx
  3. I'm after and extended young dancers leotard in a size 1 ..... My DD has one on back order but with the first lesson next week I would like to try and get her one for the lesson . 🤞🤞
  4. Year 6 Jas will use the skirt more after March once the full time auditions are over . X
  5. Oh we havent had this and my DD has been offered the fee remission. Maybe it will arrive this week x
  6. Is the welcome letter an actual letter or email from boarding staff ? X
  7. Degas 9502 in Lagon Size 10a Worn less than a handful of times . £30 posted I can send pics over .
  8. It is for year 7. Unfortunately I still dont think we will be able to accept the place even with the generous fee remission. I'm hoping to speak to them today .
  9. We have received ours, offering fee remission xx
  10. I had an email asking if we were sending our financial info over as they would be holding a meeting about it at the end of next week x
  11. Maybe doing it by date of audition 🤷‍♀️ x
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