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  1. I know. Thank you Sissonedoublee. I want to give my friend as much encouragement as possible to keep going. She’s stronger than I would have been had my DD not had an offer and so she is an inspiration. As indeed are many of you.
  2. Thank you everyone for your responses. Really helpful. Gives some idea of scope and potential movement. X
  3. She is. But a friend’s daughter didn’t get an offer and I was wondering if there might be any future movement or openings for her. X
  4. Dear All. Does anyone know if Elmhurst has a waiting list for Year 7 entrance Sept 2019?
  5. Has anyone on the waiting list received an offer? X
  6. That’s great. Congratulations to your dc. Please pm me if you fancy it. I know another lovely mum whose dd is going too.
  7. Thank you. She’s going to Elmhurst after a no from WL.
  8. Hi Katia05. My dd didn’t get offered a JA or even SWL last June and has just been offered Mids so that just shows you how things change. All you can ask from a child is that they pick themselves up with your help and get back to the barre. I am learning that resilience is all in this game. Xx
  9. Good luck Dancer123. I really hope this is your turn to get off the wait list and enjoy an associate position. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻. Let us know what happens. Xx
  10. We are declining our Mids offer for London. My dd is going to vocational school. I do feel strongly that associate places should go to children who can’t go, for whatever reason, to vocational schools. I accept it’s a tough, competitive business but I still think we can support, encourage and drive our children forward and yet still consider the whole community of children who are just as committed to dance. Congratulations to everyone who got places now and are on the swl. May it be good news for those waiting very soon. Xx
  11. Hi guys. RBS says results for Mids (our centre being London) are out next week but they haven’t been told which day. 🥺. Hope that settles a few nerves and enables some focus this week. X
  12. Rather hoping Mid Associate results will be out this week. Good luck to all those waiting. Xx
  13. Can I just do a big shout out to all the little girls who danced their beautiful talented way into vocational school finals this year and were not offered places. I dedicate this message to one little DD to whom I desperately hoped would be lucky and wasn’t. Remember Darcy, Jasmin Nahgdi, Melissa Hamilton and Francesca Hayward were once in their position and fought for success because they believed they would get there in the end. They did. Boy did they get there. Keep going girls. Xx
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