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  1. Thanks to everyone who has replied and sent messages. We are actually in Europe (dd is auditioning for PARTS tomorrow and was invited to finals at Codarts and London - unfortunately she didn’t make the final cut). We are thinking of dashing back to London from Brussels so that she can have a look round at Trinity Laban. She will be able to get a feel for the place maybe. Unfortunately Northern are on holidays (and also I am not sure we would have time to get there).
  2. She auditioned via DVD. Is hoping to perform and choreograph.
  3. Hi I’m after some advice about British contemporary schools. My daughter has been offered places at Trinity Laban and Northern Contemporary to study bachelor degrees. We are from Australia and I don’t know which is better! Northern is in the same conservatoire as Rambert and London Contemporary, but I don’t even understand what that means! Grateful for any feedback!
  4. In Sydney the McDonald College (which hosts the International Summer School in January) also have intensive masterclasses which are worth checking out in the Easter school holidays.
  5. Hi, has anyone had any experience with the Irish Youth Dance Festival?
  6. Coffeemum what else have you heard? Dancing 2003, our dance teacher applied just before Christmas and we heard back in the middle of January. DD is keen but it will cost a minimum of around $5000 including airfares - so I need to know if it is worth it.
  7. Hello, I am seeking advice about the Dutch National Ballet School, specifically the summer school, where DD has been offered a place. DD is 17 and studying ballet/contemporary full time but hoping for a place in a tertiary school in Europe next year. She sees herself as more of a contemporary dancer, though she excels at ballet too. We have been told that Dutch National is more classical in character, however note the focus on Wayne McGregor's work at the summer school. Is this a school that is known to make offers from summer school? She would be travelling from Australia so the expense is considerable. Hoping someone here can advise us.
  8. I’m also keen to know. We don’t have long to decide. Would love to hear people’s thoughts.
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