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  1. Kate I am talking about girls who do have turnout, flexibility, beautiful feet, every aspect of physical facility you could wish - except that they have muscular legs and visible boobs. Then other girls who also had good facility but could not dance (either quickly or in time to the music), forgot choreography, made mistakes etc but were leaner got all the offers. Very happy for them but the fact remains that it was obvious that body shape was being valued over talent. Yes it is hard for all of them to put themselves out there in a leotard and tights to be judged by audition panels, teachers,
  2. Sounds like you have nothing to worry about! Good luck with the new school!
  3. But this is exactly what the problem is. We are not talking about "fat", but kids who are being turned away because they have muscles or boobs. A friend of my DD is a brilliant dancer - lovely (and highly awarded in scholarship competitions etc) performer, high 90s in her vocational exams, awarded her solo seal - but can't get a school to take her because she has muscles and boobs (she would be maybe a B cup at most). She is very slender and has beautiful lines but schools will not look at her. People have tried to get her in their companies and junior companies (but she couldn't accept becaus
  4. The reference might be a character reference too - for effort and behaviour.
  5. Oh that's a shame. Still, good to get to the final round.
  6. That's very interesting. Not knowing about the charges, I ordered a Leo from Lucky Leo in the US to be sent to my DD in the UK earlier this year and they ended up slapping VAT and a handling fee on it. By that time though she was back in Australia due to covid. It was a saga of waiting for it to be returned to sender and then LuckyLeo sent it to us here.
  7. Yes that's right, there are some fantastic full time schools here. Entry to ABS can be very political too, I believe.
  8. @DD Driverwas your daughter successful? My daughter's dance teacher used to do the videos and send them off herself. This was for entry to schools in Europe and the UK, and was standard for kids auditioning from Australia. I think she used a GoPro.
  9. @DD Driver I was going to point out the same thing - our dancers in the Australian Ballet are a range of shapes. Professional dancers surely need to have strength and stamina to succeed in their career.
  10. That's good news - hope he is feeling better soon and you all stay covid free. It is hard being so far away but at least we have a friend in London who is looking out for her and has organised some groceries and medication for her.
  11. I think everyone was lulled into a false sense of security by the numbers getting so low.
  12. Hope it is just a cold @Pups_mum. My DD got her test back and it is definitely positive.
  13. Check out a website called The Ballet Blog - it is run by a physiotherapist called Lisa Howell who is a bit of a guru in dance physiotherapy. (She also has a range of books.) You might find something there to help too.
  14. Thank you so much! She is still waiting on test results but as 4 of her household have tested positive she is expecting one too. Says it feels like a cold.
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