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  1. Looking for IDTA Ballet Intermediate grade on DVD I didn't get round to filming my daughter doing this grade in class, and without knowing how long we will be without classes for, she is keen to keep going at home.
  2. I can highly recommend Cecchetti Northern Associates which is held at KS Dance in Warrington. Classes are monthly on a Sunday and involve a ballet class and a class in another subject, such as Jazz or contemporary. Auditions are in June for Septembers intake (you audition for each yearly intake). The fees are really reasonable too. Yes a member of KS Dance Faculty runs the programme, and sometimes faculty do teach on it, but teaching staff for the Associates come from the Hammond and Tring amongst others. The session with Shannon and Peter Parker is always a highlight.
  3. Hi everyone My daughter has managed to snag the satin on one of her pointe shoes, which has caused a tear. It's on top of the shoe (so not underneath the box) - I think this happened during a group dance where she had to slide her leg behind her to finish in a kneeling position (apologies - not a very technical description!). I'm wondering if anyone knows how to reduce the damage a little, or stop it from getting any worse? I know the dancers like their pointes to appear very well worn etc, but as this isn't underneath the box it does make this one shoe look rather tatty, and they are actually very new shoes. This group dance will be performed again, so the damage could get worse. I'm thinking maybe hairspray? My daughter suggested clear nail polish, but I was bit concerned that would leave a rather shiny splodgy mess! The tear has resulted in the satin lifting a little around it, so I just want to protect that area a little I suppose. Any advice gratefully appreciated!
  4. Have you tried a pomade? 'Black and White Hairdressing Pomade' is a very good one. It's like a wax, but much better. I think it's about a fiver (you can find it in most supermarkets and major brand chemists - it might be with the men's styling products though), but you only need a tiny amount (just rub a bit between your fingers, before smoothing it onto the areas that need it). It really tames frizz and fixes hair well, so you wouldn't need as much hairspray. No crispyness to contend with afterwards! I use it often as I also have Hermione hair (thick, wiry and frizzy) and I only use pomade and hair spray. I also avoid getting it wet, as this just makes it worse (but obviously everyone is different!). I'm a ballet mum, but I do often wear a bun and the pomade works a treat for me.
  5. Thanks @Tatasmum - I assumed it must have gone as it was quite a while ago. But I'll message her as I might be lucky 😀
  6. Thank you Jan - I've been a long time lurker, but have never properly joined/posted
  7. Hi all - I'm seeking an English Youth Ballet T-shirt(s) in a size small if anyone has one/any they are looking to sell? Black or Blue preferably, but would accept Pink. Their stock seems to be low and it was mentioned that it would be a few weeks off before they have any more in, and my dancer would like one desperately! Thank you! x
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