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  1. I believe (and please someone correct me if I'm wrong) that Moorland is the only one from the above list that is selective. I think it's a combination of photos and videos that are sent through. For the others there are of course age and grade requirements, but as far as I know you don't need to provide evidence of ability.
  2. Hi - thanks so much for this info, that's really helpful I've emailed about the two-day course and will report back once I've got more info.
  3. Hi Jane - yes, it's the Manchester School (not the company). The link on the website to the summer school at NBS doesn't load for me, but if you google it there's a form that states 2021 with the dates 2nd-7th August. There is some info on the website for a 2 day summer course in July (15th and 16th) which could be interesting.
  4. We hadn't checked Performers - I'll look into it, thanks Fingers crossed it's in person. It's hard to get the proper experience remotely, although it's better than nothing I suppose.
  5. Ah that’s good to know, thanks for this - I’ll make some enquiries x
  6. Hi all, Ive been trying to compile a list of summer schools for this summer that are in person rather than online. This may be somewhat optimistic - but I’m aware that some deadlines are looming so wanted to do some information gathering sooner rather than later! My dancer will soon be thinking about whether she wants to apply to vocational school and if so, which ones. I’ve therefore been restricting my searches to summer schools that have post 16 courses. I think this might give her a taster of the school generally. She’s not yet sure whether she wants to go down the classical rout
  7. I haven't heard of this store - I'll definitely check it out. I'm sure she would love an excuse to go to the Trafford centre!
  8. Ah I was just looking at That's Entertainment! I noticed it mentioned on a thread on here, but it was from 2016. I think that might be where we will go. It's so hard to know where is best, and even harder now some are unable to open at the moment. Thanks for the recommendation xx
  9. HI everyone, I'm posting to ask for some advice and recommendations My DD needs some new pointe shoes asap as her's are completely dead. We are North West based, but she bought her previous pairs when we have been away elsewhere in the UK. I've heard that The Dance Shop in Prescot is good, as well as Barnum's in Warrington - but I've just seen that Barnum's has closed for good. I also heard that there was a good store in Blackpool (possibly Showstoppers - but I'm not 100% sure!), although it looks like they are currently closed. If anyone has any recommendations, I would really app
  10. Looking for IDTA Ballet Intermediate grade on DVD I didn't get round to filming my daughter doing this grade in class, and without knowing how long we will be without classes for, she is keen to keep going at home.
  11. I can highly recommend Cecchetti Northern Associates which is held at KS Dance in Warrington. Classes are monthly on a Sunday and involve a ballet class and a class in another subject, such as Jazz or contemporary. Auditions are in June for Septembers intake (you audition for each yearly intake). The fees are really reasonable too. Yes a member of KS Dance Faculty runs the programme, and sometimes faculty do teach on it, but teaching staff for the Associates come from the Hammond and Tring amongst others. The session with Shannon and Peter Parker is always a highlight.
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