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  1. My ds is in the very lucky position of having offers from a few ballet schools, Elmhurst being one of them. I’m left in a very difficult position and am wondering if there are any parents of boys who are currently there. I would like to find out as much as possible before making the final decision.
  2. I’ve sent you a PM @Mrssuperbug
  3. Here’s the Hammond thread @Flower
  4. I was emailed before Easter break to say emails regarding all things admissions will be sent next term x
  5. Brilliant news. Congratulations 🎉
  6. For Sale RAD Intermediate DVD, brand new unopened. £16 including p&p to the UK
  7. My ds has a place at Hammond too. I’m also weighing up our options before making a definite decision xx
  8. Yes 1 contemporary leotard. Would you like photos of them both? X
  9. Yes they are. Would you like to see photos? X
  10. Elmhurst ballet school year 9 leotards for sale. Age 9-10. 2 available, with belts included. Nearly new condition £15 inc postage
  11. This process is such an emotional roller coaster, I think I’ve gone though every emotion there is. I’ve picked everything apart in my head and now I’ve become quite calm about it all (thankfully) was. Ds has worked his socks off over this audition period, whilst I became a videographer/dance teacher 😂. He’s done amazingly to get the offers and finals he’s had and regardless of the outcomes I couldn’t be more proud. Now it’s down to what will be wil be.
  12. He’s convinced he never had anything put on him, but then again, with my ds who knows 😂
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