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  1. Same here 😂. I know Hammond did email last year so I’m expecting the same this year x
  2. He did so well, that’s such an achievement in itself. Xx
  3. Wow, it’s a lot anyway isn’t it without doing through them one by one on a screen. Xx
  4. yes still a lot. Do all the school have that many? Xx
  5. Is it usually in the high hundreds (600/700) of applications that these schools get for lower school? I’ve heard that said before but wasn’t sure if it’s true. X
  6. I was under the impression that they’d start looking from the 11th onwards and results given out 2-3 weeks from then xx
  7. I thought it was results too when I saw ds’s name 😂
  8. Yes I got it. It’s to say they can’t extend the deadline it think xx
  9. I requested confirmation and I had it a few days later xx
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