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  1. Does anyone have an IDTA Tap grade 3/4/5 dvd and/or prep to grade 2 dvd for sale please?
  2. I’m looking for rad intermediate dvd if anyone is selling one please
  3. 2faced dance company are going to do free online classes.
  4. If Claudia is streaming at 7am I think that’s our Friday night at 9. Or am I working it out wrong lol?
  5. Thank you Bluebird
  6. For IDTA jazz, are the ages guidelines or a requirement that they’re at least that age? Also does anyone know the minimum ages for Intermediate, Advanced 1 and advanced 2 please?
  7. Hi, I’m looking for a white Bloch practice tutu in petite if anyone has one for sale please.
  8. With the tap medal test it’s 65-74 pass, 75-79 commended, 80-84 highly commended and 85-100 honors
  9. Hi, no problem. I’m out at rehearsals right now so I’ll pm you properly when I get home.
  10. I’m selling a Claudia Dean Sylvia leotard in the colour Forest. It’s size child xl and I’m selling for £25 including p&p
  11. That is so lovely of you, thank you 😊
  12. Thank you for your replies. I should have been more precise about the ballet shoes. I'm looking for white leather full sole ballet shoes with no drawstrings - I've since found one pair online, the So Danca SD55C but I can't find a UK shop that sells them.
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