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  1. A pointe shoe fitter told me she sees boys quite often these days and that they wear them to help strengthen their feet.
  2. Thank you for your replies, I find it interesting how different they can be. I'm going to give the closer one a try and see how she gets on there. Worst case scerario is there'll be nothing else there suitable for her but on the plus side, at least she'll know that RP's are the make for her.
  3. Thank you. That’s been my thought, but being such a novice when it comes to anything dance related, I wanted to make sure.
  4. My daughter is getting new pointe shoes next. She usually wears Russian pointe but the shop is hours away. I’ve found a closer shop but they don’t stock them although they stock a wide variety and have been recommended to me. Are there other pointe shoes similar to Russian pointe or am I wasting my time and should book her in the shop that stocks them and make the difficult journey.
  5. Hi, I’ve had an email offering my dd a place at Elmhurst junior summer school. It gives the option who you’d like to share with but my dd doesn’t know anyone her age who’s going therefore I’m wondering if there’s anyone on here who’s dc is in the same position and would like someone to share with?
  6. Same here. And dd isn’t near the top x
  7. Can someone explain it to me please as I’m new to all of this. So they have a certain amount of MDS to give out with the priority given to year 7’s but all the years are on the reserve list together? So if 3 year 7 children give up their MDS to go to another school do the next 3 year 7’s on the reserve list get offered an MDS or whoever is next on the list regardless of what year they’re in?
  8. Thank you. I’ve phoned up and am waiting for a call back to discuss things. Can I just ask them then where she is on the list? X
  9. My dd is on the reserve list for the Hammond. I have absolutely no idea where on the list she is but I am gutted for her. She wants this so much.
  10. Just to update. Dd used them for her jazz class and really liked them. She much preferred them to the foot thongs and they were really comfortable too.
  11. Thank you. I’ve bought Capezio canvas half shoes which dd will try tonight. I’ll let you know how she gets on.
  12. That’s brilliant, thank you 😊
  13. My dd does jazz and has been using foot thongs in class but doesn't like them for doing things like pirouettes. Some of the students wear ballet shoes but she’s not fond of wearing the shoes for jazz so it was suggested the tries the half/pirouette shoe. I however have never had to buy these so have no idea what I’m doing. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good half shoe to try? Her favourite ballet shoe is the capezio hanami is that makes any difference. Thank you.
  14. Hi I’m looking for an IDTA intermediate (or above) jazz dvd please.
  15. Hi, you just fill in the form. My dd is 11 and will be going to the Easter one for her third time this year.
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