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  1. Oh wow, that’s amazing. I’d heard of Sarah before but live too far away to have lessons. My dc did the pre vocational zoom summer course with her in July and I was really impressed. Oh I forgot to mention these are zoom lessons. Mods am I allowed to edit the post to say that?
  2. I saw this on Instagram and thought I’d mention it here. Sarah Toner is starting pre-vocational Zoom classes for children aged 9-12 on Fridays 4.30 - 6. It says to DM her to get more information.
  3. New with tags Bloch nude leotard size small, £12 including delivery
  4. Both leotards are new with tags Taglia Basilica, maroon size xs £13 Capezio Bratek, Black size xs £15 Prices include p&p
  5. Degas 9525 leotard in pink size 12A for sale. £30 including delivery.
  6. Has anyone else just had a welcome email off the Hammond? Dd can’t do without an MDS which I stated in the financial forms so I’m surprised to get it.
  7. It was for year 8. As far as I’m aware, all the mds this year went to year 7 so unfortunately there was never a chance for dd. Have you tried emailing them?
  8. I emailed them earlier and I’ve just had a reply saying no fee remission for us. I’ve heard that there were literally only a handful offered out so really there wasn’t much of a chance.
  9. No I’ve not heard anything off them.
  10. Thank you. I’ve still not heard so I think I’ll email them next week.
  11. Any idea how late into the evening they send the emails? I’ve still not heard.
  12. I still haven’t received an email.
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