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"Honey it's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle!"


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DD was in pleats of laughter when I said this in the car last week & has chosen to put the words as her facebook picture


Dance moves from being a hobby quickly and becomes a lifestyle choice; the posts on here confirm that.  But at what point does it happen:

  • when it moves from x classes/hours to y classes/hours
  • when you decide to try and make a career from it
  • when you go to class when you have 'proper' flu
  • when it stops being a cost and becomes an investment in the future

What do you think?



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When you are hit by a car (he ran the red light) as you cross the street, are lucky enough to have only some strains  and start to walk off (leaving behind all the emergency vehicles, sirens and flashing lights called to the scene) and the police officer asks where you are going and you say very firmly:  I'm going to ballet class.


True story.  No, I don't recommend doing that - but but but....I did it.


Then you know ballet has seriously taken over your life.


By the way - in the middle of class, a light case of shock set in and I had to leave - so I REALLY don't recommend doing what I did.

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When you have three children at three different schools in three different parts of the UK and none of their holidays match up. And family time means " how many pirouettes can you do" and " who had the best feet" competitions!

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