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  1. I have bought three 'all in ones' and warm up leggings, over the years for my now non-DS, from FaB Dance Knitwear. Pricey but lovely and all made to order so time needed to allow them to be made and for them to make their way over from Portugal. There are great colours to choose from and they wash well. http://www.fab-knitwear.com/ https://www.facebook.com/FaB-Dance-Knitwear-240351335847/
  2. My reply to those that say anything about DS (now non-DS(that's another story as that has only recently happened)) not being academic is to say that he got his BA (Hons) degree at 19 years of age which is two years ahead of his friends. I just wait for them to think about that and then they go 'Oh'.
  3. Could this be the one in Brecon called Ribbons Dance School? I just found it on the internet but someone else might know if this is the one that they were thinking about. Can't see anything about associate classes though. http://www.ribbonsdance.co.uk/index.htm
  4. Your daughter might be too young for now but perhaps something to keep in mind for the future as the Easter and Summer school seem to be for aged 11 and over. They seem to have an Intermediate class for over 7's on a Saturday and I think their levels are different to RAD etc. You could always email them and ask about their school classes. http://www.bristolrussianballetschool.com/
  5. The answer that I got from my DS around that age and now 10 years on was 'don't know why, just do'.
  6. I know of someone who did 3 years at Tring 6th form and then did the 2nd year at Central before going out into the big wide world.
  7. Ballet4Boyz - Well done to your son for his funding auditions. I have a DS who is now dancing professionally in Europe who went to secondary school and they all knew about him dancing as he was given an award by the school the first month he was there for getting into an associate scheme (LJ&SB) and I thought 'lets confront any bullying from the beginning and not hide the fact that he dances' and the school and the pupils were very supportive. The waist belt that is mentioned could be a leather belt that is worn so that the elasticated part of the top of the leggings can be rolled over it. I got DS's from M&S Boys department - http://www.marksandspencer.com/leather-square-buckle-belt-younger-boys-/p/p22377984. We found it best to go into the store to see what fitted as even at age 16 he was only in age 10-12 yr size belt. The other belt that dancing pickles mentions is what we call a dance belt that gives support that DS wore from about age 12. Hope that helps.
  8. When DS went to London Junior & Senior Ballet, they had the younger students using full sole canvas ballet flats because it made their feet work harder. Split soles were not allowed. We used to buy them from Dancing Boutique in Tunbridge Wells and these are the ones on their web site at the moment which looks as if it says Freed on the sole: http://dancingboutique.com/product/canvas-full-sole-ballet-shoe/ Perhaps someone on this forum who has a DC at LJ&SB could say if they still use them and where they are bought from for their shop.
  9. How old is your DD? My son's 1st audition aged 10/11, for Royal Mid Associates, was a no. He was very upset but I believe things happen for a reason. Next audition at London Junior & Senior Associates was a yes. Now, 9 years later, he's dancing professionally and living the dream after going to Central at 16. Another place another time might see something different that they like and give your DD that chance. Good luck to her if/when she auditions again.
  10. DS was at Central. We paid for his accommodation and he lived off his Student loan which he managed to pay for his food, travel, utility bills etc. His cheapest flat was approx £140 a week for him sharing with two others.
  11. Anyone know what is available when DC work abroad in EU? Only has E111/EHIC card. Can private medical insurance be bought here if not living here and what are the likely costs? It's not something that DS has but it's been on my mind as not covered by his ballet company and wondering if he should have something more that this EHIC. What have others done?
  12. Littlebalerina, in 2010, for September 2011 entry, I sent my DS entries to the five schools that he chose to audition at, during mid October, so the end of next week. It took hours to fill in all the forms, get the correct pictures and make sure everything was signed and dated correctly. It was quite a production line. We used 6" x 4" photos and a cropped picture of him smiling for the passport photo as it got used at Central, with everybody's face shot on a couple of sheets for any staff to look at and check a name to a face. Good luck with your applications.
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