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  1. Hello PIepie just a thought, if you are on Facebook you could try having a look for an “expats in Cannes” group to join, there are a couple. Obviously they are unlikely to be able to offer specific advice about the school/ course but may be a good place to start for more general advice about renting etc. Also, if you are looking to rent an apartment or room/ flatshare, you could try joining “le Bon coin” it’s kind of a French version of eBay and there are quite a few property listings. It is in French but you can use a translate app/ website to navigate your way through and it’s possible to narrow your search to a particular area and “ apartment” . Hope that helps https://www.leboncoin.fr/ edited to add that my friend who lives in France tells me it’s fairly common there to find accommodation on le Bon coin
  2. Thank you Jan, I’ve watched it three times 😊 which was a lovely little self indulgent lockdown activity. The ticket was valid for 3 days from the first log in, so I made the most of it. It isn’t quite the same as Royal Albert Hall, where I should have seen the production, but given lockdown was very pleasant and well worth the money. Also, personally I’m happy to spend a little to support the companies at this time . There’s still time to catch it this weekend and the students were a joy to watch
  3. Hello Lisa, nice to hear from you, we haven’t heard fro:you for a while. Not clever enough to share a link I’m afraid but I saw an ad for just what you need on social media today ... a ‘spider repellent spray’ 99p a bottle . Not actually sure if it was a real ad or just a spoof to be honest, I wasn’t paying attention but it sounds like it’s just what you need 😀
  4. Royal conservatoire of Scotland definitely take students under the age of 18 for degree course ( ballet at least) as I believe it is usual for students to apply during year 11 ( last year of GCSE for entry the following September). This is not an issue and the student loan is available to them. I’m not sure about the other schools you’ve mentioned but the same is also true for central and I believe the RBS course is now a degree course for upper school, so clearly it is possible but may be down to the individual establishment.
  5. Indeed he was, and in a rather sloppy irony, the picture the BBC chose to use as a background for the piece was that of a girl en pointe. (rolls eyes)
  6. Balletboyz are currently advertising an administrative post on the Facebook page
  7. Thanks Sheila, that’s so kind. I actually decided to have a bit of a trial this afternoon. Can’t practice on the actual fabric as this is a pre loved dress but I found the closest possible match as far as I can tell and had a go, the tulle took the colour beautifully, just what we wanted but the chiffon, ( it turns out I may not know my chiffon from my organza 😂) much less so, the longer it was in there the less blue it got, it started off a lovely but pale blue but fairly quickly became much more of a lilac, a really lovely colour, reminded me of bluebells but not what was intended, I think I’m going to wimp out on this one and suggest we take a different tack, maybe with a good clean and a nice wide ribbon around the waist instead. 😀
  8. Has anyone got any experience using the Rit dye on tulle or organza? ( I’m guessing maybe @Sheila Beelam might be able to help 😀). In particular the royal blue. I am looking to Create a vivid Royal blue ( think JA s blue ) For a friends small bridesmaid dress. I read online that Rit was a good dye to use on this type of fabric but having ordered it, the colour looks on the box much more like what I’d call an airforce blue ( kind of greyish) than a true royal blue. Does anyone have any experience with this dye before I mess up? 😂😊
  9. What a lovely positive post, we will obviously miss your level headed contributions and experience. But it’s so refreshing to read such a positive and encouraging post about the possibilities out there when CHOOSING to change focus and making the most of the great education and fabulous transferable skills. Thank you for sharing your experience, huge congratulations to your son, sounds like he will go on to great things
  10. Can I have the rad one please ( would happily have had both, sorry to have missed the pbt one ) 😀
  11. Exactly the same happened to us a few years ago, dd has been at elm for a few years now and most of our post (invoices, reports etc ) arrive two days after everyone else’s. I don’t for one moment believe they are posted any differently, we are just subject to the vaguearies of the British postal system. It might be understandable if we lived in the back of beyond but we really don’t! I often find myself having to explain that our post takes longer than anyone else iknow.
  12. Happy new year to all the mods and grateful thanks for all the hard work
  13. Thank you for all the work you’ve put in over the years Julie. I am a few years years behind you on this roller coaster but have always read your posts with interest and felt like there was such a wealth of wisdom. I too found this forum when my dd became a JA and over the years it has been an invaluable source of information and support. Dd is now in upper school and it certainly has been a roller coaster ride but thanks for being there, even though you probably did even know you were! Enjoy your extra time with your other interests x
  14. Forgive my ignorance but I don’t know anything about London Ballet masterclasses. Does anyone have any experience with this organisation or is this an entirely new venture?
  15. Not sure whether to thank you or not! Those £2:40’s can add up! 😀 great sale, birthday shopping sorted !
  16. Thanks for the explanation Balletbean. It’s great that you have been able to educate the education department 😂. The vaguerries of the upper school funding take some negotiating, don’t they! I’m pleased to hear that you have some funding available though as I felt for you some time ago when I read that your daughter wouldn’t be eligible for DADA. Well done for finding a way through the red tape! I think we’ll all need a holiday after all this!
  17. When you say the local authorities offer funding and you can then select your establishment, does that mean funding other than the usual, DADA / student loan? So for example would a child with those qualifications then be able to get funding other than dada for , let’s say for example, Elmhurst, or student loan for Central? Is this because you aren’t eligible for these because of location? Sorry, I’m not sure I’ve explained myself well, probably being a little dense!
  18. Is this peculiar to your particular location? Two g&t’s in, I’m trying to get my head around the wider implications. Can’t remember off the top of my head, which are on the CDET list
  19. Dd always seems reluctant to ever throw away any old tights, regardless of condition and despite the fact that there seems to be an unending need for new ones. Thus, we have a drawer full of ‘50 shades of grink’ - no two seem the same, even though I have spent endless hours lovingly hand washing them. Now they just go in the school laundry with heavens knows what, it doesn’t seem to make any difference
  20. Another vote for the kindness of strangers. I was the recipient of a ‘random act of kindness’ today. The thing that really touched me was less about the monetary value but so much more about the heartfelt words that came with it. A complete stranger told me that she was really pleased to have met me and that I’m an inspiration. Not in a cheesey, insincere, corporate way but in a genuine and warm way. It totally made my day and she couldn’t possibly have known that, as it turned out, it would be the absolute highlight of an otherwise difficult day
  21. Amid great hair-pulling ( and maybe even a few choice words) I put my school sewing lessons to use and made dd's skirt all those years ago. I found the instructions fairly straightforward but I wanted it to be perfect, I wish I'd thought to go to a dressmaker! Anyway, in the nick of ime, it was done, and it seemed to me to be a reasonable job. I was quite cock-a-hoop. Imagine my disappointment when they didn't wear them for the entire first term! In fact, by the time they did eventually wear them, I had to let the hem down. I'm led to believe that particular teacher still doesn't require them in the first term, Of course I'd probably still want it done, just in case 😂
  22. have you had a look on the closed Elmhurst uniform Facebook group?
  23. Thanks Cara, in this particular instance, the layers are already beautifully flat. It's a lovely quality product, just clearly not the right size/ fit for dd. The shop has been brilliant at trying to sort it for us, having sent a replacement straight away and as that wasn't right either they have gone out of their way to source another size. Can't fault the shop or the product, it's just a size issue, it seems.
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