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  1. Degas are by far the most flattering leotards for my DD. Whilst there are some other lovely leos out there at the moment Degas are perfect for assessments/auditions as they provide a clean line with no fuss.
  2. Good luck to all the boys and girls tomorrow in particular one lovely ballerina! Fingers crossed for you!
  3. A school of excellence that is designed for all talented children no matter what their parents earn should be supported by the Government. 6m sounds like a lot but if you got 600,000 giving a tenner each you would soon achieve it!
  4. It is amazing how their boarding fees are 5,000/class fees 1800 euros a year. How can that be - are they state subsidised? Why are we so different in this country?
  5. Keep going Happymum I'm sure whatever happens he will get something. We wanted Tring but DD went to Hammond and it was an amazing school, great teachers and lovely people. Two years later DD is now at her dream school, happy memories of Hammond but now closer to home. We have many many ups and downs but those little highs are so much better when you have to fight for them.
  6. The tap is fantastic, DD went with no tap experience and within two years managed to catch up with most of the girls. The Celtic tap production was outstanding and uplifting! Seniors tap is West End standard.
  7. The MDS system has never been fair, I could write a whole essay on it!
  8. I would agree with the above comments. You would think it was one of the most important days of the year for a school director. I would worry that someone who was my taste was being missed. The last few years they always virtually the same people on the panel and then yet so many don't make it to US or even through to Year 10. I don't have the figures for last year but it wasn't many in the previous years.
  9. They also have young professional dancers who are currently working in companies and are on summer break assisting in class. DD always receives plenty of corrections and the harder you work the more the children get out of it.
  10. For the lower school students the main dance genres are Classical and Jazz, DD also did a little tap routine on the performance day. Four girls took their tap shoes and OPES fitted in a lovely routine for them. Upper School students it is mainly Classical, PDD & Contemporary. The standard is very high but it is a very fun week for them. Once my DD is there I rarely hear from her!!
  11. I'm sure we have students in the UK currently training who are good enough to compete?!
  12. DD is off to Malvern Ballet Seminars this year. Loved it last year, the teaching standard of ballet was very high and worth every penny! They are very lucky to have Fiona Brockway and Matt Skoag this year as guest teachers and also the pianists are amazing. Last year one of the pianists did a Queen rendition - it was stunning to listen to! http://www.malvernballetseminars.co.uk We have also been to Tring for many years when DD was younger. It is more generic and covers all dance genres but always great fun. Dance Forward also worth a look at if you are London based but it isn't residential so the cost of staying overnight can get very pricey. Stephen Beagley was exceptional!
  13. pas de chat

    The Prix

    Do we have any candidates this year from the UK?
  14. Just seen Midland Theatre Ballet have released their auditions for their next production, Beauty and The Beast, how exciting!! My DD did it a few years ago and loved every minute, I would highly recommend it if anyone lives in the Midlands. Forms available from www.midlandtheatreballet.co.uk Midland Theatre Ballet full length productions Midland Theatre Ballet is an exciting and unique Midlands based project which aims to give talented ballet students the experience of being part of a youth midlandtheatreballet.co.uk
  15. It was a great show, such talent in all genres and in all years. I think those embarking on auditions should come and see what the schools have to offer and what level the children are dancing at even after a year or two at the school. Two years at Hammond and my DD has soared. So when those letters come in from RB or Elmhurst with 'not yet' take heart that other schools are out there that can provide a similar platform to shine and develop. Favourite was Flight for US and Rhapsody LS!
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