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  1. ...and the female lead in the evening for the Third Movement was Genivra Zambon.
  2. And huge well done to those offered ENB and Elmhurst, especially Angel's beautiful daughter who entered this merrygoround at the same time as my DS and their paths crossed again two years ago. I know I've just posted three times in a row. Sorry!!
  3. Sorry, meant to add Sheila, yes I was on the old forum asking lots of questions about vocational schools! We have come a long way since then, and learnt so much!
  4. Thanks pictures. Think we have both been on here for a while!
  5. It's a yes for my DS! Lovely to share it on the forum as I have been posting since he was in year 6. Delighted for Haggis, Looking forward to meeting Hambleton's DS.
  6. If commenting on this thread, please can everyone be mindful that the year 11 students (and parents) are aware they are being discussed here and some are reading the thread. Of course everyone has the right to discuss the results but please be aware that you are commenting directly to the dancers involved. It may help the thread move in a better direction.
  7. There is often more to the "numbers game" than you think. There are quite a few who have decided to stop dancing for their own reasons, and there are also a few badly injured. Some even wanted other schools. Each year is different. Almost all the previous year went through to upper school. It is devastating for those who badly wanted it and it will be a while before things move in a better direction for them. I'm thinking of them tonight.
  8. Belljul

    Exeat weekends

    All these sad posts I agree, it does get more difficult the less they need you and the more independent they get, but I get such joy and satisfaction when I get a great phone conversation, especially when they have initiated the call, not because they are sad, or homesick, but because they want to chat. I often image if my boys were living at home, they would probably spend as little time with me as they could haha. At least when they are home, they are happy to hang out with us parents!
  9. My DS's school physio recommended a vit D supplement to help with his recurring shin pain. I am pleased this issue is being addressed. I sometimes refer to my son as a "battery ballet chicken" because he is rarely outside!!
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